Breast Milk Has mRNA from Vaccines

Human Breast Milk Has Vaccine Messenger RNA in Trace Amounts

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  1. Would the same thing happen just from the mother having obtained her immunity only from having recovered from Covid minus the vaccination? In other words can just having Covid give you MRNA or does it come only from the vaccine?

  2. Here in Canada – I was forced to this experimental injection OR I would have lost my job and would not have been able to care for my senior client and family. I promised myself when being “TOLD” it was proven safe and effective THAT if there is long term UNFORESEEN negative health effects – EVERYONE – involved with pushing and FORCING it – WILL be VERY sorry (for “a short” moment) they EVER lived.

  3. Could someone please tell me if vaccines (say measles for example), will leave the muscle area and appear in other parts of the body like this study is suggesting? I’m just curious – I’m assuming this is only for MNRA injections. Thank you!

  4. Big Pharma knew or they simply didn’t care. When it’s about making money, all else is secondary. But they have full immunity from damages, right??? Wonder why they were granted that? Hmm 🤔
    I’m just wondering when we’re going to start talking about donated blood, those who have had blood from a vaxxed person, and organ donation. This will only continue to be tragic.

  5. I was going to research this further, trying to find other sources than the ones given and all I can find regarding c19 /axx and pregnancy is how safe it is and how all pregnant women should get the j@b because c19 "might be bad! be scared! really scared!". That crap isn't aging well. Poor babies. 🙁

  6. Think about the international rule that you couldn't fly if your booster was not at least 14 days old. Even non vaccinated patrons could fly if tested. But a boosted patron was forbidden to fly (and testing not an option). It was because of SHEDDING!

  7. And this information was known a long time ago. All you had to do was read the horrific VAERS entries about breastfeeding…one 5 month little baby boy died from blood clots two days after breastfeeding from recently vaccinated mom.

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