Breitbart Deconstructed – Why Do People Have A Problem With It?

Breitbart News Network, or just simply Breitbart, is a news organisation that has existed in its current form since 2007 (it started life in 2005 as a news aggregate sit) but has perhaps never been as famous as it has been for the last year and perhaps has never been as close to becoming entirely unprofitable, not that that necessarily matters. Here I try to give a balanced overview of what Breitbart is, why so many people seemingly dislike it, and some of the notable stories it has been involved in.

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  1. It always kills me when the guys who pal around with-and elect- billionaires rail against the "wealthy elite. And when people believe them.

  2. Breitbart was a lying racist piece of shit. American conservativism is made up of racists, frightened ignorant people, and the super wealthy who use the first two groups to pass policies that favor the super wealthy. And Breitbart was basically paid by the super wealthy to lie and frighten people and to stir up the racists.

    The articles you cite are not overtly racist but they are written to bend the truth and encourage racists. In America it's called dog whistling. Read up on the Republican Southern Strategy. American conservativism has been using racism to win elections for decades.

  3. Bannon was not just "friendly" to Trump. Bannon had been supportive of Trump for years, helped shape his platform long before he rode down the escalator, and prevailed upon the angel investors of Breitbart, Rebekah and Robert Mercer, to choose Trump over Ted Cruz. So when we say that these people are "anti-establishment," we are not talking about plucky underdogs, but people of immense wealth and privilege who use the "anti-establishment" language of palingenesis to pursue even greater power than they already enjoy. Furthermore, to understand what made Breitbart a racist Mecca, you have to read the comments under the articles you cited. Those people are not bots, and they were not drawn like flies to a corpse — they were deliberately targeted on Facebook using keywords and topics identified by Cambridge Analytica as a target audience for racism-lite articles. That mysterious British company that Mercer bought from a Russian billionaire? Bannon sat on the board, and the primary beneficiary of their work was Breitbart, not the Trump campaign. SOURCE: I spent a few years writing for BreitbartUnmasked, a website focused on these people, and so I developed actual sources within that world. You're welcome.

  4. I'm watching this in July of 2020 and find it extremely -I can't find the right word. Pretentious? Out of date? Out of touch? After what we have been subjected to for the last 4 years, there are so called news organizations that make this commentary seem childish. Let me put it this way. This commentary seems like the thoughts of a fresh soldier who just got his gun vs someone who has been in the trenches and seen it's hell for 4 years. I would love to see you revisit this topic and see how it has held up over time. Personally I don't watch Breitbart News. In fact I don't watch network news at all. I don't even have cable TV. I gave up on it all. I cut the cord many years ago. Internet only now. What would be nice is to see a comparison of ALL the "news" groups with a critical eye to their truthfulness. Take a step back see take the lay of the land of what news is today. I don't think it's going to be a pretty site.

  5. The Michelle Fields incident is when Ben Shapiro was exposed as the disingenuous piece of shit everyone knows he is today

  6. You have to do a take on American politics today – by which I mean the frankly bewildering fact that Democrats and the mainstream media are SUPPORTING violent BLM / Antifa mobs, claiming Antifa is a myth, letting them out of jails, calling for defunding of police despite polls saying that 90% of people are happy with police (violent mobs for 70 days will do that), and that Trump, Barr and Republicans seem the sanest in the room – and you know, that whole stuff.

    No, you have to.

    No, you have to.

    No, you have to.

  7. Too much fence sitting to the point what you say is meaningless. Brietbart said it was the news outlet for the alt-right. The alt right includes racists, facists and nazis. In interviews they themselfs say that they belive that the white race in america is under threat and they are prepared to take up arms. The articles they post are all around fostering culture war. If you read the white nationalist/alt-rioght forums they have similar articles. Pedophile rabbis, etc. Is the article true/false or fair and balanced? My point is it doesn't matter.. they certainly don't care. It is actually irrelvent. The news outlet only aim to to post information to share and encourage people to hate "the left", multiculturalism, any religon not christian, liberals, feminism, transrights, homosexuality, scentists, educated people or experts etc etc. Which is why they get their money from right wing billionaires who made their money from junk bonds (not by running a company or anything useful) and very obviously russia.

  8. I think Breitbart is a trash news agency. At least those few articles/mentions I've seen from it. What I don't like about US news is how skewed it is. Not all if it is a lie, but they remove key elements to alter the story or get a specific reaction. To me that is not news. We are taught that news is suppose to be unbiased, you tell the facts and leave out personal thoughts. It's very much the same with the other news you mentioned. I don't need to be told what to think, I can form my own opinion.

    It's like what you said about expositions in movies. That makers of a movie thinks the viewers are so goddamn stupid that they need to be hand fed every bit of information over the course of the movie. Because how could you, as a massive idiot, remember what the main character said 20 minutes ago?

  9. I appreciate the balanced analysis, but calling the Trump administration "the establishment" is to ignore the meta-political currents in both institutions and popular culture. The Trump admin is clearly an anomaly compared to most western nations.