Guidance on Myocarditis and Pericarditis after mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines (Official Australian government publication).

Thank yo so much Brendan

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. What I want to know is why is it taking sooooo long for the Oxford university trial of Ivermectin, a drug of known safety, easy to get hold of etc.? But it really took hardly any time for them to test the new technological 'vaccine' and come up with – "Yes it is very safe to use and very effective. Get yours now at a place near you!!"

  2. Brendan, thank you so much for telling your story. I’m not certain why people are so fanatical about denying these vaccine reactions. I feel your pain and disappointment here. I am so pleased that you are improving.

  3. For those that think the data and experiences outlined on this channel are faulse and misinformation then go away and research all data given then return with your findings that illustrate this.??????otherwise simply stay AWAY

  4. What a nightmare. Poor guy but what a brave man. And maybe all because the medics couldn't take a fraction of a second to aspirate. Or because of a problem, for some people, with some vaccines. I'd had two AstraZeneca jabs and was offered a Pfizer booster which I flatly refused. An AstraZeneca booster was authorised and accepted. Personally I wouldn't trust Pfizer as far as I could throw them.

    I wish this brave young man well. He might benefit from sitting or lying comfortably and letting his attention go to any sensations in the body or head. When the mind drifts off into thoughts, gently bring it back to any sensations. I have done this every day for decades and find it very helpful

  5. I experienced constant heart palpations for about 6 days last year, about two and a half weeks after second Pfizer vacc. Although I'm in my seventies, I've very rarely been sick other than a few colds. My son, a nurse practioner, and visiting for Easter, listened to my heartbeat and got me to see a cardiologist two days later. I thought I was dehydrated and I told that to the cardio. who had confirmed the palpations.
    I didn't report this because the condition was not considered related to the vaccine or covid. I have not experienced palpations ever before or after that 6-day period, and I'm now thinking that I should report it.

  6. Dr John Campbell, I loved u & respected u for all the help I got from ur videos in med school, but what you're doing now, revealing the harm this compulsory jab us causing people made me love and respect u X100000000

  7. Look how the beloved governments who we're suppose to trust have terrorised this healthy young athletic super nice guy,why the hell should he go through this hell?????? Cz the F*** government says so???? Wake up people!!!! Governments work for pharmaceutical companies and we are paying for it with our health!!!!!

  8. YouTube seems to have deleted my comment so I'm saying it again. I'm a lifelong heart patient who has experienced all that Brendan is going through due to mitral valve disease and open heart surgeries. I'm ok with this because no one caused it, but to see a young fit person go through it because of a vaccine is enraging. I am not getting the vaccine myself because I'm much more afraid of further heart damage than covid.

  9. Luckily I was diagnosed easily and I can fully relate. I'm 5months on and still experiencing pain and palpitations and pounding heart beat. I got mine after first Vax and was only mild then cardiologist still told me to get second jab as in his words "its better than getting covid" and that's when it got bad now seeing new cardiologist who's alot better……It's getting better but very slowly…..trying to get off predisolone is now my challenge as I've had two flare up at 20mg now….frustrating…..
    No one put an adverse report for me either I had to do my own.. 4 x visits to Ed, multiple visits to GPS and cardiologists. Surely they should of reported??
    Good luck mate 👍

  10. Dr John do you realize what an incredible service you’re providing ?!
    I’m in my late 60’s quite healthy and Fighting the Masks and Jabs on my own. I would prefer to fight any infection rather than Complications from Pharma induced mischief.

  11. Not only is Brenda brave I don't detect any anger, hurt, resentment, blame toward the doctors or medical community or even the government. He seems to be focused on helping any one else. So humble. My prayers for him.

  12. Dr. Campbell, Thank you speaking with people like Brendan, who are having side-effects after the shots…Giving him and them an outlet to be "Heard" and validated on what they are experiencing is touching. Brendan, man, you're a brave and sincere soul.Thank you for sharing your truth. I wish you all the best on your journey and pray for your recovery and healing. Remain Blessed and a Blessing!

  13. Yeah, get an APPLE watch to help you with serious effects of the vaccine…This guy is up and running now so no long term probs then…? All for a vaxx you don't need nor does it work…FFS?

  14. Watch this before you vaccinate children:
    Most children have natural immunity 2/10/22
    Review of CDC Death Data for Ages 0-18 Streamed live on 2/10/22
    Excellent natural immunity confirmed
    Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
    Dr A Gatti discusses the presence of nanoparticles in the brains of sudden perinatal death victims 2/8/22

    Giving Injections Wrongly
    Need for vaccine aspiration confirmed, why is this not being done? 12/3/21
    Giving Vaccinations: Clots can form if vaccines are not aspirated before being injected. Aspirating shows when a needle has entered a blood vessel; blood is seen in the chamber of the needle. Vaccines should be injected into muscle tissue, not blood vessels. No one is teaching the frontliners the proper method of injecting these vaccines. The bad results of getting the vaccine in a blood vessel are: blood clots, heart problems (myocarditis, pericarditis), liver, kidney, brain and other physical problems.
    JAMA: mRNA vaccines elevate myocarditis risk by 133x
    Vaccine Caused Clotting – Study Finds The Mechanism
    Chances of getting heart problems after receiving vaccines: go to 18:00 minute mark at this website
    Details of Microclotting Papers By Prof. Resia Pretorius 2/9/22
    Japan Added a Label on COVID-19 Shots to Warn About Heart Inflammation×800.jpg
    The Truth Exposed with Dr. Peter McCullough 2/4/22

    Vaccination reactions report
    Where to report an adverse vaccination report:
    To file a COVID-19 vaccine injury claim go to this website:
    The Vaccine-injured

    HIDDEN COVID treatments: AND
    Dr. Paul Marik Discusses His I-MASK+Protocol (for COVID)
    The FLCCC Weekly Update, for June 16, 2021—The I-RECOVER Protocol for
    Long Haul Covid Syndrome
    Important Long Covid Information
    Other treatment drugs: Fluvoxamine, Colchicine
    News Roundup | Nasal Spray For COVID-19? No Mention in Big Media 2/21/22
    Colchicine Reduces COVID Intensity and Deaths 2/19/21
    Breaking news: ColCORONA trial (Colchicine in COVID-19) 1/26/21
    Study Shows Anti-Inflammatory Drug May Reduce Risk Of Hospitalization In COVID-19 Patients 1/29/21
    Ivermectin in Oklahoma 2/15/22
    The SARS2 Pandemic: Will Truth Prevail? Feb 2022
    Fourth COVID jabs should not be offered until there is more evidence, says
    JCVI chief | English News 1/4/22


  15. A lot of people esp uninformed medical people believe 100 % vaccines,never heard of asperation ,need to hear this noble brave,story from Brendan,we in HK are lucky we can choose chinese vaccine which has no mRNA safer then the other choice Pfizer.many are going to get 3rd shot ,n i hope they hear this.Thank you both for this .much appreciated.
    ps omicron in hk has expotentially escalated from 200 to 15000 in such short time Govt is rejecting Gift of chinese herbal pills to the annoyance of citizens ,anti vaxxers are banned from.all markets,supetmarkets,malls,hair salon to force elderly,poor n out to get jappbed.very bad situation .im regular listener thank you for wonderful service.Dr Campbell.

  16. I’ve been having the exact pains that he pointed to in the first 2 1/2 minutes. I got my vax about 10 months ago and it’s been trouble since. I’m a surfer and I’m active every day but I still get the pains and palpitations. Thank you for this video. Makes me feel a hell of a lot better knowing there’s many others experiencing this along with us

  17. My own study is proving we did not need any vaccines .
    It was to late anyway,
    Is not beneficial.
    We would have been ok if we let nature do its thing .
    Hospital admission would have been similar .
    I total wast of time this vaccine roll out

  18. Oh my how I can relate.. I have been denied an MRI! Told I have anxiety, reflux and muscular skeletal issues! Nothing wrong with my heart. Yet absolutely everything you have started Brendan is what I have been living through! My resting heart rate is often 80-100. I went for a walk and it was 190! I was talking to my husband in the first two weeks saying just asv you had! If I die! Scary and so unbelievably hard. Let's hope we get this this mate… all the best xx

  19. These adverse events are so rare and the vaccines are completely safe! Anyone who says that the vaccines are safe is a bloody liar! The fact that big pharma is exempt from any liability associated with the vaccines is criminal.

  20. The thought of getting the vaccine gave me palpitations so I didn’t get it. My immune system has done a brilliant job my entire life, I did not want to fuck with perfection. I’m unvaxxed and still haven’t had Covid even though I catch public transport, only eat out, go out to clubs, and have been around many with omicron. (I only came out when there was 85% Omi around. Which soon became 100.) Glad I listened to my body and my intuition.

  21. Dear @Dr. John Campbell how do you feel about recommending these vaccines now ? Would you still be so eager to do so ? I appreciate you bringing the truth to light I hope this is a long term intention.

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