Bret and Heather 130th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: Coerced Consensus

In this 130th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), we discuss the state of the world through an evolutionary lens.

This week, we discuss the state of Portland, Oregon, two years after protests and riots made a mess of the city. Still found on the streets: entreaties to abolish the police, and protect “black trans sex workers,” and to attend a pride brunch that is actually a “drag queen brunch.” And yet when you talk to people, you almost invariably find that the veneer on the surface is not what it seems. Few people seem to agree with the coerced consensus: that letting people camp and shoot up and defecate on sidewalks is being compassionate to them; or that men can become women. We discuss whether a minority’s self-declared rights should be allowed to infringe on already established rights of others. And we discuss the self-assembly of rackets to fill niches—such as Covid testing centers that are both lucrative for those running them, and mandatory to participate in activities like international travel, and camp.


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Mice, telomeres, senescence and cancer, all in one place (Weinstein and Ciszek 2002):

Written by Bret Weinstein


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  1. Something amusing:

    In this episode you decried the ACAB/defund memes as nonsense and mentioned that there's corruption, but police are still necessary. I noticed that there was a discussion being skipped there, but moved on.

    Later you brought up the covid test niche and got into the but where the existing structure is occupying a niche that could be occupied by a proper structure. I was immediately reminded of the skipped conversation about police corruption.

    Then the sock-pupper boomercon in my brain replied to me noticing the link by getting assmad and spouting off about how the police deserve respect and admiration and all that nonsense.

    Then I noticed that THAT CONVERSATION is occupying the niche that the useful conversation deserves.

  2. The police do not exist for your benefit. In the same way that the government is not there to serve you. these organizations work for the rich and powerful and use a mythology of protection for the people to get common folks to pay for their absurd “Services”. The supposed SCOTUS has repeatedly ruled that there is no obligation to protect from the police, and governmental officials cannot be held liable for the consequences of there actions in enacting legislation for you to live by. The cops are mercenaries already, and with a high degree of immunity from prosecution, very difficult to police.

  3. Heather, give examples of outdated gender stereotypes. You always grit your teeth inside when you discuss any conservative values without being specific. It is part of the problem that people on “the left” but have abandoned the woke left still talk in this way. I get the feeling the best way to get under your skin is to call you conservative or right wing.

  4. fantastic episode. really feels like summer 2020 again, and despite me not liking it and being sad for the state of society, i am fortunate to have you both here as we all are. have a lovely week

  5. I don’t agree with abolish or defund police but I don’t think all democrats agreed with that, it was a fringe group. and most police are good decent people, I’m no longer a democrat and I don’t even know what that means anymore, now Independent! I now question everything with skepticism, and I am drawn to other critical thinkers! Good discussion!

  6. We are living in a psyop. I am glad I am not in Portland. It is crazy-making to be surrounded by the images you have shown today. It is hard enough to preserve my sanity in 2022. The move by some against children makes me feel very stressed and sad. Preying on children is the ultimate attack against society.

  7. How is a covid test efficient if it uses a pcr test. And you can loose your sense of taste and smell from a very large number of infections. Very unscientific. Why are you still buying any bullshit around this supposed super spreader event? The only thing you said right during this segment so far is that its a racquet! None of this has anything to do with the market this is the worst example of fascism in America today! this is all coerced crap you guys are just baffled by what’s right in front of you, medical in America has nothing to do with free market forces unless you go outside the system.

  8. Because you either refuse, are unaware or afraid to realize trans activism’s —majority consensus— parent ideology, ie. feminism, your analysis ultimately fails.

  9. I was struck by the irony of the heart shaped badges with 'vaxxed ' written across them and the SAD epidemic that we are currently experiencing.

  10. Brett, get a mountain bike and hit the trails. I don't know though if you have to watch out for Mountain Lions in Oregon. I ditched road biking in New England and instead Mountain Bike instead…..safer and love the forests. Cheers!

  11. Get a hold of Camille Paglia and have her on. She is much more astute than Jordan Peterson who is still teetering on narcissism as can be seen by the money he laid out for his daughters wedding. Heck, even have on Milo. He can tell you how gays to recruit and go after young boys who they can see are having difficulty fitting in.

  12. Needing to have a large police force is the sign of a sick society. I believe that we should not need a police force at all, or if we do, it should be as small as possible. To reach that point we must create systems that encourage happy and contented people. The more unhappiness and lack of fulfilment within society, the larger the police force will be required. Similarly, we should not need hospitals in a healthy society, the healthier that individuals become, then the less need there will be for hospitals. All of these large entrenched organisations have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and I am a bit surprised that Bet and Heather don't point this out.

  13. The Universe endured unknowable eons of loneliness & chaos before dreaming the dream that is Heaven

    The Dream of Heaven gave rise to "I Am"

    along with the desire to be in the Heaven to hold the Dream and Sing & Dance with the Dream

    And thus the Earth became the canvas for the knowable / touchable Heaven

    To Be.

    I Am became the Bird; the Fish; etc

    -And Adam, to Hold and Cherish the Bird & Gaze at and Dance with the Fish.

    Crystal's Edict

    "The Point" -Is so far reaching that it is nearly impossible to say in words. Speaking and lecturing or listening to speaking and or

    lecturing about "living; life/Nature" are mostly just received as some kind of esoteric truth and a longing for something more meaningful.

    The actual meaning of the same Truth is that only Heaven exists and humans are the only thing lost to it and from it. Servitude to Nature

    alone is the only road to redemption. Inside or outside. Death / life are just misnomers, change of state. The Purpose remains constant.

    One Soul many faces. No one form is superior to another. Civilization it's self is the cause of all life's destruction. Accepting this as

    some kind of necessary phase or step TO something is delusion. Now is always constant. All and every essence is always dying & being born.

    Action is now. Preservation of complexity for the sake of All beings NOT civilization at all And not humans first

    1billion humans to dismantle all infrastructure and returning ALL mined/drilled materials to their inertial place of origin by order of

    density and toxicity.

    1billion humans to create "Earth-Ship" type self generating environments from as much earthen material as possible. As many species as

    possible must be able to migrate to & from these ….

    All the rest to support the the first two.

    One Soul Many beings /faces/species

    Crystal's Law

    visualize a piano string

    now compress the string in a twisting fashion

    When the the compression removes any and all "space" from all and any pattern or potential for motion there is a remainder of void that has specific relational physics (causality).

    This relationship is what pi; Euler; etc(expansion / contraction) are from.

    The string in a "flattened" state represents what we label as "dark matter".

    There is nothing there but Em-Tension (Gravity)

    As the pattern re-expands into it's self it becomes the "string" formed in exactly the way it must be to vibrate in harmony (harmonics) with the process of expansion / spin – compression / spin. This conserves angular momentum & P (momentum or potential).

    The Universe that you "see" and experience is the music (light) that is the effect of the motion (vibration) of the "string".

    Nothing is really there.

  14. I love the fact that I identify as a Christian, a creationist, and a white guy who can listen to Dark Horse to appreciate two really good minds.

    Bret and Heather are a gift from God (the way I see it).

  15. Abolish Police!
    No one dismisses the old "police brutality," just as no one dismisses the old "racism." Thanks, Obama. You really changed the subject, didn't you? One could say you held to the key extinguishing the embers of racism. Instead, you fanned them. It's not all on you, but dude, you blew it.

  16. Why should black trans sex-workers in particular require or deserve being “protected?” If they are in any sort of danger, it is danger they themselves chose to expose themselves to.

    Maybe I should run up a flag that says “Defend Straight, Cis, Adult Autistic Men”

    …or better yet “Protect Neanderthals Stranded In A Homo Sapiens World”

    because there are many situations I can think of where I could use a little “protection.” Sheesh.

    Oh, I’m white, too.

  17. Disinformation is informative. As Jesus said, "By their lies ye shall know them." So, if The Ministry of Truth says "It's not there,: … then it's there. The converse also holds. Symmetry?

  18. How many people… I mean seriously, just how many people do you really think out there even know the meaning of the term “iatrogenic harm.”

    EspECIally after the last two years, when the very notion was erased from human knowledge courtesy of the technocratic control freaks and their army of Karens.

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