Bret explores how the immune system functions & a potential explanation of post-V myocarditis (#116)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #116 (originally streamed live on February 26, 2022):


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In this 116th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. Meanwhile in Florida new case daily rate has dropped under 1% of the peak in Jan 4th. This fact is from the New York Times on line Covid statistics tracker. 193786 new cases on Jan 4, 1754 new cases on Mar 5. And it’s all the mild Omicron variant which drove out the other variants through cross immunity. And it’s dropping fast.

  2. Thinking about the heart being hit twice, it should be fairly easy to see how the myocarditis is localized or if it is within in the heart. I would not expect the mRna particle to be picked up in the chambers of the heart but rather from the arteries and capillaries supplying blood to the heart. Would we not then see more damage potential to the left side as it is working harder sending blood through the body and therfore receiving more blood, more exposure to the mRna, and why athletes collapse on field when the heart it's at maximum stress? Just some thoughts.

    Thanks for your insights and discussion.

  3. 11:00 Yup, this is just like being in class. I'm following the professor and I've got the bouncing ball always center frame, then someone who's falling behind chews up five or ten minutes of the professor's time so I start to mentally drift and maybe don't quite catch the moment the professor re-joins the stream s/he'd created in my mind, then after a while I realize that I'm confused which leaves me a choice to remain bodily present and essentially 'skip the lecture' or catch snippets here and there and press on to see how things go. That, or I become the modus-interruptus myself thus becoming another link in the chain reaction of confusion. But, at least here I can rewind as needed, and will do so, according to my interest in the subject. However, this professor asked for it and is getting what he asked for. And then sometimes 30:29 I'm gifted by an interruption — so it all remains 'in motion' I guess.

  4. Look into Kowasaki disease. It has similar symptoms as the circulatory problems from Covid. It also is linked to disrupting calcium based signal transmissions that are used to trigger heart muscle contractions. And this disruption has been reported to cause sudden heart failure in Covid patients (even a month after leaving the hospital)

  5. So wouldn't the actual infection have the chance to cause a similar scenario? I remember reading about reduced heart capacity of people who caught a virus disease … and myocarditis in extreme cases. That's why you should not work out hard even if it is "just a cold". Long story short: If viruses can take over heart cells and have them attacked as a result, chances are a vaccine which mimics this takeover could lead to the same result.

  6. I do not believe that our hearts' capacity for repair is so weak, organically. Another chemical attack on God's children. Like the castration of our brain chemicals as well as the increased toxicity and decreased immunity of us and our environments.

  7. It's just a little caviot to what you're talking about special forces, we call them force multipliers.. A small unit goes in, and then they will train others to work with them and teach them how to fight . So they are called force multipliers.. Sorry, I'm a former special operations operator, so my lack of knowledge on most of what y'all are talking about but do understand what they were talking about. Thank you for the analogy.. RLTW 3/75

  8. Further proof that we are living in a matrix world, that is meant to serve another species. We have got to break programming and save ourselves from the march off of the cliff! Anything or anyone helping humanity to do this will find great favor with God.

  9. Clearly, If you’re on the fence; you’re the problem. If you’re even in the realm of steel manning, or expressing self doubt about this topic; you are the problem.
    If you’re even defensive about explaining the reality of this issue; you’re the problem.
    Shame everyone.

  10. For the difference between male & female chances of myocarditis (or other things, frankly), I wonder if some of it would be an effect of the female reproductive system. Meaning, it is designed to sometimes "ignore" non-self material, and in fact exchanges temporary hijacking of systems (placenta needs) which up or down regulate from "norms" based on gestational age etc. That there is a monthly possible pregnancy in which the body undergoes pre-pregnancy shifts (in which systems regulate to a state which could accept pregnancy), might also figure in – especially as menstrual changes is also noted across some demographic. One might be curious if that demographic was tilted towards "experienced vs nieve" mothers (ie would previously pregnant people be more or less susceptible).

    Then there is the case of pregnant parties, from my understanding, passing stem cells which repair the mothers bodies (even outside of covid, perhaps this accounts for why female heart attacks are less frequent, and possibly why they have become more frequent since declining birth rates). And possibly the female body accepting/maintaining some DNA from the fetus might mean the immune system was designed to regulate differently. The men's for supporting themselves exclusively, and the females to regulate themselves AND others (fetus). I believe there is research showing male DNA in mothers that matched their male children. The hypothesis was female children also did, but it was easier for the study to spot male DNA as it is discernably different without major analysis of entire strings.

  11. brett as a grown-up wouldn't it be easier to state we don't understand a virus? saying it has given up all its capability and then parachutes behind enemy lines and steals what it needs… to parachute behind the lines and then acquire the things you need is harder than bringing what you need! lets say that a not alive virus, becomes alive and then does all this harm, stop right fucking there: how did it become alive how did it acquire a mechanism of action that it itself can not generate!! that is the giant gaping hole in germ theory!

  12. Finally. I've been saying this for the past year. Heart cells and nerve cells would be catastrophic if attacked by immune system.

    Also doesn't the mRNA also have three components? Hook protein, shut off dna spell checker, and mitochondrial function. Display the hook makes cell a target, spell checker turned off so the hook can be produced, mitochondrial function may be tampered with to weaken the cell.

    If the hook falls off then the modified cell will not be destroyed. Leads to a Chance of accelerated copy errors (cancer).

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