Bret learned something from Dr Malone at Better Way COVID conference(Robert Malone & Bret Weinstein)

Bret speaks with Dr. Robert Malone in Bath, England, nearly a year after their first podcast together.

Dr. Robert Malone is an internationally recognized scientist/physician and the original inventor of mRNA vaccination as a technology, DNA vaccination, and multiple non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA platform delivery technologies.

He holds numerous fundamental domestic and foreign patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations, and vaccines: including for fundamental DNA and RNA/mRNA vaccine technologies.
Mentioned in this clip:
Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, and germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination
Katharina Röltgen, Sandra C.A. Nielsen, Oscar Silva, Benjamin A. Pinsky, Kari C. Nadeau, Scott D. Boyd

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  1. remember how the unvaxxed were shunned? well the vaxxed are going to be shunned by the unvaxxed imo. we dont know where it goes, what it does, how long it stays in the body or what long term effects are? wait this is safe? get your booster you medical tyrants!

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  4. Completely unrelated, but I can tell straight away you’re in the UK because of the light. I know there’s lots of other clues, interior decor, plants outside, Union Jack 🇬🇧 cushion 🤣.
    But I feel you can define any country by the light cast in its region. Longitude, latitude and local weather im sure have a massive effect but I’m sure there’s something else major I can’t put my finger on contributes to it.
    I’m going to put the cork back in the wine bottle now.

  5. I’m not the smartest tool in the box but “experiment dna therapy” sent every red flag I have straight up and my wife was going to get the shot until I told her my concerns. She decided not to get it but from what little I understand and see, this is going to play out like a nightmare from hell. Unfortunately, the elites, corporations and Government who are responsible for what’s happened and what’s to come won’t be held accountable as they should. What we are going to see in the next ten years or much sooner will most likely give me nightmares but what do I know.

  6. My gf (now ex gf) got both Pfizer shots last year. We recently broke up this year and Ive been feeling spiritually numb ever since. Idk what kind of symptom this is but this makes me question EVERYTHING. Not once have I heard experts (or even truth experts like Dr. Malone or Bret) ever talk about this strange symptom. I have thought about and questioned the existence of "self spreading vaccines" for well over a year now. I did mention it to my gf who was becoming a nurse at the time and I also mentioned it to other people. At first my question about a "self spreading vaccine" was brushed off and labelled as "lunacy". Fast forward to 2022, I got no girlfriend and now since we did sleep together (exchanged fluids and energy) I feel very off. Not in the physical sense but in a spiritual sense. Its actually extremely disturbing….😤😤😵😵😱😱😤😤😤😤😤😤. Trust no doctors or so called experts in the medical/immunology field. This is not about "controlling a disease". It is infact a spiritual war!! I never thought Id see the day "educated" ppl fall but this made me think otherwise😵😵🤯🤯😵😵

  7. I'm so glad I never got the vaxx. It was never even a consideration. As time goes on I and many others continue to be validated in that decision

    Not to mention that we haven't even seen the long term effects of these shots either but I'll take a wild guess and say that it won't be good

  8. I appreciate your brave contribution, however I must ask, Dr. Malone, are you vaccinated against covid 19 yourself or even boosted ? Many people, including myself, who have not received vaccinations for a long time—7 decades, or more for instance—and who have never contracted the flu or covid 19 including mutations until now —at least not knowingly like to know— our health maybe because of antibodies and they blame us for  non-insolation and  have pets and other animals , especially our  honey bees.

  9. Gee, an experimental synthetic rna that does things to our dna that we do not completely understand….?? Yep, sign me up, I love going into the dark with landmines somewhere, but nobody knows where…and, it turns your heart into a gelatinous road kill….nice..!!

  10. I have always wondered why there is so much debate about Dr. Malone actually creating the mRNA vaccine. Some doctors say he was only involved in the early research. What is the actual truth?

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