Bret misses the greatest encyclopedia in the history of the universe (from Livestream #136)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #136 (originally streamed live on July 30, 2022):


Wikipedia on recession as of July 30, 2022:

What is this a clip from?
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  1. The notion that the annual begging letter sending billionaire owner of Wikipedia is corrupting the information on his own site, is a huge surprise to me…🙄👀🧐😎😜

  2. Next, GDP will be redefined and cherry-picked to help whomever needs the help. Certain things will be counted more and others counted less. There is no limit to the number of ways a system can be gamed. What is clear is what your eyes and wallets tell you. The people in this country know what a recession feels like, and it feels like THIS.

  3. The American government gave a bunch of money to people who didn’t produce anything, then that money ran out, and there was left a production deficit. Who is surprised by the economic result? Are these “economists” and politicians pretending to be this stupid or are they really this dumb? There are two option here; our leaders are either genuinely stupid, or they are evil.

  4. Wikipedia became a dynamic social tool for altering and manipulating the historical record so as to delimit the truthful aspect of what constitutes knowledge explored. "I could not discern the truth without first discovering the lie"….

  5. Wikipedia has been ridiculously partisan for quite some time now. If you read for example their bio of George Floyd, it emphasizes all of the positives about him, but, look up Ashli Babbit, and it highlights the problems and mistakes in her life. Of course, all of us have good and bad, have done dumb things, and positive things, and these two are no exception, but the information is stacked in different directions for these two individuals.

  6. Cis-fats and trans-fats, is that what Bret is talking about? Lol I predicted trans-fats being promoted through a guilt trip about transphobia in a fanfic I wrote years ago!
    Oh and I think it’s the vaccines’ fault that we’re having a recession at an inconvenient time. The Biden administration really drunk the Trump Koolaid and were true believers in the Trump vaccine.

  7. NPR has proven during the Pandemic to be nothing more than state sponsored propaganda outlet. I used to listen to it for decades, and I was shocked by the misinformation/disinformation campaigns in the past 2 years. When one has done the due diligence to find the real truth about subjects, only to discover the lies pushed for the establishment and government, it is disturbing and shatters the belief of their independent reporting. The feds have done a good job of conning the public that their funding means they are unbiased and objective reporting. It is not. No more so than Canadians have discovered the CBC are actually an outlet for governmental propaganda last year.

  8. Nope team red is part of team blue!!
    Real team middle/constitualnal . patriots are demonized, and pushed away, marginalized !
    Team ELITE controls the message/ media / purse strings / brainwashing..
    Wake up!!
    Lastly/ defund NPR.. evil 👿 centralist

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