Bret Weinstein disagrees with Richard Dawkins over memes (Peter Boghossian & Bret Weinstein)

Bret Speaks with Peter Boghossian on a multitude of subjects surrounding wokeism, Covid, and the endpoint of our present course.

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  1. Im not certain if questions are answered here, and im likewise uncertain how outlandish it is of me to think that i may afford a couple seconds rent in Bret Weinstein's and company's mind; but, im gonna try anyway….So is culture then all that learning that is not self initiated (unprompted) and birthed by the individual? Or is culture simply all that information that regards and addresses itself to the mending of behavior of the individual within society – more so than anything having to do with reality itself? Is "thou shallt not kill " culture; and "goats milk is more nutritional than cows", non cultural?

  2. You are way over thinking of Brett. Do not dog packs have cultures? What about hyenas and lions? Or chimpanzees. Do they not have a culture? Dawkins is wrong because human culture, like intelligence, is an evolved form of chimpanzee culture.

  3. You are way over thinking of Brett. Do not dog packs have cultures? What about hyenas and lions? Or chimpanzees. Do they not have a culture? Dawkins is wrong because human culture, like intelligence, is an evolved form of chimpanzee culture.

  4. I like the software-hardware metaphor. Culture has to compete with other cultures in a Darwinian fashion, but culture ends if the biological beings participating in it fail to compete with other communities.

  5. Going to suggest discussion over such topic to the resourced based economy community. Needs much indepth.
    ..Would culture then be hand crafted over time and integrated into various nations of tribes until suddenly one day a tribe would want to integrated shoes,white blouses and black singlets like other tribes did?… Then this being part of a new culture tribe people? Even pick up another book ? Our culture tribe integrated, it's part of the Maori culture. you come here and become the tribe people .

  6. Culture seems to me to be in its essence ‘shared memory’. Not memory per se, but rather agreed & shared reflections of what is past.

    It therefore, seems more readily tied to the amorphous consciousness as opposed to genes, but I am not scholar in this area at all. Just a thought from a simpleton 😉

  7. The inconvenient truth from all this is that current western liberal culture is going to be an evolutionary dead end for it’s members. It will cause an extinction event for a mal-adapted culture.

  8. I think there is a spectrum to social order and some are pure animal and will never become sentient because they feel sapient. It is very similar to the idea of introvert and extrovert in relation to society. Some are workers in the night and some are workers of the light. Life is the experience for growth and enlightenment as well as the pursuit of expressing yourself and finding happiness…Always shine!

  9. Herds of animals who work in cooperative groups with hierarchies internal and inherent predates human civilization.
    Is culture not codified biological necessity, perceived or otherwise?

  10. Doesn't Dawkins say that altruism is gene based and not a cultural phenomenon?

    Or is this all just semantics?

    Surely there's some type of feedback that supports the integration of the levels of information dynamics between genes, epigenetics and cultural behavior.

  11. So, i'm an idiot, but I think Bret is saying culture is biology because ones genes jumped from steering us on an individual level to a group level, ie culture. The religion example specifically illustrates that religion, an inclination that seems deeply buried in the human evolutionary psyche, is better for the group (culrure) than the individual, so culture has evolved to be a biological process of groups of humans. Hmmmm

  12. bret provides a constant stream of hilarious nonsense. he literally starts off by saying "culture is just as biological as genes" even his guest is like right……..totally…..

  13. i disagree, culture is not purely physical or biological, religion, music, thought, art, laughter, and more present major problems for biology in that they are extremely difficult to explain by purely physical means. evolution is a canard and provides no satisfactory explanation for life.

  14. Course and effect, basic scientific hypothesis. Everything has a beginning and an end, some of those none religious and scientific power hungry individuals choose to end those lives sooner because they can.
    "GOD COMPLEX" let's just have an honest conversation, Gene therapy isn't about saving Lives, it's about controlling life because those so called powerful and rich believe they are GOD. Off topic to a degree, but very appt given the current debate.

  15. You have no idea how comical the two of you are being right now.
    So let’s say culture is biological, biology is chemical, chemistry is physical and physics is mathematical.
    Did mathematics exist prior to the Big Bang?
    Let’s say there was a Big Bang and some particles decided to bounce off each other for so long.
    What kind of problem were they solving?
    What kind of mathematical or even physical problem does gender (not sex) solve?

  16. Foregoing immediate gratification for a greater gain later is the hallmark of Victorian culture and the 3 or 4 Great Awakenings in the US, taught in "the cradle of the middle class" enforced in the companies among the managerial class– making it cheap to "do the right thing" if everyone adheres to the codes, creeds, ethics, moral predicates laid out in print for all to see by that point, 300-ish years after distribution by printing press? Exponential wealth accumulated off the backs of South African slaves and Opium, planted at Yale's Skull and Bones like a seed to grow, from Bananas in Guatemala to Cain/Beat Sugar in India, with tea to fuel the factory worker– 18 cups per day on average, the march onward, upward, Excelsior, A MAN A PLAN A CANAL, PANAMA! Front to back and back again.

  17. Given Dawkins’ propensity for insane ideas it’s actually difficult to agree with him. For example in River Out of Eden he declares horizontal gene transfer never happens. I have read most of his popular books and yes, he’s a witty and entertaining writer. But he’s a lousy logician. For my money the biologist par excellence was Aristotle even though he made a few mistakes.

  18. Before I even watching the video after reading the title.. prefrontal cortex defect comes to mind.. it would appear that Rome has mastered the art of identifying this in children.. propping them up into strategic high places.. diaper the IHS placard and.. return to sender, address well known, cash on delivery, 32 trillion dollars and Counting

  19. How many people had to look up epistemology? Congratulations for not being an incourious lazy researcher… epistemology sounds like the academic definition of spirituality.. in a word intuition.. intuition which depends upon acknowledging the understanding of objective history, particularly regarding Rome

  20. SMH yes.. The Ten Commandments have been taken off the table for.. the Jesuit Blood Oath which was entered into the USA Library of Congress in 1913.. hasn't actually been a picnic since then? Look what happened to Canada since Arturo Sosa went there and declared it a Jesuit Province 4 years ago?

  21. C'mon – It HAS been corrected – there is a whole field of comparative research along these lines. I know I study culture and cultural evolution in the songs of birds.

  22. did you see that the official UK government website is NOW telling pregnant and breastfeeding women that they cannot recommend the jab because of lack of safety data?!? Things getting crazier by the day.

  23. those that can follow rules despite the individual (sometimes short term) negative payoffs of rule following get rewarded as a group – and that foresight (rule following behaviour) benefits those populations. Good example: if you can establish a society in which everyone agrees that women are not to be raped, that is detrimental to aggressive males' genes not being spread as widely… so why would that tribe agree (for their ingroup and territory at least)? They freeup tremendous ressources they used to have to spend on protecting women from the next door neighbour. Instead the women can even contribute by for example getting water from the well while the men are doing other things (hunting for instance) agregating more ressources and nurturing more offspring. While protection is only needed when a neighbouring tribe encroaches on the territory.

  24. Hmm 🤔 I am really not sure about this. So, you are saying that these gene- gods that serve anthropogenic purposes (of course- isn’t the human the purpose of the whole Creation? 🙄) biologically embedded ‘do not kill’ in humans. I would have been willing to entertain even this idea, given how desperate humans are to believe that they are worth more than they are in the great scheme of things. But, then, why would these gene-gods favour moral confusion that eats the human soul like a spiritual and social cancer? I am talking primarily about the three monotheistic religions that can be easily radicalised due to their ‘jealous god’ and the ensuing religious wars and intolerance. Apes kill, the gene-gods didn’t need to undermine the biologically embedded aversion to killing in humans through religions that promote ape-ish behaviour (alpha male pounding its spiritually superior chest or human sacrifice, for example). It doesn’t make sense to me at all, sorry.

  25. I think the right analogy here is between the culture that inhabits an individual mind and the flora that inhabit an organism's microbiome. Cultural elements (memes) are imperfect self replicators that depend on a host for survival and transmission, much like the gut bacteria of many complex animals. Both can also be said to constitute a part of their host's extended phenotype. Bret had difficulty getting Dawkins to consider this last idea during their debate, but the analogy makes it easy. Many human populations are adapted to life in northern latitudes that receive relatively little sunlight (i.e. they have pale skin). These populations could not exist in these climates without the memes for fabricating clothing and making fire. Those crafts are part of their extended phenotype. Similarly, ruminant animals are adapted to eat a diet of mostly fibrous grasses, which they could not digest without the aid of cellulolytic bacteria that break down the fiber into digestible nutrients. A ruminant animal is not valid as an organism without its gut bacteria, just as humans in a majority of their current environments are not valid organisms without their cultures.

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