Bret Weinstein: I will be vindicated over Covid

Freddie Sayers sits down to discuss the pandemic response with biologist Bret Weinstein.

Before the pandemic, evolutionary biologist and former Evergreen professor Bret Weinstein was lauded by both sides of the political divide for his insights into the crisis on American campuses. As a member of the so-called ‘intellectual dark web’, Weinstein was expanding his audience and being profiled by legacy media like the New York Times.

Then the pandemic began and his heterodox perspective suddenly fell out of favour, even with many of his erstwhile allies.

Advocating for alternative treatments for Covid, questioning the efficacy of the global vaccine programme and challenging narratives of the pandemic came at a cost. Without warning, the Dark Horse podcast was demonetised on YouTube and Weinstein was forced to split from the views of his former friends and supporters.

So, how can we seek truth in such divided times? Freddie Sayers invited Bret into the UnHerd studio in London to try to understand what his views really are.

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00:00 – 01:31 – Introduction
01:31 – 04:43 – What have we learnt about the state of the world, post-pandemic?
04:43 – 06:26 – What mistakes were made?
06:26 – 12:31 – Is this pandemic response we experienced, going to become the norm?
12:31 – 14:34 – What does Bret see as the disaster in the pandemic response?
14:34 – 17:50 – Was it worthwhile vaccinating younger people?
17:50 – 22:22 – Were there darker forces at play when it came to the vaccination programme?
22:22 – 24:48 – Bret discusses the ‘Better Way conference’ he attended
24:48 – 28:33 – What is the worst case scenario behind the pandemic response?
28:33 – 31:14 – In a few decades time, will we see a generation with a decreased lifespan?
31:14 – 39:11 – Bret’s opinion on The Pandemic Treaty
39:11 – 43:30 – What is down the road for us? Will there be a new pandemic?
43:30 – 45:36 – What’s in store for Bret?
45:36 – 47:29 – Is the worst still yet to come?
47:29 – 48:11 – Conclusion

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  1. "Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has written the Rosetta Stone that will help the public finally understand the machinations of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and how he has acted as the puppet master of science for the last half-century—pulling the strings of public health and Big Pharma influence and causing both sides of the political aisle to dance to his tune.
    Fauci makes Mengele look like a Boy scout!

  2. No one cares, Bret. Millions of us were right about all of this – that won't change the fact that we live in an age of tyranny. Stop patting yourself on the back. Things are about to get really bad for all of us.

  3. Freddie Sayers needs to interview Del Bigtree, if he wants to really have his ideal sweet nonexistent world to be shaken. If his style is talking with controversial figures, then Del Bigtree and RFK jr should be on his radar, and do so with an open mind!

  4. I love the YouTube Covid-19 vaccine note: "Get the latest information from the CDC." That's like trying to guard a henhouse by allowing the fox to be the head of security.

  5. I was disappointed to feel your scepticism? That may have been deliberate on your part. I guess you have to protect your channel? But I have been listening to him and his wife since the start and absolutely agree with almost everything he says.

  6. =================
    Bret Weinstein is one of the great minds of the 21st century.
    He is enormously knowledgeable & resourceful.
    He fearlessly follows truth's breadcrumb trail.
    He communicates extremely effectively
    He readily admits his mistakes & shortcomings (is humble).
    To the extent that I am aware, he has not and cannot be bought (made to alter his opinion in exchange for money).
    TRUST !!

  7. Great interview with a specialist that mirrors my thoughts about this pandemic thoroughly, I’m more than satisfied that my common sense triggered at the beginning when big pharma managed to avoid any responsibility for adverse effects.

  8. He did not go too far. And in any case real science is about debate. Whatever we had with covid was NOTHING to do with science. A brilliant analysis which should not be controversial in any way to any rational person.

  9. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness, chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself. – Timothy Leary

  10. I have been following these so-called "founders of the dark web" for years – and Sam Harris is the only one of them that has proved himself to be rational, coherent, compassionate. Bret Weinstein, Dave Rubin, Glenn Greenwald – the lot of them, have proved themselves to be absolute self-serving snakes. Weinstein is the biggest snake of them all.

  11. Unfortunately, only a minority listen to voices of reason and hope. The darkness of the mind still prevails in the herd, without achieving promised immunity.

  12. Brett is a level headed critical thinker who believes in autonomy. He sees through everything THEY are doing to us and it's easy to tell that it bothers him!! Great interview!

  13. My heart breaks for the amount of people who have died because they were not treated immediately with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine along with the other prescriptions. These horrible actions by those in power who demonized the proven effectiveness of the antiviral medications should all be put on trial like the Nuremberg trials with the same ending as those found guilty.

  14. He certainly doesn't know enough to say with any certainty that he didn't get it wrong. If we're listening to his own reasoning then we'll have to wait 5-10 years to see who got it wrong.

  15. Under MSM encouragement, people generally don't want to even consider that 'Big Pharma' would choose to operate for profit first rather than preventing thousands or millions of deaths by allowing the profitless ivermectin/hydoxycholoquine and vitamin D to be used.
    However, exactly this ("they wouldn't do that would they") mindset was tested in 9/11 by the concerted efforts of government, MSM and military industrial complex.

  16. Him and his wife are literally angels of truth. And the purveyors of lies, treachery and deception….. YOUTUBE ( misinformation, disinformation specialists ) along with any complicit, collaborating coward that wears or has worn a mask of the tyrants like good little citizenSheep have helped these new modern day Nazi's ruin their own kids futures. 
    YT's ceo,and the censorship manager ( the female lying lawyer) should be sent to trial, upon being found guilty i think sent them to Guantanamo for 8 years of torture , along with thousands of MSM journalists across the western world. From Australia

  17. I think we may rise a little above the first floor here and look at the next levels. How about politicians? They're not experts, so they "trust the science". Doesn't even matter if 'ze science' has it right; if things go wrong, they can blame someone else.

    What else do they want? Slow incremental change to improve the situation through trial-and-error? That sounds awful. Wunderwaffe, that's what we need. Like a super-medicine. Or a vaccine. That's high-tech, that must work.

    So, they start the vaccine, and it doesn't solve the problem. Now what do they do… admit government's incompetence? Admit they lied? Or double down and claim it's because of the non-vaxers? That's a good option. Probably there'll always be non-vaxers to blame; maybe the problem goes away and they can take credit. And in the worst case, they'll just be back to admitting it didn't work, but they bought time. Win. Win. Win.

    We might look at the media's floor. In part, it's a business. They have their customers hooked on outrage, and drugs are great for profit. Outrage works best in partisan fashion: they bad, we good, look at those evil Capitalists./Jews/Democrats/Republicans! It's a great business model, and deviating from it, cutting your drugs, gets you worse results.
    When aligned with the parties, all the worse. Now they have political power, and every reason to push that. And it's no longer just about profit. The journalists still working there, are loyalists. The real ones left already. So now, publishing anything counter-narrative makes you hated by your colleagues AND your readers. Why try?
    Of course there are limits, you can't write too many people into their graves. Can't have it become obvious. But as long as all major parties join the narrative, nobody will find out.
    No worries about the other team: your customers know that Republicans and Fox lie (or vice versa). The only problem are independents who won't join either narrative. These are your prime enemy: destroy by any means necessary.

    As for ze science: scientists aren't too eager to admit that their field's carelessness caused a million deaths. That gets in the way of their research, and that research could save billions. We don't even know our field caused it, so why risk the speculation? Besides, someone knowledgeable said it wasn't us. Let's not look too deeply into his credentials. The world needs us now – and it feels good.
    Much of this mirrors how a religion might be formed. Scientists are still humans, as vulnerable to it as anyone. Their field has been getting a good rep, so it's got the influx of careerists, social climbers and exploiters. And since the "actual" scientists are busy watching chimps fuck or staring at a blackboard or dropping stuff in other stuff, it's the careerists who worked hard to get promoted.
    Besides, most scientists? Not exactly camera material, and not that good at one-liners either.

  18. I don't agree with you. The subject of the China lab creating this because we paid them to do experiments with it is very unclear what they did and if it caused this whole thing is unclear but it could happen any minute from nature just like aids. The part about the vaccination being the only thing to stop it was so true with virus in 2020. I have been vaccinated and since to more contagious less lethal mutation I am able to go to grocery without a mask. It isn't so in other countries where they don't have vaccinations. As far as other medications the antibody infusions from donors or lab created do help kill the virus. I know people who got it before a vaccine and have have permanent illness from it. You night think the CDC was wrong but people became violent over wearing a mask and they spread the disease and people encourage people to refuse a vaccination people died because of it. People are divided about it. Since the vaccination has been available I feel like if I want to protect myself I can and those who don't want to take a shot don't need to and it is none of my business. I was an RN and worked for a while caring for people during the pandemic but retired oct 2021 because I am 74 years old and just was too stressed out to continue. I hope next time was are able to get medication/vaccine sooner and a leader won't lie about what is going on like the one in the beginning of the pandemic did. He said it was just the flu and I know it wasn't when I saw a lot of people suffer and die.

  19. I know why Sayers takes the approach he does, and it provoked a great discussion, particularly Weinstein's sound rational replies — but it annoys the living crap out of me when interviewers overdo 'pushback.'

  20. If you are watching this and you aren't absolutely furious at what happened to us for the past two years, then you're either evil or so stupid that you might as well be evil.

    I need to go cool off.

  21. Brett was very intelligent. I see the interviewer is completely possessed of his "UnHerd" idea to the point that much of the time he cannot see outside his worldview that everything 'bad' is just the result of 'mob thinking' and that there can't possibly be bad actors motivating these things. Brett brings reason and nuance to the discussion

  22. I recommend people watch Dr. Urso, a surgeon in houston who personally treated 1,800 C patients from day one. He said in the interview he treated some patients, including a fellow physician friend with Iver and vitamin d and he got better in a couple of days and he was very sick. He then talks about the serious V injuries he has seen and is seeing. More physicians hopefully will start fighting back.

  23. Even if one isn’t the least bit conspiracy minded, that they fought so hard to discredit and demonize credible, reputable scientists who questioned them about anything- vaccines, lab leak, prolonged shutdowns (GBD), masks, anything- any reasonable person would wonder what they’re hiding, idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

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