Bret Weinstein: Likelihood of Lab Leak is 95% | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips

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Bret Weinstein is and evolutionary biologist, author, and co-host of the DarkHorse Podcast.

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Written by Lex Clips


  1. Lex has repeatedly engaged in dismissing the danger of AI in regard to weapons systems. He himself has "scurried away" from the topic. He and guests that are AI developers and proponents have in chorus smeared those of us sounding the alarm as engaging in the "Terminator" argument as a shaming tactic that such concerns are silly, overblown, and fantastical. Lex should talk more about what systems the Pentagon already have in relation to his work with DARPA. Oh, wait, he can't! Lex spare us on that one. In regard to Lex's assertion of some property of human intelligence and behavior whereby high capacities of evil and competence are unlikely to converge is absurd. Perhaps Lex is outing his own conscience about the capacity of AI and unintended consequences for lack of considering the power and ultimate intent of people already having access to such technology, or perhaps considering his own contribution thus far. I like Lex, I think he is a good human but get real, okay?

  2. For comment at 3:30, competence != (empathy || good person). Very competent people worked in the nuclear bomb. Many professionally competent people are in favor of slaughtering millions of babies (12+weeks where there is real pain) through abortion. Many competent people favored Hitler in the slaughtering of 6 million Jews. Many competent people are ok with slaughtering thousands of cows just to have the pleasure of eating meat. Many competent people could be psychopath politicians. Psychopaths can be very competitive. Competitive != being a good person.

  3. Best summary of Gain of Function is from fiction; "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." Ian, Jurasic Park.

  4. Lex your question about COMPETNCE and EVIL can be answered by any Psychiatrist and Psychologist . Just ask them about Antisocial Personality Disorder ( the word which common people use as Psychopath, Sociopath ) .There is a huge amount of scientific literature available and even historical evidence as well.

  5. I have a pie chart that shows his evidence is 95% unsubstantiated with his flow chart estimation of 95% likelihood of this being man-made
    which leaves a 5% likelihood that one of us is taking the piss

  6. As far as we know wuhan tried to contain it which is why the rest of the world was late to the table and wasnt prepared for. So my question is, from what we have learnt about china recently with the treatment of their people, is there anyway they released the virus on their own people as an experiment?

  7. Considering the amount of f-up every big covert agency fabricated over the centuries it could legit as well have been a CIA job went horribly wrong or china dabbeling with things that went over their head… not even conspiracy here… history has a annual f-up rate on the covert level

  8. Lex so you are saying that if you are educated and or creative you would not do evil things.
    . Evil people can be hard working.Evil people can be smart. Evil people can be creative.

  9. OK you do not have to be rated through Mensa and have an IQ of 140+ or be a rocket scientist to understand that these guys don’t know what they’re talking about and you don’t even need to listen to one word they say to figure that out because just the title of the video informs you they don’t know anything. Because you cannot say 95% or give any percentage about a topic in less you know all the information regarding that topic in since China has not allowed anybody in these two guys being couch coaches sitting in the nosebleed section grab some information some speculation and then try and Slappy scientifically zeroed in number like 95% because that is what convinces you that they are not idiots in their minds but he truly wise person would know that the fact that they give a percentage actually means they are fucking idiots and nothing they have to say mean shit because none of them have top-secret clearance none of them have work at the Wuhan labs and none of them know a fucking thing so don’t waste your time watching this bullshit have a nice day

  10. Distrust of the vaccines is just one result of having a media that cannot be trusted. If people were able to believe what they were being told, then I think Covid-19 would've been defeated long ago.

  11. this is the guy who was promoting fake cures for covid early in the pandemic and then started downplaying vaccine effectiveness lol. He's a moron

  12. He talks about evidence but doesn't name any. Eric Weinstein you gotta love him; anything is a probability when all you do is sit behind a laptop 24/7 making bs calculation and pulling mathematical fairy tales about the fabric of reality out of your ass. He talks a lot of hubris but his research and numbers and evidence are never up 'there' – his all potatoes no meat word salad schtick gets old real quick once you catch on.

  13. I wish I could find the article but a year before COVID-19 hit there was an American scientist working in Wuhan. One of her Chinese counterparts got excited and she asked her what was going on. The Chinese scientist exclaimed she successfully attached crowns to a bat virus. The crowns would allow the virus to jump from bats to humans. The American scientist was horrified and asked her Chinese counterpart why would she do that and never got a straight answer. Not only did this virus come from a lab, it is a bioengineered virus.

  14. What hacks. Where does 95% come from? Is there any evidence supporting this? None. Just conjecture. Virus have frequently jumped from natural populations to humans. SARS CoV Mers CoV, Swine flu, Avian flu. Ebola jumps from an unknown reservoir to humans regularly. There is no evidence whatsoever to support a lab leak. This is so dishonest.

  15. This is the military industrial complex's attempt at population control. Shrinking resources, increasingly "educated" masses, threats to the power paradigm…the DUMB's (deep underground military bases) exist, the elites are ready, the "unwashed" masses shall be sacrificed. The disease of "superiority" is complete in its toxicity.

  16. The more evil you are the less you will be able to make harmful weapons? Yeah sure lol It's a histocial fact some cruel people can be some of the smartest.

  17. It should be top of the list to focus on where it came from… if it was china they should be paying every country affected to make sure it wasnt a financial move… really they should be paying for 50 years

  18. Nevertheless, China closed down domestic flights and sealed off Wuhan to keep the virus isolated within China, and allowed international flights to continue for weeks, while doing what it could to delay the WHO and other agencies from adopting the appropriate steps. In that period, 400,000 people left Wuhan for international destinations. How is that different than using the virus as a bio-weapon?

  19. The fact that he says that 'there is literally no evidence that points to nature', makes the rest of his statement less interesting. He can say it in the most calm and rational fashion, but it remains an extreme thing to say, which makes it harder to see him as a scientist.

    To think that there is a whole field of specialised biologists (unlike Bret who isn't specialised in this particular field) who say that it is unlikely that the virus comes from a lab, seeing how it evolved, negates pretty much the first thing that comes out of his mouth in this interview.

    Also, 'above 95%', that is most certainly not coming from an actual calculation.

    Personally I think it's wrong to speak in the manner that Bret is doing. He's showing a very unscientific way of himself. Acting like he knows the answers, that others can only guess at. He has a hypothesis, fine, now let's test it. But don't act like there aren't any arguments for the other side.

  20. No evidence for in human evolution? What about commonly observed T cell reposnces and existing antibodies in previously noninfected people? He rightly says that the virus seems fit for humans, wilfully ignoring the possibility that's infection could have been endemic long before but with lower transmission rate or milder symptoms, or both, as its human tropism was evolving over time.

  21. At least this isn't biggest grifter YouTube yokels believe. The zombie general public has no concept of critical listening. And so are prime marks for people like Weinstein to present nothing ever except appeals to your emotions.