Bret wrestles with why vaccines are being pushed for everyone (from Livestream #83)

Monkeying with the baseline, COVID edition. Bret wrestles with why vaccines are being pushed for everyone. Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #83 (originally streamed live on June 05, 2021):


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  2. Fraud is involved on the part of big pharma, the FDA, CDC, WHO and the NIH which should nullify the blanket exemption from lawsuits that the pharmaceutical companies have been given.

  3. For all the positive PCR tests they claimed throughout this past year, why did all those people need a vaccine?? Oh, that's right there were many FALSE positive PCR tests. They just needed to jack up the number of covid cases.

  4. Mary Holland, general counsel of RFKJr's Children's Health Defense, says this is ABSOLUTELY why Big Pharma wants everyone vaxxed – no control group. That's what theyve been doing with kids vaccine schedules. And although theyve been asked to do it, Big Pharma won't EVER do a study to see who are healthier – kids who didn't get vax schedule and those who did.

  5. I understand you main channel went down. What do you need us to do? Do you need money? Do you need us to take to the streets?

  6. There’s one important thing that I don’t see being addressed by anyone. That is the obscene amount of money that Big Pharma would make in the event of this vaccine causing cancer or serious autoimmune disease in a few years down the road. What is the cost of treating leukemia in an individual nowadays? multiply that by 300 million and tell me what that number is. And that’s just the United States. I don’t know the figure, but I’m sure it’s astronomical. That would certainly explain this ruthless push to vaccinate EVERYONE regardless of whether they’ve had Covid and are naturally immune, etc. Also, if everyone is vaccinated, then the contrast of any health decline in the vaccinated vs unvaccinated groups would be a lot less obvious.

  7. i knew before you knew…because I've always believed in the human body and it's ability to heal and I knew this shit did NOT make sense from the beginning. I don't need a freakin PHD to tell me what my biology and God given beautiful innate human design was designed to do. I love you two but seriously…you think TOO much. Be quiet. Get back to nature. Get back to what we really are designed to do…..God given. OMG. Smart people some times think too much! Sometimes I am glad I am just a normal person that can actually THINK! AND put 2 and 2 together…and NOT get confused by the "science".

  8. Lest we forget, forced medical experiments were outlawed in the Nuremburg Accords and the Geneva Convention. The second world war was fought over some of these very issues. Even if the vaccine was completely "safe", people have the right to say no, even if the just feel like saying no. Let the negative comments begin……

  9. Look into the oil companies doing succession planning only for the vaccinated. Succession planning means they’re planning on replacing you.
    Only the vaccinated.
    Not the non vaccinated, only the vaccinated.
    Why would the oil companies of all folks plan on 100% of the vaccinated being unable to work within 3 years?
    Sleep tight.

  10. I don’t think they are worried about legal liability. If I recall correctly, the pharmaceutical companies sought legal immunity before they even developed the vaccines.

  11. LOL i'm sorry but does "an obsession to get everyone vaccinated" really sound more plausible than pharmaceutical companies crushing any alternative to their money making vaccine?

  12. Money to be made by Big Pharm. Additionally, governments had paid billions in advance for vaccine dev. and delivery, thus it became political. The business plan would collapse if they would allow cheap and effective medicines. Not only that, the narrative had to be held up till after vaccination. Therefore, mass media were controlled, social media censured, and demonstration against the measures, often violently, put down – the initial panic had to be prolonged.
    Meanwhile, UN/WEF started to use this absurd situation to promote the "great reset / build back better". This vaccination passport but also 5G are first steps to get more control over the people / masses.

  13. HCQ was totally ignored. The Lancet fabricated the study that “resulted that HCQ was not safe”. They quietly retracted it saying Big Pharma pressured them. NEJM has yet to retract. Henry Ford published a retroactive study but shut down their concurrent recruitment in 2020. Are you kidding! The WHO just recently FINALLY created an ICD 10 code for adverse affect for the Covid vaccine…they also created a totally separate code with specific requirements on listing COVID19 regardless of symptoms or confirmation April 1, 2020 & the PCR testing has had a huge false positive & false negative.

  14. My take on this is, they had to vaccinate as many as they could as fast as they could because the contagious factor of this covid.they had to have herd immunity, that was their thinking ,then they were on top of this

  15. I’ve come to this conclusion, “they are a pack of wolves and we are their prey” don’t kid yourself in believing anything different. All under the cover of “safety” and this sounds familiar to nine – eleven. Think for yourselves and see the bigger picture, there is one and it’s not pretty.

  16. It’s all about the money and control. Bug pharma and the supporters are the deplorables. They know more about this vaccine than they’re letting on and they don’t care who dies. They are pushing this on our children who are at the lowest risk for catching the virus. Who knows how this will impact their development and growth. We know the spike protein stays in your body long-term, what will it do to their ability to conceive? I foresee arise in Autoimmune diseased and it won’t be blamed on the vaccine. They will come up with some lame explanation. They think we the people are stupid, ir you do the research it’s all there. This is a lab created virus that was being developed for what purpose? To infect people??? What is the point if not to use as a weapon.