Bret’s evolving pandemic model around disease risk and treatments (from Livestream #151)

Bret’s COVID position changing

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #151 (originally streamed live on Nov 26, 2022):

The End of Faith…in Sam Harris:

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  1. As for hydroxychloraquin, I figured it had merit because of the fact in Britain you could buy it over the counter up until January 13, 2020. Pretty much the beginning of the outbreak and before DR’s around the US found it to be effective and then they were strong armed into silence. It set off a BS meter and the fact that drug companies that donate millions to politicians stood to lose billions to a $0.50 drug, they had to silence it in a typical fascist way.
    Look up the test they ran, it was normally given at a rate of 200mg 2 or 3 times a week and in their test they were giving 2000 mg a day, then they were shocked that it was having a negative affect on the body.
    Just little things I picked up along the way, follow the money and you’ll see the big picture.

  2. You were misled because you wanted to be misled. There were plenty of "non college educated' people who were screaming for hydroxychloroquine. The reason why you didn't think it is because you still lived in the matrix, and thought that science was real and we all know science is nothing but regurgitated information not true thinking.

  3. From the very beginning I could feel and see the big lie. We all know the two weeks to flatten the curve was never going to work. I got vilified to the point of almost suicidal depression because I was trying to point out to people that this was a lie. And yet I can guarantee you the two of you will go right along with whatever the government says for the next lie. Because you truly do not want to think. You just want to stay in your box and play with the ideas and thoughts that are given to you by government, the mainstream press, and people who truly just do not want to think but want to be told what to if you were not one of those people you would have pushed back against all of it because none of it made any sense. Anytime someone tells me something I always research it. None of it made any logical sense, and all you scientists kept trying to say it did.

  4. Natural herd immunity vs vaccine, flatten the curve, and I've said this for more than 2 years now, the AUC is the same. We could have had 1 million deaths in 2020 and been done, instead we have 1 million deaths and its 2022. But, if we would have allowed the million deaths in 2020, all we would hear today was that was the worst possible outcome and approach. As far as I can tell, the mortality result has been the same, but the economic devastation has been much worse with the approach we took.

  5. I am glad Brett admitted wrong doing. What surprises me is that a PHD. is so sloppy with science and its communication of it. Myself, having a PharmD. would not make public things that I am not well versed in. Also, I have a network of other trusted experts to run things over with. I would do a small peer review on my thoughts before sending out in the public, at the least.

  6. A YouTuber named Kosol Ouch did a channeling on the "Covid" virus and stated that it is an AI Intelligence, a "protonmolecule". It is especially conducive to people with dogmatic, rigid belief structures who are vulnerable to fear and manipulation. The virus was engineered by intellectual academics funded by Bill and Melinda Gates. It is a bioweapon.

  7. I like the idea of this video, yet I continue to struggle with the gaping hole that your admireable self reflection overlooks. If you had been the head of the CDC, I am pretty sure you would have let a deadly disease go rampant while you hem and haw about the other matters and reareange titanic deck chairs. What matters most is total deaths over time (first), then health and longevity (second). Time will tell, but still to this day it seems like you both have just lost the plot and cannot confront the piles and piles of evidence that there are hundreds of thousands of people in the us that are still alive because the got a vaccine. While this other stuff is interesting, why do you continue to talk past and around the most important thing?

  8. But most of what your saying is not your fault !
    They had almost everyone scammed !
    This is the same thing, the people pushing this are mostly but
    Also others. Are scamming us the people of our nation but also the world. From oil shortage to food and everything else that is
    Going on is self made to being told lies on most matters.

  9. My heart keeps racing throughout this discussion, and my head is full of questions. One of my main strategies for surviving this whole, weird 3 year scenario has been to pile the sand around my head higher and deeper. Many days, Heather’s softly voiced questions and observations are among the few sounds that can penetrate the pile. I have homeschooled my children for nearly 20 years, and give thanks for that decision daily, but the discipline that Brett describes is exhausting. I have to repel the influence of dangerous expert-ism on my children constantly with similar questions and observations. Mine start with “what’s your evidence” type questions, but the intent is similar. I’m grateful to have these models of quiet power and unswerving integrity to draw on. Thank you.

  10. Would like to see a discussion on mass vaccination of Covid now causing increased selection pressure and the rise in RSV and influenza cases. I believe Geerdt Van Den Bosch predicted this early on when he was being interviewed in the spring of 2021.

  11. Listening to you two makes me wish I had the intelligence to study science. I like science, but I didn't fare well in my classes. The ability to thinking logically and analytically is crucial to understanding what is going on with the virus. This madness in a "quick cure" or "do these things and we'll be saved" or "look you said these things will happen but look at me, I'm proof you are wrong" should not be what the media and the powers that be force down on the public.

  12. Times change, contexts change, we should never remain absolute in our beliefs especially in a volatile world like ours. The one thing that remains unchangeable is God and His teachings.

    Thank God for intellect to be able to see things as they truly are on this physical world, and thank God for virtue that we gain enlightenment from Grace to see beyond the physical.

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