Brett Sutton Attempts to Re-write history with no ‘magic bullet’ claim

The sidelined CHO Brett Sutton, in an interview with The Age stated that proper ventilation (opening windows and doors) may be as good as a booster (third dose or fourth dose of the vaccine):

“It’s one of the key things. I think it’s probably on a par with increased vaccination, fourth dose and third dose vaccination coverage.”

He later followed up his interview with The Age with the following tweet:
“There’s no single ‘magic bullet’ against this virus but ventilation and airflow are key to fighting COVID-19. Important to take the long view.”

After playing a key role in pushing divisive vaccine mandate policies & promoting the discriminatory vaccinated economy to ensure Victorians would be compelled to take the vaccine or otherwise risk losing their livelihoods, Brett Sutton has bewildered supporters and critics alike with his most recent take on vaccines not being the “magic bullet” even though for months during the drive to vaccinate the community, much of the language around vaccination was that it was the key.

Should individuals like Brett Sutton be able to re-write history to suit their own narrative, or should there be more public accountability against officials that may have misled the public to further government agendas without providing the underlying “health advice” at the time.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. They should all be tried and hung for murder by proxy. They knew the jab was experimental and forced people to get it.They know it is causing irreparable harm . Bring on Nuremberg 2.0 ASAP

  2. It's disgusting this was blatantly obvious 15months ago but no one dared speak out of turn or risk being thrown in with the crazys. people were forced to comply or lose your job and now you want to play it down and start the backpedaling

  3. He has no idea, B4 being hand picked for the CHO, he was busy working on some field of climate change…starts to make sense when you look at his history. He went from dr Sutton to Professor Sutton…I’d love to know at which uni he taught and what he taught. One thing is for sure, he was not a doctor or an immunologist, so he didn’t have the qualifications to say boo about lockdowns, masks nor vaccines

  4. I find it highly curious how too few people seem to be angry about all of this. Because all of your comments are so subdued. Yet if I'm in public and I speak my truth quite often I have 5 aussies on my back. I just find it very unusual how SUBMISSIVE yas are in this country.

  5. When the jabbed find out the poison him and andrews pushed in their arms , when they realise what killed theyre child theyre husband brother mother freind . Theyre going to drag him from where ever he trys to hide and theyre going to kill him . The name brett sutton will sit next to joseph mengele forever .

  6. They should all be in jail for human rights abuses, and they should hang their heads in shame for their dishonesty through this whole pandemic, including their dishonesty about available safe treatments.

  7. The silence on cheap, effective Vitamin D, is how you know our system is eff'd. Latest study out of Israel – hospitalisation and severity of coof inversely proportional to Vitamin D levels – yet nobody is allowed to say this in a public forum. I've caught it before the juice was available, and I had zero symptoms. I wouldn't have even known had my temperature not been checked at the door of my workplace, and subsequent doctors visit. I take Vitamin D and Zinc every day and make sure I get direct sunlight for 20 minutes in the peak of the day.. It's criminal that this is never mentioned by our health "experts"

  8. Overheard a cardiologist telling his patient he's furious over the government's silence over v induced myocarditis.. His number of patients has increased exponentially since the roll out began. Jail them all I say

  9. "ventilation and airflow" has been known from start as the absolute best method to reduce transmission by many orders of magnitude.
    Fact: Vaccination, no matter how many doses, does not even come close to having the best ventilation/airflow. (Same goes for masks)
    The better the ventilation/airflow the more it dilutes the viral load a person may take in. And obviously the smaller the viral load the quicker and easier the immune system takes care of it. And in almost every case (guess 99.9%+) no one gets any hint of a symptom.

  10. These people are criminals, they will never share the medical evidence short of a proper, full-fat Royal Commission (which they dont want). We need to follow America's example (and other places) and rally, march and DEMAND an R.C. with proper powers and terms of reference unlike that piss-weak Inquiry AndrewsMP convened that was specifically designed NOT to compel evidence or criminate anyone. Its time these communists got what's coming to them.

  11. Ironically, he was also telling people to stay in their homes locked down. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't an indoor environment have less adequate ventilation that say 'OUTSIDE'?

  12. Good ol Bambi Eyes Sutton…All the women in Victoria thought he was the ducks nuts and he could do no wrong. Oh well there will always be plenty of sheep

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