Brexit Boom EU Panic As Companies Flee Bloc

BREXIT Britain’s future could prove to be vastly profitable for UK industries according to one expert.

Think Tank Director for The Bruges Group, Robert Oulds, argued Britain’s Brexit future looks bright. During an interview with, Mr Oulds claimed companies that have resided in the EU will leave in favour of operating out of the UK. He added an individual UK would be very appealing to foreign investment as the EU struggles with a multitude of problems.


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Written by Andre Walker


  1. I do think companies will move if they can which scares the EU. Nissan are closing their plant in Spain not the UK (the remainers said they would close their Sunderland plant). Unilever wants to move their headquarters completely to the UK. But the Dutch Government has told them that they will be taxed such a huge amount, which breaks EU laws and international law, that the move is in jeopardy. So I think the EU is quite prepared to break their own rules to keep companies from moving. We are being told by MSM that the UK is breaking international law, when it isn't. Yet nothing is said when it is the other way around.

  2. Lincolnshire farmers have huge signs up in their fields…”Save British Food”, “Save British Farming”,this despite Doris quietly giving them £3billion for the next 5 yrs.(this because the EU is no longer returning CAP payments of £3bn) Nice to know we can afford to give Sir James Dyson £2m a year of our taxes !
    Supermarkets have announced that food will be more expensive.Two day waits for 7000 lorries in Kent,if they have the correct paperwork ! Imagine,you need forms to drive in our own country!!!!

  3. Andre Walker is a madman. A funny idiot living I la la land. If this was right there would be a q to London now, it’s not! Companies leave I droves to the Nederland’s and Germany. This type of videos will be showed as a reminder how stupid and indoctrinated some people are.
    Andre Walker head of the Dunning Kruger society in England.

  4. Dwindling number of people believe the U.K future looks good. The Daily Express is one of the last outlets promoting this garbage. Please do this video again in 6 or 12 months once we have left the worlds largest trading block. Old fashioned imperialist crap.

  5. you really look stupid, hand in hand what you talk.
    you even put a thought into the background set up, and it really describes you people well.
    keep on with futile work.gammon.

  6. Kinda funny how you change the truth every time. Spreading lie after lie. And now you quote the Daily Express, which is the worst of all the lying tabloids in the UK. You, sir, are a complete joke

  7. Well that’ll be a really balanced and reliable view. THE BRUGES GROUP!! You idiots need to wake up and listen to authoritative and non-biased sources who say with one voice Brexit = shit. You are destroying my country

  8. A new report for the government has recommended expanding signficantly the number of shortage occupations to be added to the list in order to bypass the economy busting Immigration Act that is being pushed to placate brexit supporters. It makes clear that brexit is costing us a lot of essential workers needed to power our economy and that the government will need to take urgeny action.


    Umm Man who makes money out of saying Brexit is great, says Brexit could be good for the city of London….independents reports facts that 1.6 Trillion has already left the city of London….Tough one? Whom to believe?

  10. Glad the Brits are breaking the shackles of the EU. They held you back. Hope the US and UK can get a great trade deal going if Trump wins in 3 weeks. Obviously this will never happen if Biden wins.