Brexit Britain’s £18.9 Bn EU bill! And only £33 Bn to go! (4k)

UK Treasury data shows that the total bill for the UK’s membership of the EU was £18.9 billion last year. And we still have £33 Bn to go!

2019 represented the last full year of the UK’s membership of the European Union.

And in that final year we got a total gross bill for that membership of £18.9 billion says a recently published House of Commons Library briefing paper.

And this is the bill we would have to pay had Margaret Thatcher not secured a rebate for the UK to, as the Library Paper puts it “… to correct the issue of the UK making relatively large net contributions to the EU”.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. I've been commenting on here for 4 years. These criminals will never deliver Brexit. They will sooner and rather deliver DEATH…. and they have been…. It's their NWO plan. Hardly a secret. Boris is a globalist.

  2. The remoaners are in control of the media and this is the final attempt to stop brexit and trump and populism
    Scorched earth policy has been used way back in the boer war
    Why are you surprised that the elites are using the same thing with the British population
    The establishment will do anything to stymie the middle class and stop brexit
    Because the eu is like the bankster who cares not about government but money

  3. The date for completion of any deals has passed! Lets get out now and pay any more money to the EU. They have tried to keep us paying and will continue do so until we say, enough is enough and leave! It won't be long before they come begging.

  4. Jeez all that money paid in at not a penny back!!!! We must be so silly, how on earth did we get to be the 5th wealthiest nation in the world after being the poor (and dirty) man of Europe in the mid 1970s. ? I am being sarcastic, just in case you half Wits dont understand

  5. Time we had an all out war & got rid of europe once & for all. After all, ww2 would gave had a different outcome if we did nothing. So i think europe owes us say hmm a trillion pounds? That's a nice number? Yes?

    Germany again are swinging there d.i.c.k. with unfair charges aimed at us as we won the war..
    Boris Johnson needs to tell the eu to F off!!

    How about we charge the eu millions of pounds for each illegal setting foot on our shores??

    Oh hang on, our government does not gave a backbone or a set of B. A. L. L. S. Does it??

    I keep forgetting England has been labelled pissweak nation of the world!!
    Where are the royals in all this??
    Silly me.. they are too busy r.a.p.i.n.g children to actually care what happens to this COUNTRY!!

  6. The head of the EU central bank was involved in fraud, and the president 'elect' was under investigation for unsound financial dealings as defence minister. Also take a look at how much money is 'lost' in the EU from corruption.

  7. 2019 was not our last year as full membership of the EU because we was forced to stay apart of the EU by the minority of the UK people who try to override democracy…………. from the moment the country voted to leave the EU that is the moment we should have stopped paying into the EU so these last four years we have been forced to stay apart of the EU should be free because we didn't want to be a part of the EU…. but others in the UK and the EU itself forced us to stay when we didn't want to……….. so we don't pay them anything because we don't owe them anything…………

    you cannot force somebody to stay a member of a club when they clearly voted to leave the club….. and then ask them to pay money into the club for the period of time they were forced to stay a member of the club by corrupt means…………. it doesn't work that way.

    The moment you voted to leave which the majority of the people of this country did that's the moment our contribution stops.
    because the people of the UK 17.4 million people voted to leave……….. and they were stopped by the minority who wish to stay….. there and use corrupt methods to try and do so…………. so therefore it is only then they should be picking up the bill for they are the ones who wish to stay part of the EU……. so it is only fair they pay the bill for the years we was forced to stay there…. not the UK itself………. just the people who wish to remain a part of the EU who abuse their power to override democracy for the own personal gain they are the ones that should be forced to pick up the bill if these any bill to pick up…………even if it means selling everything they own then kicking them out of the country to the EU…………

    I'm sick to death of listening to these well" we have to pay them ……it is our obligation we agree to it…. we have to give them this it's a divorce Bill ……… it's a load of crap…………. it's all about staying a part of the EU it's all about keeping us tightly connected to the EU…….that's what this payment is all about keeping them strings attaching us to the EU…………… when the people clearly voted to leave the EU totally.. and go their own way………… The British Brexit Prime Minister and his cronies are still not obeying the voice of the people………….which is to totally leave the EU and go our own way……… apparently they think going our own way is going back to the EU through the back door…………. and I was right even Nigel now is saying it ….Brexit will only be in Word only.

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  9. Perhaps we should remind the EU (and everyone else who is not aware of it) of the true history of the setting up of this fascist based organisation. Don't believe me? Read, for a start, The Devils Chessboard – David Talbot.

    Deduct all expense accrued relating to every Illegal Immigrant arriving in the U.K. from the E U .I am sure this would incentivise them to make much more of an effort to stop this illegal trade.
    After 31st December ,Deduct fines (large) for any EU fishing boat court fishing in U.K. territorial waters.
    U.K. jest deducts these amounts,and leave it mainly up to the EU sort out it’s EU member states responsible.

  11. I cannot understand why we are still taking part in these fake negotiations. The ‘Parasite Club’ will never give us a fair shake so why are we bothering to even try? As for these ridiculous amounts of money that these cretins in the EU are attempting to extort from the UK, I would simply tell them fair deal or no bloody money and give them exactly 24 hours to respond. In the absence of a reasonable response simply walk away go to WTO and tell the EU commission it will be a cold in hell before they get a penny out of us.

  12. yep cry more its cute
    but be angry on bojo , he left your share in european bank in when you left.
    what an bozo that bojo 😀
    more fruits of brexit to come soon 🙂
    happy days ahead, buckle up 🙂

  13. The time is coming when they wake the silent majority then it could well turn into civil war so well done Boris time for you to take that seat next to Mrs May or leave politics altogether

  14. I think we need to keep an eye on Boris Johnson, with these EU projects he wants us to participate in. This isn't a back-door way of keeping us paying the EU's bills, is it? I think we need to walk away and have nothing further to do with them, especially after the way they've behaved.

  15. Refugees have to report to the first safe country they come to according to the convention. So we could not get any refugees in the UK. We get economic immigrants or illegal immigrants or both but all of which are a drain on jobs NHS welfare housing that leaves our own people sleeping on the streets our young couples waiting for council housing yet we look after foreigners that have never contributed yet come first.