Brexit Finally Occurs After Four Years of Being Inevitable

Boris Johnson beaming as he takes credit for things Farage et al did:


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  1. It's Interesting that the American Left, the Democrat Party and the Democrat owned Media and their low IQ voters cannot see what just happened to the Left in the U.K.'s Government. The left are gone, Voted out. The world is sick of the left

  2. You hit the nail on the head. People are trying to convince the UK that they have become so weak and childlike that they can't stand without someone holding their hands. So many UK citizens will accept foreign rule over them.

  3. The fishing problem? Easy! Park the new HM Elizabeth Carrier in the middle of the "English" Channel and negotiate from there. Oh and sink let in sink any migrant boats too.

  4. Now that UK is sovereign it can simply rip up the just signed EU trade deal.
    The entire EEZ waters (exclusive economic zone) belongs to UK

  5. The Referendum Act doesn't contain any words of enforcement so it wasn't legally binding. However, politicians who tried to write it off as a nothing-burger lost their jobs.

  6. If EVERY nation was populistic, meaning the government actually cared about it's own people, there would be No refugees anywhere.

  7. 2:02 – exactly. Both were caught off guard by populism. But whereas Britain continued with their populism and kicked their institutionalists to the curb, unfortunately the US got tricked into kick out the populist giving it up and giving government back to the institutionalization.

  8. The people have to fight to get what they voted for. People were told for years that young folks had to steer the country because they would be left with the result of Brexit. Sorry. People with wisdom and people who ACTUALLY voted decided the trajectory of the country.

    Nations should determine their future, NOT GLOBALISTS who sit outside a nation's border.

  9. The Pounds soaring, the UKs just moved up to number 5 to wealthiest. Economies very strong considering the situation. I hope all goes well. Frost and Johnson won't get enough credit. The Germans said only Johnson couldve achieved it and Frost kept referring to the EU as 'Your organisation' to Barnier which apparently drive Barnier up the wall ?

  10. Yellow vest riots are the resistance of blue collar, middle class workers against the egotism of the establishment that thinks it knows how to love your life better than you do.

    Them and Trump supporters are the revolution, Antifa is the counter revolution that deep down wants everything to continue as designed, they just want to take over from within the institutions afterwards.

  11. When they emplacement the great reset and force the US in to the one world government it will be run just like the EU all the decisions for what we do will be decided by a bunch of elite mother fuckers in another country telling us what to do. They are coming after free speech and the guns, we won’t let them have either

  12. For the hair syles they're weird AND similar UK/US because these politicians have been purposely picked so by the deep state… they were never meant to be anything else but controlled opposition, created TO BE destroyed…. things just got a bit out of hand, thanks to the axis of resistance : China-Russia_Hezbollah-Syria! That's all………..

  13. Anyone with half a brain and one eye would know and see this election was rigged. State representatives better stand up and do the right thing on Jan 6th. History is watching and recording.

  14. It didn't look 'inevitable' from the UK. Some very powerful people both inside and outside the UK were determined to stop it or to negate its effects as far as possible.

  15. Man BREXIT was like pulling teeth from an alligator with set of chopsticks. It was almost impossible, bloody, and took a lot of sheer force and determination.

  16. Brexit is a vital victory for Nationalism and Populism. The Brits have proven we Patriots can overcome massive left-wing propaganda and billions of dollars spent by the likes of George Soros and other evil globalists to force their one-world Socialist Police state on us.