Brexit Hits Brussels!

Brexit is hitting Brussels and I mean Brussels in Belgium, not the Brussels Sprouts destined for your Christmas dinner table.





Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. As a lifelong Tory voter (who first voted in 1970) I have seen it move this way and that but retain its basic philosophies. So I am not one of these new Tories who are now shouting how '"Its gone Left" because it hasn't. This Government had to deal with a global pandemic some 3 months after being elected and so had to ditch most of its manifesto plans and ideas. And of course support people's wages, keep businesses going and support vital industries like the railways. That entailed massive borrowing but it all worked as latest economic and jobs figure show. It also required either massive cuts or a small tax rise to at last address 'the elephant' that has been 'in the room' for decades – Elderly social care. They chose NI and I agree with them.

    The Tories are still right of centre while Labour is fighting itself to work out just how far left it currently is. It is therefore unelectable.
    This Government has been focussed on ONE thing and rightly so. Now the economy is nearly open we will start to see their true policies. Then we can judge.

  2. He epitomizes brexit – another cock-up in believing the "empty shelves" in Brussels is due to driver shortages. But what gets me is that he is openly admitting that there are shortages in the UK and it is down to Brexit. What a plonker Rodney!

  3. There was reported one empty shelve all over Europe in a Belgium supermarket. So, Brexit must be a success! Clear logical conclusion! Please, Jeff, more Brexit comedy!

  4. There are no empty shelves in Brussels. That photo in the Daily Express was due to a warehouse strike. And why are there no shortages in Northern Ireland? Why hasn't the army been called in anywhere else other than the UK?

  5. Hey Jef apply for a Schengen Visa and come and have a look here in the EU. No fuel shortage , no empty shelves, no rotten fruit or delocation of companies…. Do you really think the UK could put economic sanctions on itself without this being felt by the public ???

  6. There are no empty shelves in the EU, but in England , not in Northern Ireland. Guess why.
    Divers are short in many countries, but not as bad as in England lacking 100k , 5k or 50k in far fewer.
    Just as a reminder: the other suffering does not takes away your own.
    Then better to concentrate in the real issues facing the country.

  7. Jeff is so stupid that he fell for brexiteer propaganda.
    The shortages on shelfs in Belgien was due to a strike.
    This is so stupid it was even on a sign next to the shortages in the picture.

  8. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Ha ha!! That's politics Jeff.
    Re Brexit and the shortage of lorry drivers. Well, a train pulling 30 loaded wagons needs only one driver. Politicians are useless at arithmetic. It's the madness of shifting freight from rail to road sisty- odd years ago. The chickens are coming home to roost, comeuppance Mr Beeching. What goes around comes around.

  9. sir you talk shit. there is no shortage of drivers in the eu. no empty store shelves. and we will have a very good Christmas with good earnings from the turkeys and pigs that are sold portioned packaged to the eu. and to remind you of the mistake of the century, we also do a nice print on it of a beautiful blue flag with a circle of stars. a merry christmas from europe. and thank you for spending more on the eu now than when you were members

  10. This is characteristic of the Brexiteer desperation, by using outlandish exaggeration to mask more nuanced realities. To argue the fuel shortage was either solely caused by Brexit or alternatively had absolutely nothing to do with it is intellectually bankrupt. Brexit, specifically an exodus of EU labour out of the UK since 1st Jan 2021, has aggravated the other negative factors listed. This element is unique to the UK and causes UK only phenomena such as panic fuel buying and the mass culling of pigs. We should be focused on asking why, given the Brexit government in power since 2019 argues the labour exodus has always been central to their strategy, did they make precisely no preparation for it ? If EU labour was substituted by UK people ready and able to do the job and at higher wages, they’d be no problem. There is a problem because the Brexiteers are busking it and desperate that no one blames them, even though they, since 2019, are very much in charge.

  11. The “ right wing “ of the Labour Party are Fascists. The “ left wing” of the Conservative party are Fascists. I don’t think that we want Labours fascists to join with the Conservative ones.

  12. A lorry driver's strike at a Carrefour distribution has caused some shortages in Belgium, there are no shortages elsewhere. There is a shortage of drivers everywhere and there is nothing new there, losing drivers to Brexit didn't help the UK. Not that facts ever worries about facts.

  13. Wouldn't perhaps have anything to do with the fact that all youngsters are encouraged to go to university instead of learning practical skills, like wood work, electrician, etc and apprenticeships. Hence all these skills are in short supply and now more expensive

  14. Nobody said Brexit was the cause for the lack of HGV drivers, but it worsened it.
    Although there is a lack of drivers all over the EU, it didn‘t lead to empty supermarket shelves (except for British goods UK manufacturers cannot sell anymore due to rising production costs or red tape) or gas stations without fuel.

    Yet hardcore Brexiteers like Jeff are desperate to blame anything but Brexit for problems in the UK to distract from the dumbest decision a country has made in the last 80 years.

    If there’s a sack of rice falling in the EU, they claim it to be a BIG Brexit win, while being unable to name ONE Brexit benefit.

    Jeff‘s posts are becoming more and more pathetic.

  15. I'm glad you cleared this up, just got back from holiday in Europe and noticed a lot of empty shelves there in the supermarket, didn't realise it was caused by Brexit.

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