Brexit negotiations end early! (4k)

The latest round of Brexit talks has ended early – but not because there’s been a breakthrough – far from it!

Michel Barnier and David Frost have decided to up stumps and call a halt to the latest round of Brexit negotiations one day early.

And this isn’t because there’s been some sort of massive breakthrough – it’s because the two sides are still as far apart as ever.

The EU Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier is still the stuck record that the EU Commission, Parliament and Council all insists he remain.

While on the UK side David Frost maintains the UK line that there will be no compromise on UK sovereignty and fishing rights.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. This fair competition is complete nonsense. We and the EU 27 buy most of our goods from China, there is no level playing field there! No state aid in China?
    And workers rights/conditions, they couldn’t give a hoot. They want a cheap mobile labour force just like in Asia.

  2. Feb 2017 Gerard Batten "A trade deal with the EU could be sorted out in an afternoon over a cup of coffee"

    Apr 2017 Douglas Carswell: "I think free trade would be relatively straightforward between the UK and America"

    July 2017 Boris Johnson: "There is no plan for no deal because we are going to get a great deal"

    May 2018 Nigel Farage: "I never promised it would be a huge success"

  3. It seems to me that the "negotiations" has now evolved into the ultimate game of charades. Keep at it Mr Frost! Don't let Barnier grind you down! We will soon be free to pursue our own destiny. I was a newspaper boy in 1972 and 1973. I read the newspapers as I delivered them. I now know I read lies. Enoch Powell was painted as a wide eyed fantasist as he explained the aims and consequences of the Treaty of Rome. He has been proved right by the passage of the decades. Watch three episodes of the BBC2 series "The Poisoned Chalice" as to how Edward Heath took us into the EEC without troubling himself to inform the electorate and to gain their consent in the 1970 General Election.

  4. Deal / Negotiate with the EU Syshters?
    They don't know the meaning of the words!
    OUR (UK) 'ROYAL FLUSH', beats the EU's 'Mr. BUN – BAKER' HANDS DOWN!
    NO DEAL!

  5. i think they have a cheek asking fir our fishing waters and to abide by their rules. in2016 britain voted to leave the EU we should crash out with a no deal.leaving the EU to cry in to cry in their beer

  6. Europe only exists because Brits commonwealth and empire fought for 3 years to hold on before US were prompted to join in. We can live without a Thank You but not under EU jackboot.
    Old Romans, Phillip 2nd, Napoleon, Kaiser, Mussolini, Hitler? At least we Brits did not attack our neighbours, just the rest if the World- until we became more gentle. We modernised. EU just wants to pursue their old bad habits with desire to colonise U.K. Brexit Yes Yes Yes.

  7. Ye in there playing field if bojo agrees to any of that then walk all over us will definitely mean exactly what it says so I am still in the very if not stronger favour of leaving without a deal.

  8. It seems almost too good to be true that we have a negotiator, David Frost, who is actually on the side of the majority of the British people, speaking for us, not a wolf in sheeps clothing secretly pulling the other way!!
    If this is true can we hope that Boris will not switch and cave in to Brussells at the last moment!
    I would be content that Boris the clown becomes the greatest prime minister since W S Churchill and not an even bigger traitor than May.

  9. In my opinion there can only be a no deal! The Brexit vote of the british people was an emotional vote to end the "dictatorship" of the "unelected" EU bueraucrats and "take back" control of the country. Logically this can only mean a clean cut of all ties!! I hope our EU will continue with its 27 members. Work together to address the multiple problems on this planet. I want us to work as closely as possible together with the UK while at the same time protecting the integrity of the Union. Eventually we will agree on a trade deal but until then we need the rules of the WTO to apply. I personally believe in colaboration. The EU in all its imperfection is a great institution to deliver peace and prosperity worth protecting. It is so sad what is going in the world today. I would like to know the true intentions behind it all?????

  10. Good. Much spending of £s on EU damage control has been prevented.
    Not having to partake in the EU bailouts of the garlic countries and the ongoing EU Islamisation will outweigh any trade deal benefits.

  11. Boris. Why have you back tracked on your word. That we would leave at the end of June if things were not sorted. Why are meeting up with them after saying end of June was the end of negotiations. I am really worried that you haven,t got the back bone or honesty to follow through with your promise. Our waters had best not be sacrificed by you. That would be the final nail in the Tory party. It is already on thin ice. We need clarification as to where things are going.I hope you are not gagging David from telling us the truth.

  12. Time to stop pissing about with lot ! Four years on from the referendum result and where are we today ? Four wasted (locust) years. The EU could on quite happily like this and we would still be no further forward. And all this time, Britain has been paying in to the EU coffers, money that could and should have been spent here ! Barnier and co and terrified, shit-scared of The UK leaving without a deal, so they play the same game that worked against Theresa May and the pro-EU civil service. But this time they up against Boris, Frost and Cummings, men made of sterner stuff. This what was voted for in June 2016. Time to implement the result and leave the EU – Adieu Michel Barnier !

  13. I believe the WHOLE PACK of "Negotiators" from BOTH sides have ONE, OVER-RIDING INTEREST – to PROTRACT negociations just as LONG as possible – for a PAYCHEQUE.

  14. An old saying has 'Constant dripping wears away a stone'. Is that what EU autocrats are trying to do to Britain? Why in Heaven's name do Boris Jonhson and his advisors bother to try to negotiate with that lot. Put the phone down, Prime Minister, and cut the EU wallahs off. Do your duty to the British people.