Brexit: No Deal preparations are getting serious! (4k)

Now, this is a bit of a ramp-up in the no-deal Brexit preparations!

With talk of a no-deal Brexit increasing in volume, the government has just issued a new regulation to come into force on the 28th of September to grant planning permission to build lorry processing parks across coastal regions of England.

What this Special Development Order relates to is:

“… the making of a material change in the use of land to use for the purpose of or in connection with:

“…. any activity that forms part of, or is incidental to, functions required to be carried out by or on behalf of a border department in connection with vehicles (in particular goods vehicles) and goods entering or exiting, or that are about to enter or exit, Great Britain …”

And note here that these rules only relate to physical parks in England and goods entering or leaving ‘Great Britain’ not the UK, which includes Northern Ireland – presumably due to the Irish border protocol and the new Great Britain / Ireland border down the Irish Sea.

And where will these parks be situated?

We there are 29 designated areas where these planning rules apply, except where they conflict with listed status, national parks, sites of historical interest and the like. And it also seems to exclude land with less than seven years remaining on a lease.

The rules will remain in place until the 31st of December 2025. Developers must submit a reinstatement plan to return the site to its original state by the 30th of June 2025. With reinstatement works completed by the end of 2026.

This next part of the video shows a list of the sites, and you can see how far around England they are spread.

From Bournemouth to Kent and from the Medway to Portsmouth.




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Brexit: No Deal preparations are getting serious.




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Should anyone develop an over whelming desire to clog up the ports for any reason….such as mischief making and negotiating pressure,
    an off road buffer system to ensure that that does not happen, is a requirement…..just in case.

  2. Turns out the Hauliers Association are extremely worried about the logistics of goods movement pose brexit. They've asked for an urgent meeting with Gove and Sunak to voice their concerns. Worrying.

  3. I can hardly wait for January as I have a huge stock of Mighty EU27 Single Market PopCorn at home, it's going to be good entertainment looking at all you Brexiteer Clowns on TV.
    Brexit means Brexit – Bye Bye )))

  4. I hope this doesn't eat into our Brexit dividend! The government claims its spending £705 million on infrastructure, then they'll have the ongoing costs of staffing and running the sites.
    I know companies will have to pay for the customs bureaucracy, but surely wagons are only making money when they are moving goods? How.many hours over a year will haulage firms lose sat in a field.
    Ultimately, how much will our shopping bills go up? …. and how long for?

  5. If you have the time to watch Iain Dale it's a caller who ran the port of Dover 11/09/2019 he explains what is being done to solve the issue offf paper work crossing into Europe far better than me it makes sense as a export system anyway to stop congestion at all ports Dover is not the only port in U.k .

  6. This type of stuff should have been ready in 2017 latest 2018, for everything to be ready to be used come start of next year in case (most likely) no deal.
    You still need at least 50k civil servants to be trained, u need an IT system ready to be used come next year for customs, yet MP's all they've done is lie, lie and make up as they go along and no truth or substance of what they say, Britain will be sued by a lot of countries come next year due to the border not being ready

  7. Why do Breiters hate so much the Union that they want it burned down to the ground, I bet that most of the brexiters will not event admit that they've voted fro brexit when the shit starts hitting the fan come next year

  8. I’m sure UK hauliers are looking forward to parking their lorries in these lorry parks. Clearly a much better arrangement than the existing system of immediate access to Europe that we currently have to put up with. The lorry drivers will now be able to spend time looking around all the local sights while they wait.

    If you think this is a worthwhile benefit of leaving the EU then you really are a morons.

  9. I strongly suspect Boris will create a massive free trade zone out of Northern Ireland.

    1. That meets the EU requirement because there would be s border from NI to the UK mainland.

    2. It would provide massive support for the NI economy. There would be lots of jobs and everything in NI would be tariff free so VERy low costs.

    3. The UK would not need to create a hard border with Ireland.

    4. Goods would flow into NI and then go south over the open border and into the EU tariff free. The EU would have to force Ireland to install customs posts on THEIR side. This will piss off Irish citizens who will see the North enjoying low cost of living due to no tariffs.

    And all legal. ?