Brexit: So the EU is taking the UK to court!

The EU has started the process of taking the UK to court over the Internal Market Bill – and which court? Why their very own European Court of Justice (ECJ), of course.

So, Brussels drops the bombshell that they’re going to upset the delicately balanced Northern Ireland Protocol to try and wrest control over that part of the UK from Westminster.

Then the Eurocrats get all uppity when we decide to maintain that balance by putting in place domestic laws to prevent the European Union from going down such a path.

Now Brussels is claiming that it was the UK that broke the rules. So it’s taking the UK to court over it. And which court does that mean – well we all know the answer, the ECJ of course. There’ll be kangaroos all over the place.

But all those pro-EU anti-UK campaigners out there think this is wonderful – for them anything that does the UK and Brexit down is excellent news.

But I will point out to them that it was the EU negotiators that first floated this idea of using the Protocol to try and force the UK to hand over its fish and remain under ECJ jurisdiction forever.

And, had the UK government thought that what it was presented with was not a credible threat, then the UK government would not have been forced down the route of clauses 41 to 45 in the UK Internal Market Bill.

Remember, the Northern Ireland Protocol is designed only to affect the small number of goods going from Great Britain into Northern Ireland that are ‘at risk’ of going over the Irish border into the Single Market.

But it was Brussels that floated the idea it could impose a blanket of ‘at risk’ status on all goods moving from Great Britain into Northern Ireland. And this is something that would drive a massive wedge between two parts of the UK.

It was also Brussels that suggested it could refuse to give the UK permission to export food into the Single Market, which under the Protocol would prevent Northern Ireland getting food from England, Wales and Scotland.

All unacceptable and all measures that would themselves breach the Belfast Agreement that the Protocol was set up to protect.

What the UK government did with the extra clauses in the UK Internal Market Bill was re-impose the proper balance by limiting the potential for overreaching by the EU.

Perfectly sensible and perfectly legal.

But Brussels is so petrified of losing what little control it thought it had over us, that it is now threatening to take the UK to court for breach of good faith. But it was the EU that committed the real violation of good faith in the first place.

Now, some people are saying that, as we’ve left the EU then we can ignore the ECJ and tell them to do one.

But the small print in the Withdrawal Agreement says otherwise.

The EU has four years after the end of the Brexit Implementation Period to pursue us through its own courts for breaches of the Withdrawal Agreement.

The President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said:

“We had invited our British friends to remove the problematic parts of their draft Internal Market Bill, by the end of September.

“This draft bill is by its very nature, a breach of the obligation of good faith, laid down in the Withdrawal Agreement. Moreover, if adopted as is, it will be in full contradiction to the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland.”

And she went on to say:

“The deadline lapsed yesterday. The problematic provisions have not been removed. Therefore this morning, the Commission has decided to send a letter of formal notice to the UK Government. This is the first step in an infringement procedure.”

On the UK government side, a spokesperson said:

“We will respond to the letter in due course. We have clearly set out our reasons for introducing the measures related to the Northern Ireland protocol. We need to create a legal safety net to protect the integrity of the UK’s internal market, ensure ministers can always deliver on their obligations to Northern Ireland and protect the gains from the peace process.”




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Brexit: So the EU is taking the UK to court




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. I know what I would say, and it begins with an f and it finishes with an f (all of you eu dictators please please please go and put your head's were the sun don't shine

  2. Just break the part of the withdrawal agreement that gives the ECJ jurisdiction, refuse to engage the ECJ or recognise it's jurisdiction and retaliate with any tit for tat trade barriers.

  3. Another reason for Great Britain ?? to Walk Away, and Go for a No Deal.

    Walk Away Now on 1st October 2020, tell the EUSSR ?? that the transition period is over.
    There is No reason staying to be caught up in a court case that could drag out for years.

  4. The ECJ has no jurisdiction over the UK which left the EU 31st January 2020. All treaties associated with the Lisbon treaty have ended. The EU are a bunch of money grubbing HYPOCRITES.

  5. 15th of October is our last point ! WTO please rip this surrender agreement up and walk . There courts have power over Eu states . We are no longer an Eu state !

  6. All of the problems are being caused by The Withdrawal Agreement, which gives the EU 4 years to sue the UK in the ECJ. The Withdrawal Agreement is what countries sign when they surrender after losing a war, such as the Versailles Treaty, or the Franco-German treaty of 1940. The UK Government needs to get rid of the Withdrawal Agreement immediately and enter into new agreements with the EU that respect the sovereignty of the UK.

  7. up set jeff boy you vote for this deal you and the brixt party and ever one who vote brixt in the ref vote to be a dog of the eu not to make our own laws and sign away are right to control own borders for wot jeff no deal
    clear no deal with out a mandate ! o the will of the people dose mean shit now jeff boy to you !
    you just rail road to no deal with out a mandate so when the ref vote to give you the people say on no deal ? is that never so you acting are worse than the eu we get no say in new brixt uk so that was bullshit as well !
    so you sold be in the top seat of the world for been a dog jeff boy with no control then happy no so why did you support clowns ?

  8. I have already taken unilateral action by diverting my spending power away from the EU.

    I have waited for over four years to get away from the EU and I'm not waiting any longer, I've had enough from all the nonsense from these arrogant beaurocrats.

  9. UK violated the law , and EU is following the process defined in the agreement it self including the court that was defined and agreed by the parts. so? why so much theatre? UK broke the law , gets its penalties, normal business

  10. We should start legal proceedings against the EU for a multi billion compensation payment for all the assets on mainland Europe that we have contributed to over the last 4 decades. Also ministers just drop the "our friends & neighbours " crap when talking about the EU, they are not our friends but a hostile foreign entity.