Brexit talks ‘going backwards more than forwards’! (4k)

It seems that the Brexit talks ended today over a cold continental breakfast, instead of a warming full English breakfast, with talk that the negotiations are now going backwards.

The seventh round of the Brexit negotiations ended today, with the highly predictable assessment from both sides of ‘no progress’.

And the responses of the two negotiators were as expected – a rather lengthy tome and speech from the EU’s Michel Barnier, but a few short paragraphs from the UK’s David Frost.

Now, I did find it amusing that, although EU Commission press releases are generally published on their website in English, the one containing Michel Barnier’s speech was headlined in French as was much of the text.

Brexit talks ‘going backwards more than forwards’




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. NO one voted for any deal with the E.U.
    That was treason "MAY's" Wet dream.
    Any deal with the E.U. will only benefit the E.U.
    I still say Boris will do a u turn and sell us out.

  2. Thank god …because if anything transpires you just know it’s not good for the UK And a betrayal of the british peoples democratic vote ….we will have the right to ignore it if it goes against brexit and the vote ??????. Tge EU only has subjugation and control to offer

  3. All subjects in parcelled ..means ..control on every level …….so nothing changes ……no Brexit means complete autonomy but we do offer a free trade deal without the BULSHIT POLITICAL AGENDA …NO DICTATORIAL RULE FROM BRUSSELS ????????

  4. The political agenda of the EU dictatorship makes it impossible for a free trade agreement…’s not difficult to understand this …I was 18 when we had a vote to join the common market …I knew that was a mistake and against true british democracy and sovereignty…british politicians lied to us then and havnt stopped …NO TO THE BRUSSELS DICTATORSHIP ,AND ITS ANTI DEMOCRATIC AGENDA ….THE VERY THING THIS KINGDOM FOUGHT AGAINST ????????????????

  5. Stop sharing misinformation. Most part of your comments show low understanding of international negotiations and about the EU. I wonder if you understand anything about the UK real situation in the world.

  6. No deal! Who needs enemies with friends like them. Brussels have dragged the UK through 2 world wars and still hold us in such contempt whilst pandering to zee germans every demand.

  7. What a saga.most people must know this is just dragging the chain. You only have to be a half brain to know, eu can't make brexit a precident. Johnson is going through the motions to appease.

  8. Why won't the UK just walk away from the EU talks and go WTO rules?
    Because you are playing Russian roulette with a pistol and everyone but the Brexit voters knows it.

    It is your turn and you wonder why the UK government is stalling??

  9. As a remoaner I too would like Boris to leave the transition early. I don't want to wait until after Xmas to get my present. I want to have the chaos now. I want to see how long it takes before the Tories get torn apart in the storms to come. Bring it on now I say, I have plenty of popcorn ready.

  10. In 2017 the German newspaper Handelsblatt found the German car industry had received an average of €11.5 billion ($A17.2b) a year in assistance, subsidies and just plain handouts since 2007.

    That is in complete disregard for EU state aid rules.

    But wait – there is more!

    That same German car industry that was being paid illegal aid was at the same time cheating on its emissions data, selling crap polluting cars all over the world and killing people. The same cheating car industry!!!

    What do you say about that Glucks Drache?

    A lying cheating corrupt Germany supporting a lying cheating corrupt German car industry!

    The sooner we dump these losers the better