Brexit, the EU and Human Rights! (4k)

There is talk that Boris Johnson will agree to a deal with the EU that requires the UK to remain tied to the European Convention on Human Rights.

During the Brexit process, there had been talk of the UK going its own way concerning Human Rights. Possibly with a new all-encompassing Human Rights Act.

Mostly driven by the way that our current human rights laws are interpreted these days, in favour of the perpetrators and against the victims of their crimes.

This did, of course, bring down condemnation from all pro-EU and human rights activists, who seem to revel in taking every opportunity to do the UK down.

Because going down that route could entail the UK walking away from the European Convention on Human Rights. A big no-no for the left.

Now, before I go on, I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page.

There are two main organisations involved here.

The first is the European Union with 27 member states, founded in 1993, which most of us are fully aware of.

The other is the Council of Europe. Which is a totally different organisation with 47 member states and formed back in 1949.

But they both use the same flag and anthem, and both have a base in Strasbourg. So easily confused – especially as both work towards a closer Europe.

And the Council of Europe has a whole page on its website dedicated to trying to differentiate itself from the EU. Especially where the EU Council of Ministers is concerned.

Anyway. The Council of Europe is where the European Convention on Human Rights and its Court sits – nothing to do with the European Union.

However, to be a member of the EU, it is also generally accepted that you also have to sign up to the Council of Europe’s ECHR.

OK, so far?

And on this the Council of Europe says:

“The Council of Europe is a separate organisation from the 27-member EU. No country has joined the EU without first joining the Council of Europe.”

But after the 31st of December, the UK could leave the ECHR if it chose to, something the EU seems extremely concerned about. Brussels wants us to agree to be tied down to remaining in the ECHR under the terms of any new UK-EU Brexit agreement.

But there is one glaring omission on the Council of Europe membership list.

Oh yes, every one of the 27 EU member states is currently there, as is the UK – but the European Union as a body is not included. The EU has never signed up to it.

This is something I’ve talked about before, but it merits some extra time being spent on it.

Now, article 6(2) of the Lisbon Treaty – international law – that came into force on the 1st of December 2009 says:

“The Union shall accede to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.”

And when it says the Union, it means the EU itself as a body, not the individual member states.

But someone somewhere must have thought, ‘hang on a minute, something doesn’t add up’.

Because the European Union’s own Court, the European Court of Justice was asked to give an opinion on it.

But that opinion did not come until 2014 – five years after the Lisbon Treaty came into force.

The question, which the ECJ was asked to give an opinion on, was:

“Is the draft agreement providing for the accession of the European Union to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms[, signed in Rome on 4 November 1950 (“the ECHR”),] compatible with the Treaties?”

And after much deliberation the judges on the ECJ answered:

“The agreement on the accession of the European Union to the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is not compatible with Article 6(2) TEU or with Protocol (No 8) relating to Article 6(2) of the Treaty on European Union on the accession of the Union to the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.”




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Brexit, the EU and Human Rights.




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. There must be thousands of pen pushers in Europe coming out with all this crap and sapping the system. They best start ploughing fields to feed themselves because the meagre natural resources in Europe will not sustain them. The EU is going to die.

  2. Brexiters PLEASE don't be so easily fooled into voting for a slogan next time eh? Just vote for whichever borderline fascist party with no chance of being elected suits you, OK? Your actions will then split the Tory marginal vote in the banana republic FPTP voting system so normal thinking people can focus on electing a sane political party. Thank you so much.

  3. Thank goodness we have your fine forensic mind to filter this stuff, Jeff. The gobbledegook is how we ordinary and somewhat dim or distracted citizens have the wool pulled over our eyes.

  4. OMG DO you Tories understand the consequences of what your contemplating? Get US out of everything involving any governances that the E.U hold over us or we will NEVER be independent.

  5. this was a;ways on the cards boris soros is not in charge hes a sell out merchant time for the tories to go come on nigel lets kick the tories arses just like we did to liebour.

  6. You can not be a Sovereign Nation and use the ECHR. ECHR is not fit for purpose , they would be challenged to even know what Human rights actually are…
    UK needs to remove itself from ECHR and quite a few other areas of interference too from other organisations. However BoJo is clueless on this , he is looking far worse now than last year as he in the spotlight and making a lot of bad choices…
    EU position seems to have always been that the EU overrides all. Remember that spat with the German constitutional court?

  7. I do not want to be told what morals I should adhere to from someone or organisation that I have no control or voice. Human rights may have been initiated with good intentions but it has constricted our rights to remove undesirables from society that their only intention is to cause harm within the country. Bugger off EU.

  8. That ?Human Rights? has been so much trouble to us so Boris we just want it we just want our own laws. That’s a must. ?
    Ian from ?Scotland ?

  9. The EU spout about workers & human rights ,but only pay lip service to it & do nothing about breaches unless it suits their agenda .They did nowt when the fascist Spanish civil guard junta were tronking old Catalans including pensioners over the bonce with riot sticks & CS gassing them for just wanting a referendum on Independence .They also did nothing to protect workers against austerity cuts to their standard of living since the financial crisis before & since 2010 .So all this EU workers & human rights is a load of bullshit !

  10. It shows how devious the EU is when it gets all the individual countries to sign Human Rights, but does not sign itself. They could "duck out" when they want.

  11. WTF….we neither need nor want EU bullshit, the International court of human rights is the way we MUST go, screw ANY EU input…its why we left FFS….if Boris screws this up, then god help him!!!!

  12. Ha ha Boris Johnson has already destroyed our rights sold us down the river to NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA 21 AGENDA 21 THE RESET

  13. Jeff the EU IS just asI have said before the THE GERMANISATION OF EUROPE NOW JEFF why would the Germans want its Citizens too have Rights.The reason I say this Jeff is this in the EU you have No Rights unless the EU says so,In other words you cannot do anything unless it is Legal it is a real shame that our so called leaders have forgotten their own LAWS

  14. Boris , nothing but a spineless entity. I expect he will be to frightened to leave without a deal on 15th October and then give away British EEZ fishing rights . He has turned into a weak & feeble man . It's a good job he has got the WEF backing his vile tyranny which he & his weasels are currently wallowing in . He is persecuting his own people as he glory's in the power of his Marxist inspired despotism.

  15. Agrees to stay with in the EU legal system that is the British people because a part of the UN policy it'll implement agenda 2130 across Europe and the rest of the world meaning basically evergreen to the abolition of all governments across Europe and the rest of the world why do you think the urine is so deeply involved in the democratic party in America and helping them fixed the election

  16. may be jeff boy this idea in your head has crash yet that the eu is sate it just trade deal as you find out with trade deal you have to change your laws standers in own country and have a court for issue of trade distputes the issue you cannot get around is the eu is not a sate it has no power over the uk as member or any sates with out the will of the people by it gov by the sate ! clear when you have veto as member of the eu you gain more power over the out come than you do when fruit cake file for brixt with in your head that the eu is sate so if it is not sate in world law you video of good looking up just got a big hole in it !
    the uk is sate and has to follow world law the treaty with the uk and the eu is not with the eu but with 27 other sates which means the uk has follow the contract !
    now why do you think your deal has be sign of by all 27 not the eu because jeff boy your head is full of shit about the eu been a national gov of the world when it real club of sate poolling power to get good trade deals in so being has have set standers that the eu has inforces because all 27 like in any trade indvidual would follow join trade rules under all 27 deal with each othere
    get how thick you been for 5 years of hell just getting this little fact in the set made up your mind head of yours the eu is not sate it a trade deal between 27 sates !

  17. The ECJ is not a part of the EC. You know this but you never say it. As you are deliberately not clear about the fundamentals of your own argument, your whole argument must be thrown out.
    These are the basic rules of public debate.

  18. According to the Daily Telegraph, this became an issue when the British side wanted continued access to the European criminal database and the European arrest warrant. The Europeans made it clear we couldn't have one without the other. When I read that I had to ask myself why Frost was interested in retaining these ties, out means out! Fills me with despair.

  19. no jeff boy the eu is sate ie country of europe so it cannot sign up get it in your head the eu is country and i bet if you apply this fact as the council dose sign you as member it will not sign the eu up because your not countrys look it jeff boy you find my view will crash every area of your brixt idea if you dare !in coward school it crash this idea the eu is country !


  21. Jeff my friend. Your video was preceded with an advert for Savlon.
    Which is quite apt as, looking back on your older posts. There full of shit, and you look a complete tool.

  22. PCR is only designed to test for cancer not Corona viruses, colds, annual flues that is why false positives Corona virus is inaccurate results… There is no pandemic nor Democracy. China lied people died