Brexit: UK preparing to break international law! (4k)

A government bill due to be published tomorrow will contain elements that break international law, says minister.A new government bill, the Internal Market Bill designed to ensure the smooth operation of the whole UK internal market, will contain a clause or clauses that break international law, says the Northern Ireland Secretary, Brandon Lewis.

And this will be enough to cause a catastrophic and total meltdown of the pro-EU lobby in the UK.

It’ll look like someone had a million candle birthday cake, blobs everywhere.

Answering urgent questions on the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons today, Brandon Lewis was asked by the chair of the Justice Committee and Tory MP, Bob Neill:

“Will he assure us that nothing proposed in this legislation does or potentially might breach international obligations or international legal arrangements?”

To which the Northern Ireland Secretary responded by saying:

“I would say to my honourable friend, that, yes this does break international law in a very specific and limited way. We are taking the power to disapply the EU law concept of direct effect, required by Article 4 in a certain very tightly defined circumstances.”

And of course, out come all the jokers saying they’ll now feel empowered to break the law as they see fit but in a very specific and limited way in very tightly defined circumstances. So that must be OK then.

Well most of us have done that sometime in our lives – foot gets a bit heavy on the accelerator when you’re late, doesn’t it?

Anyway, Remainers / Rejoiners and the left have taken up their political cudgels, and it has apparently been the cause of the Treasury Solicitor and Head of the Government Legal Profession, Sir Jonathan Jones, deciding to quit.

And Theresa May was not best pleased and had already said:

“The United Kingdom Government signed the Withdrawal Agreement with the Northern Ireland protocol. This Parliament voted that Withdrawal Agreement into UK legislation. The Government is now changing the operation of that agreement.

“Given that, how can the Government reassure future international partners that the UK can be trusted to abide by the legal obligations of the agreements it signs?”

Now, as I said in a video yesterday, the problem with the law is that the Government still has to obey it.

And once the courts get their pro-EU molars into it, then any such law will be voided.

And that’s when I brought up the possibility that the insertion of Article 38 into the 2020 Withdrawal Agreement Act was designed to specifically to prevent the courts from overruling those clauses in the Internal Market Bill.

On the basis that Article 38 states that UK sovereignty subsists despite EU law still being operable under the Withdrawal Agreement itself.

And this seems to have been confirmed when Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith told the House of Commons:

“I wonder if my Honourable friend recalls that in the Act that gave effect to the withdrawal agreement, it is quite clear in clause 38 that the Government did reserve to itself the right to make clarifications under the sovereignty clause.

“Now, given that is the case and given that when the protocol was signed the Government recognised that the state aid rules would apply to Northern Ireland, this extension to the rest of Great Britain is an interpretation by the European Union.




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Brexit: UK preparing to break international law




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. very odd that anyone would not see through this bollocks , johnson knows full well this will not pass through the lords so ask yourself why he is doing it ? ,my bet is that he is going to extend but call it by another name and will blame the lords ,saying"he tried " its all a ruse to cover up his mishandling of everything he touches

  2. Just to let the moronic fans of Jeff the Moron know the pound has tanked by 3pence against the euro since Johnson ''s decision to break the law.
    This means dearer imports for the UK and of cause no trade deal with any other country including the US. Enjoy your WTO trading arrangements ???

  3. The European Union made a mockery of their own procedures in the manner Martin Selmayr became Secretrary General of the European Union in March 2018. Surely the emotive term "international law" is a term designed to lend unmerited gravitas to a "European Union Law" specifically contrived to box us in without our consent. The Germans best spend their energies pacifying Eastern and Southern Europe.The Euro is failing. The remorseless growth of the Acquis Communautaire is a wonder to behold, and is ever more costly. Good luck to them in their endeavours.

  4. Leaving the WTO and the UN as well is the way to go for GB!. Leave the Bog-trotters to their first cousins they didn't want Brexit in the first place. Free GB from foreign influences. Leave the Bog-trotters to their first cousins. Let the Eejits have their fate, within the EU after GB stops paying their bills. Crawling back will not be cheap.

  5. There is not another country in the world that would allow this dangerous treachery by unelected EU bureaucrats trying to undermine national borders unless they had a PM like May and her remainer traitors selling the UK short.

  6. Upcoming and next:
    Scotland unilaterally diverging from the Act of Union treaty from 1707 in a very specific kind of way.
    Spain and France diverging from the 1713 Peace Treaty of Utrecht concerning Gibraltar in a very specific kind of way.
    can't wait, where's the popcorn?

  7. The government must do everything necessary to ensure that the EU does not have any authority over us. Teresa May has no right of criticism over the government! After all it was she who allowed the EU to dictate the agreements that she signed, including article 4. It was her government that put us in the mess we're in now(concerning Brexit). She was a failure as PM, her government betrayed the country, so she should keep her mouth shut, as should all those involved in that fiasco.

  8. That's true you can't have both……. but women do it every day they want children and a full-time job at the cost of the welfare and safety of the child that she freely chooses to bring into the world into any environment…….

    Listening to the BBC last night I couldn't believe my ears the EU are going to take the UK to court……………… what part is everybody missing that we voted to leave the EU and become an independent country………………… that means no country has any control over us………. we are becoming independent…………. or are we ?……….. is it just a word were going to use to make us look like we have got our independence……….. because we can say the word and spell it so it must be true………… it's like when you lot say you are intelligent because you can say the word and spell the word so it must be true you must be intelligent people ………..

    There is a lot of this going about isn't there… people saying things that are not true that they can't back up……….they just say it because it makes them look good…… We are the most intelligent life on the planet ……Of course you are keep dreaming……..the health and safety of our children is paramount. …yes of course it is, 4 million children in poverty proves how much you care about your children……… we care about our environment… of course you do…….. we care about our wildlife..of course you do…….. we even care about each other…. of course you do…………..Were taking charge of our borders…… of course you are I can see you are…….. It's nice to live a lie isn't it…… denial is a wonderful thing is it not…………

  9. Boris "I'd rather be dead in a ditch than delay Brexit" Johnson is now saying it was signed in haste and needs changes – well who would have expected that??! Maybe if he hadn't rushed it through he would have got the deal he is expected to get from the people who voted for him. Despite voting in someone who has been sacked for lying I'm sure people are shocked by the breaking of law by those in charge. " The problem with the law is that the government has to obey it" So Jeff if you get your house broken into as long as they do it in a specific and limited way i.e. don't take ALL your stuff – that's ok is it? Would you expect the courts to side on the side of the criminal because he acted in a limited way? Or are you saying just those in charge should be above the law? Look forward to your explanation.

  10. The EU change the rules and the goalposts to suit themselves. They are in no position to dictate honesty, decency and morality or the Law to the UK. Clause 38 in the W.A. states categorically that the UK has Sovereignty over the W.A. The EU can do nothing. They do not have a leg to stand on. ALL MEMBER STATES SIGNED THIS W.A. WHICH INCLUDES CLAUSE 38 THEREBY THEY ACCEPTED IT.

  11. No, The UK needs to return to all the conditions that existed before joining the EU. NOT to leave with the EU making demands that did not exist before we joined!

  12. The EU are the ones breaking international law by threatening to break up UK which is nothing more than a declaration of war on our great nation, especially when they threatened to starve northern ireland

  13. Avoid the acts of the union 1706-1707 we would be free of all the Baloney .We get England back. Simples. Blame T.Blair(Fabian) and cronies he did a lot of damage while in power.

  14. i like the way the media is saying this is boris's deal, i thought it was theresa may and her negotiators deal ! i would say to the eu and others to stay out of the uk's internal affairs ! thankyou.

  15. sorry but nothing should "trump" a countrys own laws and parliament ! international law is just something we have agreed to observe, but should only be so when its in the uks interests.

  16. The brass-neck on Treasonous May??? I can't believe her audacity. Has she any idea, what the 17.4 million, think of her and the USELESS way, she negotiated.

  17. I thought we'd be an independent country with a re written constitution put together in light of our decades of occupation and high taxes and in that document along with our liberty and sovereignty would be an amendment that meant if we weren't able to hold bureaucrats to account by votes, then you would be able to hold them to account by your right to keep and bear arms and that ultimately, there'd always be a party representative of the times, needs and wants.

    Here we are 4 years later and our own prime minister is doubling down on nanny state nonsense, promising our economic destruction, telling us what to wear, eat, drive and still hasn't given us our sovereignty and he is the conservative option, he is the nationalist option but his party is just as globalist and socialist as any other and we have no means to hold any of them to account or to say enough's enough and march to to seat more representative MP's (without violence, but hey, the government would take notice of 4 million armed protestors vs 20 thousand bored college students)

  18. I see no problem with this, it merely starkly confirms that the UK is, and remains, one of the most unreliable and untrustworthy places around. All nations and everyone take note around the world, this is what you can expect when to try to do "deals" with the UK. Turncoat specialists of the planet.