Brexit: UK signs trade deal with Ukraine! (4k)

The UK has signed yet another trade deal, this time with Ukraine. Cue Remainer tears.

This’ll cause some pro-EU gnashing of teeth.

Yesterday the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Zelenskyi of Ukraine signed a political, free trade and strategic partnership agreement.

Now, Ukraine sits at the North end of the Black Sea and has a direct border with Russia to the East. Belarus lies to the North while Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania lie to the West.

Ukraine exports ferrous and nonferrous metals, fuel and petroleum products, chemicals, machinery and transport equipment and food products. It is also a big importer of natural gas – and in 2019 was third down the global list of Uranium exporters behind Khazakhstan and Canada, according to

This new agreement, said a joint statement, will strengthen the political and trade ties between the two countries.

The statement went on to say:

“Boris Johnson and Volodymyr Zelenskyy have signed the ‘Political, Free Trade and Strategic Partnership Agreement’ to strengthen UK cooperation in political, security and foreign matters with Ukraine, while also securing continued preferential trade for businesses and consumers.

“This agreement, when brought into force, will allow businesses to continue trading as they do now after the end of the Transition Period. It delivers the same level of liberalisation in trade, services and public procurement that businesses currently enjoy under the existing EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

“And it underlines the UK’s support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as both countries’ commitment to strengthening democracy and human rights and deepening the security relationship.”

In 2019, UK-Ukraine trade was worth £1.5 billion, with the statement going on to say that top UK goods exports to Ukraine were aircraft, medicinal and pharmaceutical products and cars. The UK imported from Ukraine £177 million of cereals and £182 million of iron and steel.

Boris Johnson said:

“The UK is Ukraine’s most fervent supporter. Whether it’s our defence support, stabilisation efforts, humanitarian assistance or close cooperation on political issues, our message is clear: we are utterly committed to upholding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“The Strategic Partnership Agreement we signed today signals the next chapter in our relationship. It’s a chapter that will bring increased security and prosperity for both the people of the UK and Ukraine.”

The agreement comes into effect at the end of the Brexit Implementation Period and covers:

“….broad cooperation in a number of areas, including commitments to cooperate on peaceful conflict resolution, defence and security, climate change, human rights and people-to-people links.”

And it is the first comprehensive strategic and trade agreement signed by the UK since the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the FCDO, was formed.

The Trade Secretary Liz Truss said:

“Free trade is an incredibly powerful agent of economic growth, opportunity and human progress. This agreement enables our two countries to continue working closely together, both on a political level and in the field of commerce. Thanks to this deal, the aircraft, automotive and pharmaceutical industries can continue to thrive and support jobs in Ukraine and across the UK.”

The statement also says that the UK minister for trade, Ranil Jayawardena, will also sign a memorandum of understanding with Ukraine that will:

“…. identify sectors that could benefit from UK Export Finance support and help increase trade between the two countries. The priority sectors highlighted are defence; agriculture; infrastructure; energy; and healthcare.”

That’s another trade deal that we were told by anti-Brexiteers could not be done, because of:

a. Brexit


b. because of those so-called ‘international law-breaking’ clauses within the UK Internal Market Bill.

I did a video a while ago on the Boris Johnson looking to fill a new post. That of ‘Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’.

Something that would mirror the US approach where the feisty Kayleigh McEnany takes the US fake mainstream media on, and generally leaves them floundering in her wake.

Anyway, the new UK position was filled yesterday by former journalist Allegra Stratton.

She’s worked for the Times, the Independent and the New Statesman and has been the political editor of the BBC2 Newsnight programme, national editor for ITV News and also co-presented with Peston on Sunday.




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UK signs Brexit trade deal with Ukraine




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  1. I thought Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania were in the EU. Will this cause a problem transporting to the UK across the EU countries. Just asking for a friend.

  2. I like the way they show the Crimea as part of the Ukraine, which it isn't. Anyway, stuff the EU we can do business elsewhere with the remain 6 billion. No deal, no fishing no money, bollocks to the EU.

  3. is that the ukraine that was stealimg russian gas,and biden taking back handers,???, and poroshenko stealing ukraines wealth, its a mafia country,,

  4. The Ukraine is a great country. The country has anglo cultural traditions and a young highly educated shilled population and work force. Many of them actually migrated to the Commonwealth, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc and helped provide skilled labour for those countries.

  5. I seem to remember Remoaners claiming it would take 10 years to get our first trade deal…
    Just shows what can be achieved when you dont have to deal with the corrupt EU.

  6. Hang on if we've agreed to just continue what have we got that we didn't have before except paperwork for entry into England? Along with visa free travel I think it's a blinder. Well done us, we can add that to Mongolia .

  7. Great news on both accounts. She may knock a few heads together in Whitehall, that's the heart of this far left WOKE society.. . ! And Ban the BBC

  8. The UK should watch out for Joe Biden's son (Hunter Biden) pulling a fast one against the UK. Hunter Biden is a total sleaze bag along with his father, and they have skammed millions out of Ukraine.

  9. great news!…tempered by this overlooked (by you Jeff, amongst others) little nugget from the car industry…" The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) warned in September that a no-deal Brexit could cost the industry a “catastrophic” £101bn…..still leaves £33 billion to play with from 50 trade deals, i suppose…..

  10. Good news but i would rather see us rebuilding what these clowns have destroyed from Britain, our fishing fleets, farming, agriculture, food, etc etc, we need to be self sufficient at a minimum.