Brexit VICTORY For Boris As EU Drop Fisheries Demand

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Brexit VICTORY For Boris As EU Drop Fisheries Demand

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


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  2. Europeans people also have their sovereignty.

    In Europe there are also fishermens, workers, suppliers

    and please don't forget, also many customers and consummers.

    UK want to impose dictator rules to other Europeans citizens

    Some examples:

    – Ban European fisheries in European waters

    – Forbid the European citizens to live in England, except those who have a good salary and speak english fluently

    – Impose taxes on European vehicles and all product imported in UK

    – Etc …Etc

    Europe must impose the similar rules to the UK dictators and citizens.

    Examples :

    We 'll turn ban UK fishers in EU waters and we 'll prohibit all imports of UK fisheries in EU. Enjoy your meal.

    With these conditions, good luck for those who want to work, study, retire, spend holidays, do business with or inside Europe.

  3. Does it matter if there isn't some kind of pre-arranged "trade deal"…wasn't that the whole point of leaving the EU in the first place?

    Finding out what you have that they want and what they have that you want then make a trade?

    I've watched several so called documentaries about the economy works in the EU….you people are beyond insane already

    Get out and start over

  4. Johnson got away with breaking the law not being prosecuted over his dodgy dealings what a shock your out mate never mind you flooding us with immigrants on lock down liar your done english people don't forget this shit

  5. Exactly, France are lucky enough to have the right soil and climate to grow wine and champagne, Britain has good plentiful stocks of fish around our island, we don’t ask for something that doesn’t belong to us and they should do the same.

  6. UK Brexit position:

    1. We retain complete control over all our international and domestic rights and affairs as a self-determining sovereign state.

    2. We are happy to negotiate a trade deal of mutual benefit that does not affect 1. above in any way.

    3. We are happy to continue joint initiatives with regard to scientific research, defence and international policing that does not affect 1. above in any way.


  7. Are you really that desparate to call "rumours from a senior source" a victory? LOL

    A Brexit deal has to be approved by all EU members. Dou you really think, Macron would survive als French leader, if his fisherman won't be allowed to fish in the UK waters?

    The last I heard is, that the EU prepares for a no-deal Brexit.

  8. Europe knew they where never going to get to fish in British waters EVER. so at last they have given in trying their luck to wear Britain down over fishing rights. That's the best news ever. Now Britain can sell eurpoe fish at twice the price it sells at to other countries out of europe. Just never negotiate with europe to let any foreign fishing boats in to British waters EVER.

  9. The eu has basically back tracked on not including fishing. The biggest problem with the eu is they want have done little but try to extend talks and demand all of there wants be had in the first agreement and anything the uk wants can be negotiated at a later date. And the negotiations have gone on for 4 years with little real progress so it is better for the uk to just take a bit of a hit with a no deal and move on. If business are not prepared then it is there failure since they have had time and have not taken the initiative to do what they needed to do.

  10. The safest, least difficult way to complete autonomy in all matters, that this nation demands, is to go WTO and then trade deal with them as we require. The EU is a corrupted system that hisses, twists and spits like a nest of vipers.Their arrogance, from a marketplace of decay and stagnancy is breathtaking. They pout and bang their desks as 'Rome burns'! History really does repeat itself.

  11. exile rotschild from england.. how is it that those responsible for financing rebellion of lower canada in 1776 are neighbour to royal family?
    as well as ever damning balfour declaration? exiled for jericho to rome to russia… no birth right OR ancestral claim!
    who,wto,un,us,uk,eu,redcross,etcetera.. all owned by same people.
    80% of blood donated is sold as plasma to drug manufacturers, also want to make everyone "presumed donors" to bypass consent and harvest organs.. Vampires are Real!