Brexit: will Michel Barnier be sidelined?! (4k)

It’s looking like Brussels is starting to realise that the UK is not going to roll over to Michel Barnier’s negotiating tactics.

The message now seems to be – Mr Barnier, you are the weakest link – goodbye!

Or he’s being forced to take an early bath in The Apprentice.

Either way, the scuttlebutt is that when the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, makes her state of the union address on the 16th of September, she will be using it to pave the way for sidelining the EU Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier.

Something I mentioned as a possibility in an earlier video.

With the talks then to be taken over by the president of the EU Council, Charles Michel, and herself.

This would effectively be the EU27 leaders taking over from the previously EU Commission driven talks.

Maybe they’re worried that Michel Barnier has lost his touch after putting Theresa May in her place.

Or maybe they’re worried that they’re going to end up with a glut of rubber dinghies, outboard motors and paddles they can’t shift, as well as having to declare the EU a fish-free zone.

The Telegraph reports an EU diplomat as saying von der Layen will:

“… set the scene to sideline Barnier and Frost to find a high-level political solution.”

But they haven’t got long as any agreement would need to be made by the end of October to ensure it gets through the Brussels admin process.

There are still some more Brexit talks between Michel Barnier and the UK negotiator, Lord David Frost of Allenton, before von der Leyen’s state of the union address.

And round 8 of those talks start next Tuesday the 8th of September and go on until Thursday.

With the itinerary looking just about the same as in previous sessions – fisheries, level playing fields etc.

Lord Frost used a series of Tweets to outline his approach to them, saying:




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Brexit: Michel Barnier to be sidelined.




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. As Ireland, north and south, grappled with Boris Johnson’s reported threat to renege on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, there was consternation, anxiety, dread – and the hope that it is a bluff.

  2. But you DONT WANT A DEAL! What does it matter what Brussels says or not. Get on with your no deal and enjoy it. Just wait and see Johnson pressurised by his own mp's to accept the EU's terms.

  3. Were is it writen that a deal is only as good as both parties want it to be. If the E.U. are not keeping theur word and forced Britain into a deal because of no over all majority in parliament. If its one sided then Britain can change their mind now they have strength. Also no deal until all issues are agreed upon. If E.U. dont pull their horns in. No with drawal money

  4. Interesting comment about the Australian approach. In the 50 years I’ve been here I’ve come to appreciate the Australian approach and don’t think the EU supremes would much change if they tried hard balling Tony Abbot far lest Boris. When you first suggested it I envisaged Churchill’s first Victory Salute before he changed it to the latter one.

  5. Hi Jeff, regarding barmy Barnier. When he was saying that maybe we own the waters around the UK, we don't own the fish! Well, i have been saying for some time that they don't share their multi million ski industry with us. So whey should we share our fish? We could use the same argument that they own the mountains, but they don't own the snow!

  6. It about time we get ride of house lords it wast of taxpayer money out date intuition which in deferies with govment rules it time it dismantle house lords get ride of leftie now