Briahna Joy Gray: Marjorie Taylor Greene Is RIGHT About The FBI, They’re Coming For YOU

Briahna Joy Gray makes the case that conservatives are correct that the FBI is coming for American people.

Former President Donald Trump departs Trump Tower, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2022, in New York, on his way to the New York attorney general’s office for a deposition in a civil investigation. (AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson)

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  1. “Marjorie Taylor Greene is a fascist white supremacist who ran with a campaign ad shooting the word socialism.

    No one on the left should ever praise this fascist. When she criticizes the FBI, it's for opportunistic partisan reasons. She would love to use the FBI to crush the left.” Ben Norton

  2. Brianha's tone of "welcome to the conversation" is interesting. The right verses left conversation is part of the problem. There are only two groups in America, the haves and the have nots. The haves generate perpetual income and the have nots rely on regular checks.

  3. This is the possibly the laziest reading of American history of the early 20th century I've ever heard. The Communist Party of America was NOT responsible for all of those developments. Most were championed by the Progressives (the real ones, not the clowns today) before there was ever a Communist Party. Many organized labor efforts were only somewhat related to the Party, if at all, like Dorothy Day, Cesar Chavez, and the many trade unions that had no interest in making common cause with Socialism. It's a complex story with a lot of moving parts, but the Communist Party was by no means at the center of it.

  4. I was hoping this might be an opportunity for Joy to show some semblance of objectivity by giving credit when someone on a different place in the political spectrum did something right. Of course, it was simply a click-bait title to provide an excuse for an oped based on sarcasm (for entertainment's sake?). The strange thing is I agree with most of this oped – I just wish its credibility wasn't disguised by smearing sarcasm and selective framing. Joy comes across as smart, thoughtful, and charismatic – I just wish she could come across as objective. Dr. King's and Chairman Yeshitela's stories are important, and their unlawful subjugation by the FBI is/was real. I just can't take their telling as seriously when they are wrapped in a John Oliver-esque "Karen (conservative) got something right, but not really, 'cause they are still a PoS." narrative.

  5. Brianna, Robby, Krystal and Saager, Rising hosts, then and now. You have all become the most wonderfully Useful, “Useful Idiots”, on YouTube these days. This segment here simply highlights the obvious. Populists, both Left and Right, have been pointing out the Weaponization of the Intelligence Community for decades!
    Bri, grow up and study history. Search “Ruby Ridge”, “WACO”, “Bundy Stand-off”, just for, you know, starters! Sorry, but Leftists don’t have the market cornered on Government Oppression.

  6. The FBI goes back to 1908. 1935 was just a name change and when they became part of the DOJ. They were around through prohibition as the BOI. That is when they got most of their power. The crime wave caused by prohibition is what made them necessary. It caused a lot of interstate and international crime that states didn't have the jurisdiction to handle. It wasn't created to antagonize the labor movement. State police could easily manage labor riots because they occur at fixed locations within state borders. The only reason the FBI was involved was because the mafia that was made powerful under prohibition infiltrated the labor movement when prohibition ended. They branched out because they couldn't make money smuggling liquor. Stealing union dues became one of their new businesses. Criminals and attorneys did more damage to unions than police ever did. The FBI probably helped the labor movement, by putting some of those thieves in jail. This doesn't mean that they aren't a deep state weapon, but they aren't there just because of labor unions.

  7. Brie basically says yes we know the FBI has a history of being bipartisan but it's ok because it's on my side now. That's the problem with our society that thinking just keeps the corruption going.

  8. This BS with the poor socialist chap happened in my city (STL)- it makes you wonder just how powerful this man must be as far as his political influence on regular people. Something to remember: the FBI was formed by Republicans. If you’re not with them, you’re against them.

  9. What a sad take on an important issue! How dare you compare Hillary's grossly corrupt and proven/documented illegal actions for which she was never raided or penalized, with unproven allegations against Trump? I don't like either, but Hillary got away with serious felonies, while Trump was raided for unproven allegations. Mostly on valid. Yes the FBI does many horrible things Do good and deserving people. But they ignored The details of Hillary's case p

  10. The FBI are the political cops; The police are the hired guns. They all work for the capitalist class, to defend their system of exploitation and oppression. Only a working class revolution will save us from nuclear extinction. BUILD THE UNIONS.

  11. 🤦‍♂️Bri once again misunderstands the far right. MTG wants to control the FBI, make it an arm of Christian Nationalism. Bri swallowed MTG’s defined-the-FBI bait—-hook, line, & sinker🤷‍♂️

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