Briahna Joy Gray: Pentagon Spying On Its Own Service-Members, Here’s Why That’s Dangerous

Host of Bad Faith Podcast, Briahna Joy Gray, discusses the Pentagon’s newest military surveillance program.

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  1. Look, do you want to keep racists and other bad people out of government positions or not? Besides, free speech is not always free. You're allowed to say almost anything you want in this country, but your employer is within their rights fire you for representing the company in a derogatory manner, one that would probably be found in the employee handbook.

  2. I spent 4 years in the army in the 80s. I would NOT let me sons join the military. Today’s army is a complete corporate controlled army…no thanks.

  3. The Establishment Left loves this. It’s so disturbing to see it all over Twitter. It’s like they can’t even see where this is going.

  4. As a 30 year military vet, this is honestly the "sacrifice" of military life: Serve to protect The Constitution, without having all the Rights The Constitution affords. (That's what the UCMJ is for.)

  5. Ehhhh……the people that did the 6 Jan thing we're retired….. Retired military types have pretty much completed there contractual obligation and aren't lumped in with active duty-military types.

  6. Kinda leaving out a couple details, small details… For example while serving in the Armed Forces you are not a civilian, your on duty 24 / 7, right or wrong if you enlist in the military you understand you're government property.

  7. I have absolutely zero problem with this, most Americans are fully aware that the military is full of white supremacists and rapists.

    We’ve all been let a lie that everybody in the military is a good person.

  8. DoD is also not allowing Active duty personnel to participate in rallies or demonstrations. In uniform or out of uniform. There is no freedom of speech for soldiers anymore, whether you're wearing a uniform or not

  9. Privacy is way more protected in European countries. Austria forced Google to lower the height of the cameras used to capture Street View images so that they would not pass the hedges and walls around homes.

  10. They're characterizing normal behavior as "extremist." The overwhelming majority of people on thev6th were legally, peacefully protesting.

  11. She makes no sense. An employer has every right to know who they are hiring. And working in the military is not just any job.