Briahna Joy Gray: You’re LOSING The Class War And The MEDIA Is Lying To You About It

Briahna Joy Gray makes the case that Americans have to get smarter about media criticism in its portrayal of workers and corporate elites. #workers #labor #unions

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  1. You can't get a decent distribution using AVERAGES. When there is so much disparity between the top and bottom that an average skews the result. You need to use the MEDIAN. I'm sure Robby knows that. If he doesn't, he should.

  2. This radar started out so promisingly and devolved into a Marxist diatribe of misinformation. Bri is just as biased and conflicted as the NYT. And she also engages in slate of hand and gets the facts wrong. Bri is also the queen of conflating correlation and causation notwithstanding that she knows the difference. I listen to independent media to fact check the MSM, not to be fed more propaganda.

  3. Robby in an "accommodating mood"? You mean you dont want people know the depth below zero the warmth in your heart is? Tired of getting destroyed by Bri? Sadly, I see through your shallow , mid-drift , Reaganomics now. Not much Robbie says means anything to me, except to look back at the cause of current crisis.

  4. Jobs shipped overseas? Thats Clinton's NAFTA and Obamas TPP… literally the only president who tried to bring back manufacturing jobs was Trump.

    Make vulnerable communities turn against each other? Yeah Democrats and their racism, sexism, transphobia, and the rest.

    Since 1989? Those were mostly Democrat ruling years.

  5. Its not really the landlords who you should be vilifing. But elected officals who mandated shutdowns and rent freeses. Landlords are selling these properties because many of them can no longer afford to maintain and pay for them

  6. Briahna is indoctrinated with Marxism. She's rambling about "workers" and, more specifically, "warking class". Classes were invented by Marx and are based on labor theory of value, which doesn't hold water.

  7. Love the content from Briahna, but it's absolutely shameful that Rising fired Katie Halper and censored her speech on Palestinian rights. It's truly sad to see what this channel has become. After 3+ years of subscribing to The Hill, I unsubscribed tonight.

  8. This is Katie Halper's entire monologue that was censored by The Hill's parent company Nexstar, after which they fired her. (Let's see how long this stays up):

    Rep. Rashida Tlaib has been condemned by some over comments she made about Israel. Here’s CNN’s Jake Tapper reporting on what the Michigan Democrat said and the response it prompted.

    I’m not a Jewish colleague of Tlaib, but I am a Jew and I am outraged. Not by Tlaib, but by the attacks on Tlaib. Rashida Tlaib is saying that Israel is an apartheid state and that people who claim to have progressive values cannot support an apartheid state. No matter how loose a definition of progressive we use, it certainly excludes supporting a racist apartheid system.

    What’s outrageous is that Tlaib would be pilloried over her comments. What’s outrageous is that the Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt would claim that Israel is not an apartheid government. What’s outrageous is that Jake Tapper would accept Greenblatt’s judgment as the truth and not propaganda that needed to be pushed back against.

    I understand that Greenblatt and perhaps Tapper “feel” like Israel is not an apartheid state but unfortunately for them, apartheid isn’t about your feelings. It’s about facts.

    So let’s look at the facts on the ground.

    First of all, what is apartheid?

    Apartheid is an Afrikaans word that means apartness. It was the official policy in South Africa from 1948 and 1994, allowing white South Africans, in the minority, to rule over and discriminate against the vast majority of Black South Africans.

  9. I get not liking large firms buying up houses and renting them. I get it. But when you say you don't fault the small landlord, even though they contribute to a bad system, I'm lost. Like, a lot of people rent by choice. I was one of those people for 15 years. I needed to rent. I didn't rent because I couldn't buy a house. She made this point multiple times, thst landlords are stealing inventory. There is a necessary amount of landlords, and maybe it's currently too high, but they need to exist, otherwise, many people would be in a serious bind.

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