Brian Cox: How Can We Trust the Objectiveness of Science?

This week I spoke to Prof. Brian Cox, live from his hotel room in Toronto where he’s on tour. We talked about the importance of understanding the cosmos, how science plays out in politics. #BrianCox #Pandemic #Covid

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Both my parents were scientists and the one thing I was brought up to believe and understand about science is that bu yrs very nature it is constantly evolving and rarely absolute, which means you you ALWAYS question the results research brings. Critical thinking is part of human evolution. It is something that delegates us from other life forms on this planet. Why would we EVER let this skill go or , as we’ve seen over the last two years, give up our power of critical thought to theories, assumptions and agenda and commercially driven ‘evidence’?

  2. Science has only ever been about what we can quantify at any given time period. All though a very noble pursuit , I believe the real honey of life is understanding consciousness in all sectors of reality. Which of course requires pure science.

  3. As a Canadian our government has done everything backwards to the rest of the world and Trudeau spits follow the science and the science changes and the recommendation never did we see a new variant then we discarded natural immunity and just said get vaccinated and they took it to far and caused irreparable damage to the science community

  4. He's so full of shit. He knew fine what covid was.
    He also knows that global warming is a grift as well but he'll stick to the deep state party line.
    Quite disappointed in russell tickling his balls and not asking him some real questions.

  5. Brian Cox is THE wrong person to be asking this question of! How about inviting a scientist who isn't also a MSM "personality" the same question?

  6. The politicization of modern science is the issue. That merely what is deemed “objective science” is that which can be sold exclusively to highest bidder, is the issue. When authoritarian measures need be employed to stifle honest debate and judicious discourse, one can only logically conclude that true objective science and its cumulative revelation is not the cherished priority of the mainstream scientific community.

  7. "Politicians are just people."
    So are the scientists Brian. They are just as capable of exhibiting every flaw that can befall anyone. Science failed miserably over the last couple of years…Cox is in denial.

  8. It’s ironic that the people doing science in a lab in Wuhan …..did not tell other scientists what they were up to? Is this how real science is done??

  9. We all need someone to look up to that we believe knows all the “right answers” to all our questions and when that person falls off that impossibly high pedestal that we’ve placed them on we become so frustrated that we judge and prosecute that person because of our own close mindedness. Likewise science is always changing and proving us wrong and we should be grateful it does.

  10. Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are the greatest scientists of all time with an impeccable record of honesty, philanthropy and accountability.
    Oh hang on.
    Have I got your attention?
    Why did the G in the LBGTQI community come out against Fauci?
    Don't know?
    How about getting your facts right before posting.
    Hmmmm – Little Willy Gates. No I didn't mean it that way lol. You'd have to research the comments the women made who he had inappropriate interactions with lol.
    Bullying, stealing and protected?
    Silencing and hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein?
    You work it out.
    All the info is there.
    And you trust these guys to manage a pandemic and vaccines?
    Well do you.
    Anyone got a corporate sponsor for these lovely gentlemen?
    FDA approval?
    Big pharma?
    Jesus how many times do we have to tell you?
    What did the professor say?
    Sorry I wasn't listening while I wrote this and had to fight falling asleep.
    Something about childhood and mountains?
    Guess I better rewind ( you know what I mean?)
    Don't get me wrong I trust B Cox…I think.
    Check him out on JRE or black holes. He's honest and admits everything we know is wrong?
    It's like years ago a former American President rang an Eastern European country looking for 'dirt' on another future President's son.
    I thought so.
    I wanted to believe so.
    I really really wanted to believe so.
    Now it appears it wasn't just corporate fraud and kick backs it's now children/pornography/under age/children/carnal knowledge
    Well is it true or not.
    Yeah see what I mean.
    Was B Cox being evasive?
    C ya.
    Please post comments.
    How could things be any worse……Amber?
    Ok I'll stop
    Operation Post-it?
    Nah I made that up.
    Or did I?
    Oh Ghislaine there you are?
    What are you doing here?
    Get it lol?

  11. Nobody is harder on science than scientists themselves. They would be just as satisfied to be proven wrong in something as to be absolutely correct.

  12. There's a 1,000 year cycle of warm periods and cold periods. I'm not sure Michael Mann took that into account. But I suppose he'll claim the warm period wasn't global. I do know he's litigious, on top of his many awards.

  13. Hi Russell I would love to have heard you ask Brian why he thinks the Japanese government has made it illegal for employers to ask anyone for their vax status.

  14. What happened to Russell, well he hasn't changed, he was always the same leading us all in the wrong direction. Russell was never the good one, he is the Madea of the new age. Look in the back. His is leading all you into wrong direction.

  15. I suppose a 'fossil fuel effecting global warming' scenario would benefit the nuclear industry. Meanwhile, they allow Japan to dump Fukushima waste in the sea. Fukushima wasn't the first nuclear disaster, won't be the last. There doesn't need to be a total disaster for there to be nuclear contamination and leaks. Oil leaks are one thing…radioactivity is something else.

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