Brian Stelter Awarded HARVARD FELLOWSHIP To Discuss ‘Threats To Democracy’

Ousted CNN host Brian Stelter will be a fellow at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School, in which he’ll discuss threats to democracy and how the media should respond. His fellowship will begin this fall. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react. #CNN #media #mainstreammedia #democracy

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  1. He was a fattish but active man of paralysing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms – one of those completely unquestioning, devoted drudges on whom, more even than on the Thought Police, the stability of the Party depended.”
    — George Orwell

  2. Words are violence, safe spaces, and Brian Stelzer? People pay money to go to to this Marxist trash heap. People are lucky if they come out socialist. Brian is the joke of gaslighting and left wing propaganda. Oh I guess that makes sense considering what Harvard is about these days, lol.

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  4. Republicans absolutely are a threat to democracy. Democrats absolutely are a threat to the republic. That's exactly what's happening today. That's actually perfectly accurate. And, the best part is, the United States is a Republic – even requires that the member states have to be republics, too. Democrats are the antagonists of this story, and the protagonists have no intention of losing their republic to a regressive, immoral, authoritative, miserable democracy.

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