Brian Stelter SCHOOLED By Student (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Healthcare for All has existed world worldwide for over 70 years and the mainstream media has always lied about it. Look st the Black Panthers, the mainstream media depicted them as terrorists. The media has always been tools of American capitalism.

  2. Most Independent Media only calls out one side mostly as well just like corporate media does. Most independent channels either focus on calling out liberal media or they focus on calling out conservative media so they kind of mirror what corporate media does.

  3. Tucker hasnt had to say hes infotainment. That was Alex jones and Rachael maddow. Tucker says a lot of truth and Jimmy Dore said when he asked why Tucker said its because the advertisers that would pull already have so why not.

  4. Seltzer is talking about how he and others news outlets/coworkers get along
    That has nothing to do with the questions asked
    The question was how can CNN point fingers when they have been wrong on numerous subjects
    Nothing to do with whether they help each other out or how they treat one another

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