Bring Assange Home.

Bring him home.

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  1. It's a joke what their doing too Assange our government are coward's for what they have done over the last decade.
    Ecuadorian government cared for a little while until the United States got the right man in power there too.
    A stroke the United States and allies have probably given him the electric treatment and than release him fryed that's their form.

  2. Kinda disgusting how lies are used to accuse assange and an idiot who defends him calls him a rat bag instead of the hero who sacrifices his interest for the ideal of truth.
    The liberals left especially the Trotskiests would not let their movement members defend Assange due to the rape charges, when these obviously fake charges where dropped no one of them said oops sorry we where fooled by this conspiracy to defame a hero, or sorry we should have remembered that Assange is innocent until proven guilty and we should have defended him.
    Democracy requires accountability of our political class to work, and accountability requires transparency to know what we need to hold them accountable for, wikileaks showed us how our governments operate , showed us the level of corruption and if we all as Australians and americans chose to read and analyse these leaks, we could have had the weapon we needed to take down our corrupt governments and demand change , but instead the bulk of Australians and americans believed the unsubstantiated narrative that Wikileaks is a russian propoganda outlet just because the same media which organisations like CNN, BBC, and MSNBC told us it was the case. If our mainstrad news doesnt analyse the facts and Facebook censors the truth , and if their left fail to focus on this issue, who has the time to read the millions of documents from the leaks … and so the potential for political transparency dies and those in power get to continue their crimes with no worries of accountability.
    Assange gets punished while actual war criminals remain free because the greatest crime in our society is challenging those in power as they will use all of their power to destroy you…. and that's why we dont have democracy in Australia, america of the UK.

  3. Witness K sprung minister Downer trying to steal for a corporation he now works for. Assange is suffering due to the coalition's sexual gratification it gets from harrasing those that expose its worst abuse's.

  4. It's insane how little attention this has gotten from the general public over the years and how easily they were swayed on what should happen to him by those alleged rape charges. Seems to be the go to these days. Don't like someone, accuse of sexual assault or rape and no one cares what happens to you.

  5. Finally, someone in Australia actually acknowledges the atrocious treatment of Assange.

    This audacious and blatant behaviour by the government should really concern everyone and it is terrifying that people don't see the implications of this.

  6. Would love to see you do some cross overs with some American channels like Majority Report, Useful Idiots, Breaking Points, Left Reckoning and the like.

  7. Makes u scared to be abroad as an Australian if someone so high profile dosnt get support from the govt abroad how much do they think they care about the nobody's of Australia

  8. Ummm… pretty sure Mr Assange wants to stay in the UK. His family is from there and that was his life prior to the release of those documents.
    He left our shores a long time ago, again pretty sure he just wants to be set free and let be.

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