Brisbane hikes rates #rentalcrisis

#housingmarket #rates #heisesays
Brisbane City Council is hiking rates in an attempt to address the rental crisis.


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  1. A bureaucracy exists to benefit those in the bureaucracy. Take the medical system – What do we hear? More doctors needed, more nurses, more money. Never fewer sick people. If they could cure everyone tomorrow they would not do it – it would invalidate their future plans! Same with councils – higher rates needed, to pay higher salaries!

  2. Wow how could anyone have seen that coming!
    Probably the idiots who placed the majors First.
    Covid is a mental illness and the Covid jab was an IQ test.
    You all failed, never mind hide behind your masks at least we can see who you are now.

  3. Go private. Leave the agents out of the equation. In Victoria air conditioners are compulsory for rentals (at least soon). The only people to suffer are the agents (and the tenants with increased costs) who have seen a massive slump in business, and rental properties being listed.

  4. Local Government should be about the three Rs Roads Rubbish & Reserves, I have been a home owner since 1990 back then my local Council rates where about a weeks net wages for a blue collar worker today they are $2200

  5. Australia most expensive $2400 A MONTH
    VANCOUVER $1400 a month – JAPAN – LA are cheaper
    USA is complaining about fuel prices that we have been paying last 4 years

    people way leave AUSTRALIA
    AUSTRALIA has had a sneaky INFLATION we never talked about

  6. I wonder if this has anything to do with the increased prices these bnb places will be asking when the olympics happens in brissy? govt wants its unequal cut I think.

  7. Lol- I had an air conditioner installed just this morning and was chatting to the guy about everything going on, and house prices right now. He actually offered to write me a cheque then & there for my unit!!!

  8. over 50k moved from nsw and vic during corvid.. of course there is a housing crisis.
    and why the hell is the council's fix to charge people more tax?

  9. I think anything that helps people get secure housing is a good thing, although I agree it might not be enough but it's a start. There are far too many parasites in the system sucking the life out of our communities. Too many takers and not enough givers. If you want true prosperity then give to your community or country and stop being so afraid and selfish.

  10. I remember when I said that locking everyone up and printing money was like going on a 2 year around the world trip, and paying for it all on a credit card!!

    We the holiday is over Ozzie’s and now it’s payback time… 🏡🧨💣💥🤭

  11. Just more control over the private sector letting us all know government can do better . O and we will need more government workers to police this . We have been heading down a rough road for a long time now . One wonders if this is not by design bureaucrats are not that brain-dead .

  12. what about the idea that, if there is a shortage of housing, housing should absolutely not be allowed to be used as a holiday let and then it is irrelevant about ownership of the asset? if people sink to such low morale standards,then is the gov is right to step in to correct their behavour, or are we advocating that homelessness is a good thing? just as banks have a social purpose, do people operating in renting out homes sector have a requirement to be socially responsible during a housing crisis, and god forbid do we need regulation if the market fails to self regulate accurately? no opinion offered here, just questions of a moral nature. gov bond rates are higher, hopefully they wil provide decent returns again as artificially low returns have these sorts of consequences on other asset classes. setting the printing presses om max never ends well. if i read 'when money dies' then i see that those that flaunted wealth when society at large was suffering were not seen in the best of light.

  13. The rate for my investment property in Balmoral is over 5.3k a year while the rate for my larger and more expensive property in Sydney’s north shore is less than half of Brisbane’s. Brisbane council is seriously insane.

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