Britain Loses its Mind over Vaccine Passports

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  1. The BBC didnt lie, both the headline and the tweet are true, both are just misleading clickbait.

    They're also why skepticism of urinalists increases.

  2. sad to see both US and UK govt are both nuts. in the US they are freaking out over increased cases which they are using to fear monger everyone into the jab. however our daily deaths across most states are at all time lows and hospitals are not being taxed. we gave the govt an inch and now they are taking a mile and much more.

  3. Had to click off once you used God's name in vein. Seemed like a informative podcast but, blasphemy is a very serious crime. And I do not want to support such a channel that engages in it.

  4. All governments lie about the effectiveness of the vaccine. They are bound by contracts with Pfizer or AZ so heavy they will never say anything negative about it.

    Just go and read the leaked draft contract for Albania.

  5. If these new vaccines are so safe, will the government give a lifetime monetary guarantee that if anyone of child bearing age has a child that has a disability due to an unseen genetic mutation for instance like the Thalidomide disaster and that they will accept full responsibility for subsequent generations.

  6. Tories add more debt and have larger deficits than labour. Austerity made the debt situation worse and meant our economy grew slower, meaning the deficit barely shrunk, and what gains were made in spending cuts were given way in unnecessary CGT and top rate income tax cuts, which, lo and behold are now being reversed as they knew it was counterproductive and only benefitted the super rich.

    The unprecedented bull market from the gfc to now also coincided with the slowest period of wage growth ever (real terms wage cuts for the average person and still earning less in real terms than under labour), but the fastest growth in inequality, corporate profits, and rich people getting richer due to asset inflation and lower taxes on the growth of those assets.

  7. I’m glad I dropped out of my Canadian university (McMaster) to move to Texas because they’ve just announced that in order to attend you must have a COVID jab. ??????

  8. This madness is being globally coordinated. This was clearly planned in advance. Event 201, Virus was lab created and deliberately leaked. Vaccine passports first denied, now on the verge of being mandated. This is the Great Reset, the New World Order.

  9. "Yay for austerity!" — While the general public experience austerity, certain companies in certain sectors are raking in money at a mind-boggling rate. Were the politicians savvy enough to buy the right portfolio of shares at the beginning of this crisis, I wonder?