Britain’s Diversity Training Leaks Are Insane

There have been a series of leaks regarding the diversity training that has been enforced across major private and public institutions across the UK. It’s peak #woke, and it is totally #racist.

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  1. Marks and Spencer diversity training involves cartoons of people in different shapes, and how people need be respectful of differences etc, usual stuff. But at the end it said “Dont be a square”! I thought it a bit shapist!!!

  2. I genuinely believe that THE WORLD is as diverse as it needs to be. Individual countries need in the WORLD need to be separate and distinct from each other, which is not going to happen if you have countries whose inhabitants:
    Speak 100’s of different languages;
    Hail from hundreds of other different countries and ethnic backgrounds;
    Follow thousands of different religions and cultural practices;
    Follow diffferent racial and cultural historical norms;
    Have different belief systems and laws and different relationship norms – and expect all of them to live together in an enclosed region under one single organised system of living.
    Especially when many of the groups living there hold historical grievances against each other, that won’t be solved by throwing them into a big smelting pot and hoping for the best.

  3. they should make mandatory diversity training for the muslims and catholics in the UK who are the most homophobic misogynists even at a young age!

  4. Make Diversity Great Again… I remember 15-20yrs ago when diversity meant giving people that disagree with you a fair shake and not just forcing your ideas on them. There's something to be said about not living in a mono-ideological bubble but that all seems to have gone by the wayside in favor of charitable white supremacy.

  5. "White Fragility" was literally written by a woman who says she's uncomfortable around black people. I want to say we've reached peak Orwell but every time i do we go farther into the hole. Ibram also has said that the only cure for racism is more racism, the exact opposite of Dr King.

  6. My son serves in the British army he was asked how they could make minorities, GLB etc feel included. His response, Treat them the same as everyone else. That was not the answer the officers were looking for. All this pussy ass crap is one of the reasons his wife and him are leaving.

  7. I really like sargon but he just won't get at the real issue. This all goes back to the church of England and the absolute destruction of the catholic Britain. Then when Protestantism inevitably collapses all that's left is race. Stop emulating the enlightenment and start emulating St Albert the great. The first real scientist and a true Britain.

  8. At this rate we're going to have to take a leaf out of the muslims book, gather up a sizable amount of people and setup a no go zone with its own legal system, enforement etc.

  9. So Britain votes out the labor party in huge numbers and then the Tory's continue on the labor parties strategy of dismantling the country. It's almost as if democracy is a sham and we are ruled over by a hostile oligarchy.

  10. Diversity is already insane. The Culture that we share is designed to be meritocratic. Ability is the primary and most significant factor in achievement and it is the only thing we focus on. Ideas are given their own territory and compete in objective achievements to show which ideas should be accepted and which ideas should be abandoned. Diversity is the desire to keep the ideas that fail simply because there are more of them.
    I once created a fictional organization that had concluded that everything is pointless and the goal should be keeping people too primitive to realize it. That seems to be what we are doing. The religion of hopelessness has reached the point where failure is idealized because ignorance is bliss. Remember, believers cannot see anything that cannot be seen by the light of their beliefs.
    We will not be the 'weird people' for long. Civilization is a machine that must function. Racism was never anything more than a thought crime and considering it to be anything else is going to break the mechanism of civilization. We are back to the fall of Rome.

  11. "This is racism as we define it." Yes, but you know… Definitions can be easily changed. You fine British people had these amazing chaps called Huxley and Orwell. Looks like their writings fell by the wayside, because you let things these men warned against become reality.