Britain’s New Woke Order

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Written by Akkad Daily

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  1. The fist up is socialism. They don't see the destruction at their won hands. That's how dumb they are. Where has socialism prefailed? Nowhere as they all collapsed. If the basis is flawed no matter if you erase history it is doomed to failure.

  2. Good thing Britain detached itself from the EU, they can sink into the woke cesspool without dragging us down along with them.

  3. SJW bullshit is great at building a Catch 22:
    Person A: "My favorite kind of architecture is gothic cathedrals."
    Person B: "REEEEEE that's racist, it's supporting huwhiteness!"
    Person A: "Well ok, I don't want to be racist, so I suppose that my favorite type of architecture is Egyptian pyramids."
    Person B: "REEEEEEE that's racist, that's cultural appropriation/exploitation of disadvantaged Africans!"

  4. A DC politician who went to the same private school that was mostly filled with the children of diplomats that my dad went to (because he wasn't white and public schools were still segregated at that time) unironically said that he went to a school with normalized gang violence. That made my grandmother angry because she'd worked hard to send her sons to a safe school, so during the next holiday dinner she sarcastically upbraided my dad and his brothers for the horrible gang violence they inflicted on that poor politician as a kid.

  5. I've been saying the BBC fake-news factory should be destroyed (too many traitors) for some time. Yet they are still there spreading their bile. Come on people lets get rid.

  6. A leftist I know think the original definition of racism involves structures of oppression and not discrimination based on race. To make it even funnier, their thesis was about how works were translated.

  7. Ive seen Nish around. His style of "comedy" is just constantly talking about how worthless of a person he is. sure, its for laughs, but i would think he plays to what he knows.

  8. Emphasizing racial dynamics will bring more racism, not less. If we start thinking about the race of our friends and acquaintances and if race is made a focal point of the wider conversation, we will start looking for the friends of the same skin color as our. That way, we will isolate ourselves from the tiresome racial dynamics. The basic unit of liberal democracy is an individual, not a race or a class. If we give in to the woke "identity politics" we can kiss the liberal democracy goodby.

  9. Plenty of white Scots men holding political office in Arab countries, that's probably why they're so progressive and advanced, no slavery and racism over there. Funny how black lives only seem to matter outside the African continent.

  10. Proving that the killing was intentional would be the most difficult thing. From the evidence the cops actions were very heavy handed but there was no clear intent to kill. No rational legal system could possibly find him guilty of murder.

  11. You really think the Islamist cares about Black Power?
    It's just an opportune tool to disempower the locals, the natives, in order to squeeze himself in!
    The Socialists just do not understand that instead of using the Islamists and exploiting them, the Islamists are happily taking what they are handed and then ripping the whole arm out the moment the time is ripe

  12. Then he should go back to his right colored country as far as I know that racist trash comes into another country and tells them their not welcome in their own country which they have lived for thousands of years. What a racist moron. Why are people putting up with this BS.

  13. Statues that are not hand carved, or chiselled away by geniuses who care about art, but created on photocopying machines should be shredded anyway, let alone all art made for political purposes, and their makers jailed as art-haters

  14. Having BLM in England proves that it stands for nothing here in the USA. Just another Soros financed organization just like ANTIFA. Only anarchists follow this and only cowards allow it to prosper.