British Establishment to Ban Opposition

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  1. Did any of the children ever ask their parents for something material? If so, they are as guilty as any previous generation. Someone should've used the entire mock-trial to teach that lesson to the children. They would've grown up so much better for it, but now they've been taught a garbage lesson by pieces of garbage. Their chances of growing up to be pieces of garbage has increased because of this. Everyone involved should be charged with the UK equivalent of "abuse of a minor".

  2. These would also have to be the children of activists. I can see that woman asking her son what the book he's taking to school is as if she didn't buy it and he isn't being forced to narrate a script. If I found my kids were in this position I'd kick back so fucking hard my boot marks would remain on the adults arse the rest of their lives.

  3. Look on the bright side: when we win, we can ban Jess "stab Jeremy Corbyn in the front" Phillips from standing for office. We can charge Angela "scum Tories" Rayner with a hate crime and ban her. Boris Johnson will obviously be out. Actually, I can't think of a single enemy who we couldn't label as grossly offensive and justify removing from public life for reasons of combatting hate or public health.

    We could even use these precedents on teachers who are indoctrinating children and "journalists" who make a misstep, like standing on the steps of a courthouse or charge them with some kind of harassment crime.

  4. Who was the ancient Greek philosopher who said masculine republics give way to feminine democracies which in turn give way to tyranny? What did you people expect by letting women talk, and worse, vote?

  5. Apparently, the UK hasn't learned anything about free speech or liberty over the last 238 years. They are still making it illegal to offend those in office – a law they had pre-1775 and the motivation for our first amendment.

  6. They're gonna utilize it like the left always does and dredge shit up from 9 yrs ago that is now considered offensive and use it to silence opposition that didn't even do anything "offensive "

  7. Collective racial guilt is what Nazi Germany did. Collective generational punishment is what the Soviet Union did and North Korea still does. The Marxist left are racist and no better than the most despotic regimes to have ever existed.

  8. You advocated for them, you voted for them, you won, get over it.
    You must now get behind the government you voted for and support them in everything they do or you are a filthy lefty traitor.
    Don't you know how democracy works?

  9. Well I’m glad to see these places going back to their roots. Australia has gone back to being a penal colony, now Britain is going back to it’s tyrannical empire days. Here just hoping the USA goes back to its tea party days and starts challenging government🤨

  10. The American War Between the States was not about slavery. It was about States' right v. tyrannical Federal rule. Lincoln himself was a racist. Read some history, Lotus Eaters.

  11. The speech laws we now have in the west is evil authoritarian leaders taking control over our lives for money and power. This is insanity because it can all turn around on the ones making the laws

  12. The British were the ones that put an end to slavery world wide. Where the thanks? These accusers are ignorant of history trying to twist what they know of it for their benefit and political power from those more ignorant for control of our countries.pure lies and evil and definition of innocent people name and character.

  13. These Leftist politicians are the Lowest of the Lowest. Hard to respect or recognize them as our Leaders. Next election they are gone..for sure…no if's or but's. Hope they get Prison time for their perversion of our democracy.

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