British gov’t operative confirms plot to ban The Grayzone

Journalist Kit Klarenberg joins Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate to explain how a British state operative’s off-the-cuff call to ban The Grayzone from YouTube and other social media forums confirms a longstanding UK government operation to “relentlessly deplatform” this outlet and demonize its contributors.

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  1. at this point we need to acknowledge that all government positions are taken, all politicians are under the control of secret societies. And the quality of journalism can be known by the attempts to silence an independent voice our owners consider to be a threat to their supremacy.

    The main question these days is, which political players are not captured? It becomes apparent that banning populists on principle is the main purpose of established political parties. It is well known that our power pimps think voters are too stupid to know what is good for them. That they need a government to play mommy and daddy to keep them safe. Populists, we are told, will take us right over the cliff every time. So they must be distrusted and discarded. In the name of safety and security, true representation must be extinguished.

  2. Can the greyzone make a video on the Baghdad embassy being evacuated? It's not being discussed in MSM but it looks like something serious is going on there. The green zone has been breached and there are multiple reports of gunfire and numerous causalities.

  3. It’s idiotic to ban this channel, it doesn’t reach a large enough audience. This guy just needs a real job. Perhaps he should find something more useful to do in his life.

  4. The american press relies on brit press rules to sneak dubious information into brit newspapers, like russia russia russia,,, so that american press can repeat and amplify the lies. Worked during the clot shot mania too. Immense worldwide harm. Hipocracy of the spewers of falsehoods to seek to censor other voices

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