British Journalist Finds A Sudanese Surprise In His Roof Box, Something Does Not Add Up

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Article Used In This Video



  1. Just another twat who wants to flood this country with immigrants. the driver should have been fined. I only wish the stowaway had taken short and pissed all over their clothes

  2. If the roof box was open on M25 he would have jumped out and legged it

    I find it fishy why he called cops before opening it lol…. And wasn't the stabber in Birmingham from Sudan?

  3. Looking into this, it seems like the fine is only 2000fixed, and 2000 per immigrant you smuggle in. Since immigrants will pay up to £30,000 each, that's a £26,000 profit, assuming you get caught. Anyone better at finding information on this?

  4. Admit , we’ve all wanted to ride it a roof box. But seriously , I own that room box and once you put the key in and turn the lock the key can not be removed . So how would that guy get in, and lock it from the inside ??? Somebody with a key had to have done it

  5. Stop moaning, you guys are so negative. It’s weird how feeling more entitled than the “them’s” makes you forget that we have scam artists telling us not to like people from other countries and it’s their fault. so it’s easier to not be noticed when they dodge taxes and play hard working people constant xenophobic pantomimes. Setting people against each other.

    If you are worried about people sponging off the state then stop buying stuff from companies like Next etc and lets see us moving towards more accountability with our leaders.

    Invest in yourself and stop making excuses. You don’t need someone els to have a shitter life to feel better about your stressful one.