British Media Sing a Dirge for Buzzfeed UK

Buzzfeed UK and Aus are shutting down, and the verified checkmarks on #Twitter are gutted. According to these journalists, Buzzfeed was a model of #journalism and a shining star for them all to follow. Which is weird when you realise it’s because #Buzzfeed is failing.

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  1. ? I am very sad that the UK and Australian Buzzfeed offices are closing……. and that the whole company hasn't shut its doors.

    Only a matter of time until Buzzfeed becomes a thing of the past.???

  2. Buzzfeed is jut the internet version of National Enquirer. Stupid picutes/headlines to get views and then a bunch of unverified and stupid lies inside.

  3. Ahhh, lowest-common-denominatorism — interesting to hear them lament the passing of an outlet that decades ago would not have qualified as anything but a gossip rag.

  4. Calling what buzzfeed does journalism is a insult to the idea of journalism and that says a lot given the state that it has been in since the rise of social media.

  5. One down, dozens more to go! As for the Guardian, biggest collection of lefty trash in the country, surpassed only by the Labour party.

  6. if people wanted fake news and politicized narratives then Buzzfeed, Vice and Vox would be thriving…
    CNN, MSNBC and the rest of you… you might want to take notice… and then take a long hard look in the mirror and give this some thought.
    I'd tell you to learn to code but the fine folks formerly from Vice and Vox have a head start on you.

  7. These people won't be going away, they'll just rebrand the cancer and fragment into multiple groups and be even worse,

    Plus they've people funding them who've infinite money and an agneda.

  8. Actually, according to Tim Pool, Buzzfeed News has a pretty good rating for truthfulness in their actual news. That probably didn't extend to their opinion pieces, but in terms of factual news, the idea that they were respected in recent years is not complete BS.

  9. They were losing money because they are abysmally bad and advertisers saw that just like we did. All of Vox media needs to go, along with the guardian. That would make me smile.

  10. Buzzfard Aus/UK is so highly respected they can't make enough to pay their own wages. Meanwhile their overlord is doing it hard in his new $5.2m dacha, like all great socialists living the champagne dreams of the political elite.

  11. Twitter is the echo chamber of the Leftist press. They believe it reflects the whole of humanity, and the public's opinions.

    They are too lazy to do their own investigations… so they just keep passing around the same old stories.

    And they never venture out into the real world. It is too painful to see that reality is not what they believe it to be.