Broken Biden Brain Sparks WW3 Fear After Vowing AGAIN The US Military Will Defend Taiwan From China

Broken Biden Brain Sparks WW3 Fear After Vowing AGAIN The US Military Will Defend Taiwan From China. On Several occasions the White house has denied the president’s policies and statements so much so that even liberal media outlets point it out.

Biden is either accidentally exposing secret US policy on military intervention or the White house has gone rogue and is defying his stated policy positions.

At a certain point between Trump and Biden the executive branch in various forms has denied, pied, or rejected the president’s policies signifying that the president has lost control of the branch of government.

While it may be due to fear that the presidents were both incapable mentally it is no grounds for the seizure of power. It seems to be a slow motion coup stripping power away from the duly elected president.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Well, I do wish they would defend Taiwan. However, I don't think they would. Taiwan itself is the former legitimate Government of China. That being said, they do not have the guts or political will to carry out that act. IMO, China IS the single biggest threat to US hegemony. Screw Russia, right now they are a bit player… China is where it's at. The US is weak right now and Russia, China, Iran and N. Korea all know it.

  2. It's a dangerous game that he's playing, but I'm fairly certain China will break first. Once you add in China's financial woes and internal unrest, they aren't in any shape to start a war right now. Additionally, China is losing face badly with their people over their paper tiger antics. If the goal is to destabilize China enough for the government to fall, this is actually a wise choice of action. However I think that is an absolutely absurd goal to be working towards at this time. Nothing good will come of a revolution in the east at this juncture.

  3. in the potato's defense, the euphemisms makes sense IF you were raised around people who remember the turn of the 20th century
    biden as president is a deal made and kept…even though it backfired

  4. I'm definitely not a Biden fan but when he said 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating' he was 100% correct; that was word for word the old proverb and I'm amazed that he got it right. Today of course we say ' the proof is in the pudding'. Maybe the old man ain't as burnt out as he appears to be; which means we have another problem.

  5. I don’t like the people in power, but you need to take history into account. Tim, go check out the San Francisco Peace Treaty that ended hostility in the pacific at the end of World War Two. You know, where we took Taiwan from Japan.

  6. The executive branch, and federal government in general, is basically 95% engaged in unconstitutional behavior. Almost everything the US Federal Government does is NOT within the clearly defined capacities and authorities outlined in the Constitution.

  7. Biden is right on this one. Taiwan has all the advanced semi-conductor capacity. If China is allowed to take it, we're screwed.

    Whoever walked back Biden's statement should be publicly tried for treason. The perception that the United States will defend Taiwan is Taiwan's greatest defense against invasion. These idiots undermined that in the stupidest way possible.

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