Brook Jackson Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit is SHOCKING! Viva Clips

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  1. The thing is, even if this was heard, and Pfizer was found guilty of what’s being alleged, would this have worldwide implications? Wouldn’t this deal a crippling blow to the US in damages from around the world? Especially after Biden has already done massive damage, latest being forgiving half a trillion in debt to students?

  2. Back in 2016 the British Medical Journal exposed Dr, Fauci and his fellow scientists at the NIH who all stood to make millions from the Drug Trials they were doing IF the vax was chosen to be put on the scheduale. WHO decided? Well the VERY SAME SCIENTISTS who stood to make millions from royalties. THIS IS HOW YOUR CHILDRENS VAXXES HAVE BEEN BEING CHOSEN FOR A DECADE, AT LEAST. BTW, TOO MANY VAXXES IS CAUSING THE EXPOLSION IN AUTISM.

  3. The fda gave approval of the drug based knowingly on fraudulent study data, they were politically pressured by the White House so as to win the court challenge against the unlawful mandates. That’s why the foia will take 75 years because they don’t want us to know the truth while the criminals are still alive .

  4. Finally, at long last the pharmaceutical companies are being held to accaount. Now for some brave judges to step up. And this will put an end to the bad science fiction movie I have been living in.
    take care
    Rob McCoy

  5. in August 2021 my father practically disowned me because I refused to get the fake vaccine. When I explained my reasons why- which included the zero liability on the part of big pharma- he said in an angry voice; what! so now you are being a 'good consumer' at the expense of your family/community?? I stuck to my guns. I will never take the fake vaccine, besides I've got natural immunity now. Dad & I have not spoken a word about the pandemic/vaccine/covid since. We still 'talk'… but not openly anymore. and CERTAINLY not about anything related to covid/plandemic.Brought to you by Pfizer.

  6. Common sense right….. Told to take a drug that hasn't had longterm testing, wasn't approved by the FDA, no data on preventing infection, no data on stopping transmission, and only immunity given isn't drug related it's only to protect the drug company from prosecution!!!! Nope not taking that. I guess people have proven common sense isn't so common. Stay happy, stay healthy, and always question and educate yourself.🍻

  7. This industry that gave us the opioid crisis, then they lied for decades about how harmful these drugs. The government mandated we trust this industry, and people embrace mandates to trust these same criminals, How is it possible that mandating what we do with our bodies is acceptable in any way? What happened to "my body my choice"? If you are not prepared to fight against this you get what you deserve. Proving these vaccines harmed anyone will go on for generations.

  8. Fraud should negate the immunity/liability deal.? imo, the court does NOT have the courage to stand-up to big pharma. I also believe that they will say "Trump pressured us-operation warp speed".

  9. I’ve heard this from the German “Corona-Ausschuss” a year ago! The whole thing is a huge crime against humanity according to the Nuremberg Code! Because there’ve been hundreds of thousands of serious adverse events AND deaths!

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