Brother of non-Asian shooting victim speaks out | EXCLUSIVE

John Michels, brother of Paul Andre Michels, opens up on the death of his brother, the media’s refusal to focus on the culprit’s real motive – instead they focus on race – via Newsmax TV’s ‘Greg Kelly Reports.’

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Written by Newsmax TV


  1. This isn’t a Race issue it’s a Mental issue. Sorry for the loss of these ppl and for their family’s.. HOWEVER WHY ARNT THEY TALKING TO THE ONE THATS ALIVE?? OR TO HIS FAMILY HES “ALIVE” IS IT CUZ HES A MEXICAN MAN ???!!!!!

  2. Democrats and the left wing media do this race bating on purpose. They do it because they are losing voters from the minority communities and they know that unless they continue to feel like victims who need the Dems for protection and prosperity they would never vote Democrat. That is also why they are going after young white educated liberals because they are to indoctrinated to realize they are being used.

  3. Watching the asian newscaster trying to represent asian women. This is really disgusting. Why use race as the motive? Have to understand that there are some racists who are roaming around. But don't make it an issue. Because it will make people be biaised with one another and judge and fear /get paranoid.

  4. With compassion for you, Sir. It hurts when our people are left out of the rightful tally; and I'm sorry, that's happening to you. Via Con Dios. Prayers for you and yours.

  5. They want to create a 'hate crime' narrative, to gain public sympathy, to then make a precedent for Asian tolerance so…China can slide in and take over? There IS NO Asian intolerance, so they have to start making up numbers and putting out stories before any facts are released. It's disturbing.

  6. All the fake media want to make people think is all about president trump false about saying China viruses. Democrat are evils to Americans.

  7. The United States of America is the great and magical place where anyone who is republican is an idiot who hates america, and anyone who is democrat is an idiot who hates america. No democrat could possibly have a good idea and no republican could possibly have a good idea. All republicans are stupid and all democrats are stupid.
    So basically, you all are stupid idiots and you all hate america.

    Proud to be an american!!

  8. What a surprise! Not all Asian. First I heard this. Shame on all the old , white, race-baiting Dem officials l & msm.

  9. Hey!!!the DemocRATS said it’s a hate crime so it must be!!So sick of the DemocRATS dividing us all into race and if we don’t agree with them to include the fake news democRAT media we are accused of being racist!!what a bunch of hypocrites!

  10. The left media is creating all the hate and they should all be ashamed. They are so unhappy that they want to bring everybody else down too, what they don’t realize is they are doing massive damage to the ones who actually fall for their lies.

  11. We will never be able to trust Anything the MSM puts out again. They like the Democrats don't know the difference between Truth and Lies.

  12. First we need to find out about the boy who killed all these people. And then we might find out why he killed these people. My find out the devil's in the details

  13. People observe what’s happening in front of our very eyes: with racism, sexuality orientation, and gender. MSM Is intentionally not only denying the mental health problem but also emasculating people’s common sense with their poor lack of veracity.

  14. You're very right, Gregg! The corrupt MSM as usual is slanting the news once again. Victims are not all Asian. They are exploiting the Asian race which is very unfair to the other victims because they are spanish and white.