Brunch Liberals ATTACK Erin Brockovich For Telling Truth About BIDEN!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. What part of "Nothing will fundamentally change" didn't she understand. DuPont's Michael McCabe is on the EPA transition team to make sure nothing changes.

    Sounds like Biden really is committed to keeping his campaign promises.

    Welp, what can you do but…buy DuPont stock.

  2. What did they think he would do?????? He was yelling from the roof tops it was going to be back to business as usual. That means back to corruption and dirty money. The corrupt media convinced you the guy trying to destroy the corruption was the corrupt one! Your all sheep.

  3. Be careful Jimmy. If you keep saying things like this, your screen will go blank for a few seconds, and when it returns we will have Kevin Bacon yelling "All is well"

  4. 140m voting. Jimmy:99 likes on Twitter. Stick with going after MSM. Twitter is a nothing burger and people need to start treating it that way. The biggest shut up and sit down person had a max of what 300 likes? 10% of EB's second tweet which also ain't that many people. Twitter's a garbage mound, don't build any part of your house on it. Do you know why Trump was on Twitter? Me neither. But if I had to hazard a guess he saw a place where he could piss off as many people as possible without doing himself a lot of harm.

  5. First of all, why is ANYONE in their right mind paying ANY attention WHATSOEVER to ignorant troll posts on $#¡₸₸ɇЯ (a.k.a. Twitter) to begin with? I got off $#¡₸₸ɇЯ almost a year ago and I feel SO much better about my life. I don't waste any more time on those totally CONTROLLED, anti-Free Speech, corporate (FOR-PROFIT!) "social?" media platforms. $#¡₸₸ɇЯ does NOT represent TRUE social discourse or political discussion because it is CONSTANTLY controlling the narrative while "suspending?" and BANNING people who are practicing FREE SPEECH!!! ӺԱ₡Ʞ $#¡₸₸ɇЯ !!!

  6. You get what you voted for! congratulations! anybody who kept themselves even somewhat informed in anyway, and didn't just eat what the media would, and what the media biasly would not and feed them everyday knew that Biden was a way worst candidate then Trump especially considering who is backing Biden and pushing for his presidency! Republicans and Dems didn't like Trump there's a reason for that and it's not because Trump is necessarily bad for America! Though he might be bad for politicians in these next four years if he remains president…. as Bob Dylan has said in a song Congratulations for breaking your own heart. Though you will notice what a poor choice it really was immediately, the real terror of the path you all just ushered onto won't be obvious til years down the road possibly decade! But you might not even notice when it comes anyway, because it will be a slow drip leading up to the real terror Hell by the time it arrived you might even think it's for the best and be in favor of it! Cuz you were obviously in favor of starting us on the path of the deterioration have the United States, the Constitution, and the freedom it gave all citizens of the United States!

  7. I don't understand how people keep getting surprised that the leadership of this country disappointed them. It's as if they believe that after getting kicked in the balls 47 times, that it's not their responsibility to step to the side, but rather it's the responsibility of the leadership to just stop.