‘Brutal authoritarianism’: Something ‘seriously wrong’ with Victoria Police

Something is “seriously wrong” with Victoria Police, says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

Mr Bolt said the organisation has now “finally apologised” to Rebel News journalist Avi Yemini over a series of wrongful arrests covering protests in 2020 and 2021.

“The apology reads ‘On each occasion, Mr. Yemini was wrongly arrested and detained by members of Victoria Police while reporting for Rebel News. Victoria Police sincerely apologises for the hurt and embarrassment suffered by Mr Yemini’,” Mr Bolt said.

“Wrongly arresting a reporter not once but three times?

“What is going on – and why is the media so uninterested in what seems to me another example of the brutal authoritarianism of the Victorian Labor government.”

Mr Bolt discussed the issue with Rebel News journalist Avi Yemini.


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  1. I have to endure games and police stalking and harassing me wherever their motives as they pass my house as a means of no justice no peace they physically send people to harm me assault me into stop me to put fear in me but I'm not afraid of them know what lies they tell in order to put their hands on me and kidnap me because that's just what it is and this is happening in America Tampa

  2. Victoria is to Aus as California is to USA, Melbourne is to Aus as SanFran is to USA – cess pit swamps of immoral Marxist ideologues (Socialists, FemNazis, Sodomite activists, BLM/Antifa racist black shirt terrorists, Environment Apocalypse/Climate Hoax scamsters) but worse is that the police, legal professions, civil service, media and all institutions that influence public opinion, culture and morality are controlled by these Nazis following Antonio Gramsci's Cultural Hegemony strategy.

  3. This is so maddening that a full on Revolution is in order. I see no other way ahead to these thugs. THESE ARE """NOT""" POLICE, they are THUGS enforced by the CORRUPT STATE.

  4. Journalists should be left alone, if they do nothing illegal. If they think, he's right wing and should be investigated, they should get an arrest warrant and arrest him on illegal activity and NOT when he's peacefully interviewing people.

    The problem is that right wing people will feel justified in their views about state authority. That's risky. They should still be able to believe that the state is reliable. This proves the opposite

  5. Dear Andrew, you must hate the fact that you had to give Avi airtime. Are you wearing your own ankle monitor. You have kept the truth from the Australian Public for the past 2 years. Avi is the only Reporter in Victoria that reports for the People.

  6. Why are you against totalitarianism Mr. Bolt? I learnt at school, for example, that 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. Six is the total of those numbers. Why should I be against that? Are you saying that 1 + 2 + 3 should add up to a something other than the total of six ? Please explain, sir.

  7. Big up Avi, 21st centuries best and number 1 top reporter of all time, in the face of adversity he still kept his cool and still reported when arrested, this guy deserves every top journalist award going, vote for him

  8. You keep throwing the word LABOUR around like they have held power for a decade and who were only recently elected…don’t you mean brutal LIBERAL authoritarianism? What a load of liberal media crap…

  9. They act just like hitlers brown shirts , there actions show you where there loyaltys lie.
    The whole world is slowly but surely turning into one giant police state with crackdowns on any dissent verbal or otherwise , often dismissed as false narrarives because they go aginst the goverments own agendas .
    The worrying thing is that most people in the world are like blinded sheep slowly making there way towards the abbotoirre blissfully unaware of there fate.

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