Bubba Wallace Story Shows How On Edge People Are, Looking For Racism Is Not A Good Precedent

A recent story of the mistaken identity of a hanging Nascar driver’s garage handle spins off into wild conspiracies and accusations from both sides of the aisle.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I disagree adam ,you should watch some of his interviews. that statement did not make up for all the hateful crap he instigated and 5hen doubled down on AFTER the fbi proved it was a mistake.

  2. lmao…If he really thought this was a noose he would have confronted the mechanics. They would have told him that it was there for months.
    He went immediately to twitter to use this for publicity. Fooled me once cant fool me again.

  3. My phone was actually made in Japan with mostly South koreean and japanese parts…I think they have pretty good environmental controls.

  4. 4:48 NO THE FUCK HE DID NOT FEEL SOMETHING REAL. bubba smollets history has nothing to do with nooses and racisn.stop your terrible terrible absolutely terrrrible takes bruv, you sound wee tadded

  5. First of all…bubba pushed for confederate flags and other southern identity products and Dixie products be banned from NASCAR….well the ball got rolling and boom it happened….2nd is Bubba was not the one who found the Noose… supposly it was a member of his mechanic team, who noticed it, then pursuaded bubba and his public relations team to bring it mainstream….3rd a noose is a rope tied in a specific type kno

  6. Yeah. They are nervous bc we are at the tipping point of many many people realizing BLM has many alternative motives and they aren't anything like they want and they will will eventually have to back peddle off of their pandering and acceptance that has caused so much death and destruction. The actual "white guilt". The actual "privilege" bestowed on them to believe in bad people making a movement to do harm under the umbrella of human rights and history we've worked hard to correct.
    Yes. People are nervous. Nervous if they speak out against the mob with common sense and fact.

  7. When buba wore a blm shirt at a nascar event he added politics to the naritive then worked to elemonate the Confederate flag from the race tracks. Nascar crossed that line i hope it was worth it.

  8. Before NASCAR announced the NOOSE, they had already checked all the security cameras. They KNEW it was phony before, now it was reported the drivers knew it was a lie and were forced to march with him, all the drivers marched while he drove his car. I feel it was all planned. However 2 hours after NASCAR ANNOUNCED the NOOSE, You Tube channels already had older photos on Wallace Racing Team garage with the rope pull down on the door. NASCAR Fake News Media and the Twitter sphere were unable to find the truth that Youtubers found literally in minutes. By the way NASCAR PUT OUT PHONY SHOTS OF A DIFFRENT THICKER ROPE WITH A NOOSES KNOT. They ALL knew it was a lie!!!!

  9. He started wearing black lives matter on his racing suit to get attention on tv as being the only black driver and it was ironic that his pull cord was the only one that was broke. He didn't know it at first. Someone was it and had to run and tell him about it. It was all planned Tim, but it was a certain kind of knot that all doors not only in nascar does but doors in every machine shop or metal garage door has. All they had to do is look at the door next to them. But like I said he wanted attention because he cant drive.

  10. See this is where I disagree on the Neo-Nazi thing the only problem is is it's not the general public it's you know the people that are high up in international business send the ones that really have the power that are in the government and this is the problem of Project Paperclip when they brought the Nazis over and then didn't didn't kick him out after they were done

  11. "The feeling he got when he saw it was real" except that he wasn't there when it was seen and reported. That was someone else. Also, he had been seeing them in garages for the duration of his NASCAR career.