Buckle Up! Europe’s Dark Winter Is Just The BEGINNING…

Buckle Up! Europe’s Dark Winter Is Just The BEGINNING…

This video gives you a real look at the dark winter and what is now coming.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. yeah, its looking like europe is gonna have massive power shortages and black outs this winter, and power is gonna also gonna get absurdly expensive, which tragically will kill many people,
    the only sivler lining i see is- maybe sometimes it tales a horrible catastrophe emergency for people to see the light and change paths. reality is- climate alarmism is a hoax and civilisation depends enormously on fossil fuels and they are going away for many decades if ever. also- everything (not everything obviously, but rhetorically) is made of plastic, look around you its everywhere all the time.

  2. The worst news is that the world is controlled by the biggest liars, hypocrites, frauds, evils, psychopaths, inhumans, demons and obeyed by idiots, sheeps, maddogs.
    The good news is that everything has an beginning and an ending. The ending of psychopathic world is near.

  3. Demons/Demonic Cults/Demonic institutions/Demonic World Orders :
    EVILS – UN, WEF, WHO, Govts, Mainstream Media and many more are built & run by the biggest liars hypocrites psychopaths evils inhumans. All evils have sold their souls for satan and satanism. All evils do/can do any kind of evil/demonic activities against human/humanity. Only the most idiot/ignorant people believe in demons/demonic inhumans.

  4. One of those nuclear power plants like Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine will blow up, or there will be a nuclear false flag in the winter, it will be a COLD, COLD, Cold winter and those who were vaxxed will drop like flies…Merry Christmas on that note. LOL! Keep up the great work.

  5. You do realise that the Lockdown has been used to stomp on populism and trump and brexit……..
    Now its still going on in the energy rationing. FEAR FEAR FEAR
    and the British is where you need to look. The government has promised HELP
    Yeah like helping the bankster print yet more money thus creating MORE inflation
    Government can't help by printing you to hell in a handbasket lined with inflation
    Welcome to Zimbabwe 2point oh

  6. Right. Why would Russia burn millions, tens of million whatever worth of gas per day? When they could store it and sell it to other markets? Oh its coming from BBC news, yup, ok, that says it all.

  7. Democrats and the Democrat regime has ruined this country in just a little over two years, if you vote Democrat you're voting for socialism, eradicating freedom of speech higher taxes , BLM defunding the police indoctrinating our children , castrating our children to be a freak and electing a president that has dementia and thinks his VP is the president and killing unborn babies, hey Democrats you should be so proud of yourself you really changed the country in such little time it doesn't look like the United States of America at all anymore

  8. I first heard of a coming "dark winter" from Obama. Since then, I've heard Joe Biden use this same term 3 times, maybe 4. It's not just the other nations, folks. They intend a very dark winter for us as well.

  9. German here. It wasn't Greta. Every natural system is in decline. That's a fact. Anyone living close to nature can literally see it. We had to do something.And it's not like Germany isn't going to make it through the winter. – Just saying.

  10. U guys dont understand the politics of Germany. We are basically ruled by far-leftist, eco-socialists and antifa types. They are just selling out all Germans and they continue to vote them. Germans are heavily brainwashed at this moment.

  11. Starbucks announced they are going cashless. You can purchase through QR codes and app. There is chatter that the US will begin implementing cashless digital currency in December. I don't know how true that chatter is but it's pretty crazy. I don't even know how to use QR LOL. I am sure I can figure it out. I just never felt the need to. I have also noticed that simple apps that never required you to agree to all permissions now require you to give them permission to everything if you want to use the app. I have a healthcare portal that I can not use unless I agree to allow them to track all of my activities so they can supposedly help with parking 🤷‍♀️. The permissions include allowing them access to files, media,phone, contacts, location on and on. It's out of control but everything appears be. 😕 We are living in some very strange times.

  12. It will be a dark winter, because no one knows the Gulf stream just stopped. Meaning the entire northern hemisphere will reduce in temp, especially with all the volcanos that have went off in the last couple years with more to come… Increase the gas price knowing what's coming, reduce the costs before the sept audit of the us dollar.. Man, I hate I got out the matrix sometimes… Sometimes I wish I was Cyler Wanting to forget the crap we are fed.. But unfortunately, the sheep keep eating it!

  13. At least President PUTTIN,
    Love's His Country!
    To Bad the western leaders Don't!
    As it seems to me. Or else they'd have plenty of coal/oil= gas!

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