Buffalo Shooter Aligned With Ukraine Nazis – Not Tucker Carlson

The Buffalo shooter revealed in his rambling manifesto clear white supremacist beliefs, which many have used to point the finger of blame at Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has espoused similar theories. But the group few of those liberals want to acknowledge influencing this shooter? Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which those same liberals are loudly insisting that the west support in the war against Russia.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger wonder why the uniformly pro-Ukraine media aren’t mentioning the shooter’s Azov connection.

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  1. What exactly does this shooting have to do with social media? How is this social media's fault? This is beyond cra-cra!!! No, we do not want the government, corporations, or third-parties censoring posts, videos, etc. on social media. What we want is single-payer, nationwide Medicare for All that includes mental health care and drug rehab for anyone who wants or needs it. We also want a government that works for the MAJORITY of people, not the billionaires and corporations. We want a government that reflects on what has happened, and learns from its mistakes, and admits them honestly to the American people, not just repeats them over and over again until they're voted out of office.

  2. Yes, don't confuse the shooter's use of a common white supremacist symbol, with the totally different Nazi Azov battalion use of the same symbol. Totally different! 😁😁😁

  3. Tucker and Trump are to blame are you kidding?. That is as obvious as watching Trump try to overturn an election he lost. It doesn't matter that much really. USA is absolutely headed for chaos and mayhem. It doesn't matter who is at fault.

  4. Now the news is blurring out the images of CULTURAL BASED AND BEHAVIOR BASED VIOLENCE from one community.👀👀👀👀 It's 2022….this isn't rocket science…turn a blind eye if you want to.

  5. The buffalo shooter also referenced the Waukesha shooter who targeted white people based on the race-baiting CRT ideology peddled by the Demparty. That already makes for two ways in which the Demparty owns this crime.

  6. Errr, Jimmy let's get our facts right. It's disingenuous to say the US is arming the Azov battalion. The US is arming the UKRAINIAN MILITARY and the Azov battalion had essentially been conscripted into the larger war effort against Russia. I wonder if Jimmy is pro-Russia though…? Of course the shooter is a a white supremacist, neo-nazi, white nationalist, why wouldn't he use Nazi symbolism?…
    On the other hand, what would you do Jimmy as mayor of Buffalo, sir?

  7. Jimmy D o r e : You are on the wrong side of history. You changed. I cannot believe it! Kurt M e t z g e r : How can you laugh like that ? There was hate crime , people died and you let D o r e spin the story on something else.

  8. Hey America, It's the rest of the world here! After you have dealt with the issue of ridiculously easy access to firearms in your country, you might want to ask yourselves; Why is American society producing an increasingly large number of extremely sick individuals, who seem hellbent on slaughtering as many innocent people as possible. I mean, it's really fucking dark and weird. Like, really fucking creepy.

  9. Just to clarify: Claiming that governors are using shootings to justify authoritarian crackdowns, is exactly what Alex Jones does. And thank you for doing it.

  10. They scream for gun control after a shooting, we get it and there's still shootings.
    Now they're screaming for censorship control on the internet.
    Eventually they'll want to regulate trigger fingers!
    Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Neo Nazis get billions of dollars in state of the art gear, Soviet Era weapons, and older models of American tanks.
    MEANWHILE in America:
    kids are still in cages,
    we've got shitty wages,
    war fatigue has worn even some republicans down,
    And there's no baby formula to be found
    But plenty of inflation to go 'round
    Culture war and inflation rages
    Censorship and algorithms on my internet pages!

  11. Jimmy. 72 thousand…??? Really holy crap if that's true that's so crazy. Imma have to Google that I didn't think it was that many but knew it was going on which is just terrible and will hurt New York for years

  12. By calling for censorship, these quacks are only pointing to themselves who are really the class who are propping the Nazi influences who Jimmy points out connects this maniac to the Azov.

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