Buffoonery: Freedom “Turns Off More Voters Than it Turns On” – Viva Clips

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  1. I would like to know the questions they used to determine "freedom" is a "dog whistle". How you ask a question really affects answers/outcomes. For example: "Do think people should have the freedom to steal others property? "

  2. Down here in the U.S. we just lable the opposite of good things 'Common Sense'. Right to bear arms? No, we need more common sense laws. Private enterprise health care? No, we need common sense like they have in Canada and the UK. The right to drive your truck to downtown Ottowa? What? Oh, heck no! There's no common sense in that! Everyone knows that Maple Leaf flag-waving truck drivers are violent extremists! They show up, honk their terrorist horns, and, er, be extremely violent or something. Face it, Canadians. Ask anyone who was forced into a 'Quarantine Hotel' if they felt free. Your freedom is slipping away. You must choose between 'Common Sense' and liberty. Choose wisely for your childrens' sake.

  3. jean charest is telling us we don't need to worry about the wef,this tells us what we need to know about those two,none of those two should be anywhere near parliament.I cannot understand how patriotism is now a bad thing,what they are trying to do is get us used to communism which should be glaringly obvious by now .Ze cabinet has been penetrated

  4. 👁️✝️🛐👁️⚖️🍞🕯️💧🌡️😠🌋🌪️👀👂🙏⏳,. Check All of these people candidates place of their education and follow their 💰

  5. The political left is governments attempt to push the boundaries as much as possible towards their goal of totalitarianism, the political right is the governments attempt of controlled opposition to the previously stated goal, while still marching to the desired goal.

    If you do t see this already, I implore you to consider it.

  6. Sorry correction privy counsel says it will cost approximately $18 million to look into the war measures acted on the convoy. Not $28 million as I might have quoted. But it's starting to add up redacted FOI's requests millions. The $300 k or whatever they pay him seems min or compared to his plane flying adventures on the tax payer dime.

  7. No more politicians, I have had enough of there bull shit! We need retired business people who will be held accountable. Limited gov. If doing a shitty job they can be FIRED. I cannot stand our current gov or our rules and regulations. Step all over our rights should not be their right. The military should go in and arrest the whole lot. Let them prove their innocents, since we are guilty without trial.

  8. CPC member here, team Charest is the most prolific contributor to the mailing list, and it just stinks of desperation. Every day at least, I get an email containing the same leftist language and positions. Using smear tactics and Ukraine to fundraise – Jean Charest, the "conservative" who was a cheerleader for huawei and supports carbon taxation. Emails calling me an extremist for opposing the medical apartheid and supporting our truckers.

    Something tells me that at the party level where the votes aren't monitored, we're going to be force fed another Muppet like Scheer or O'Toole.

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